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Mere Sai 4th November 2022 Kulkarni says to vaidya you look knowledgeable what are you doing in jungle. Sai walks in and says because few people give disability more importance than talent, and people in forest are closer to nature unlike people fr village and city who forget their roots.

Kulkarni gets up and says you are here as well behind me and I know you were here to see me dead but your wish will never come true. Sai says I am here to show you something, you fires Shiv because of his disability, and this vaidya is blind. Kulkarni in shock. Sai says to Kulkarni you think disable are if no use but look one saved your life.

Kulkarni says stop with your lame advices. Sai says I am giving you a chance to fix your mistake, so that you don’t regret later. Kulkarni starts laughing at Sai and says Shiv is beggar and is of no use and a burden and we both will see that.

Shiv reaches home disheartened in tears. His father asks whats wrong, Shiv tells them what happened. Bhumi in tears and says this isn’t fair, I can’t see him like this. Vaishali walks in. Her mother says talk to Shiv look he is so upset, Kulkarni fired him. Vaishali says whats new in this,

he gets hired then fired again but I am tired of Divakar, her mother says you keep him nagging too, I have told you so many times you have to do some adjustments. Vaishali says no one understands me, you don’t listen to me who will listen to dumb Shiv. Bhumi walks in and with pupets gifted by Shiv she enacts and cheers him.

Sai sees Baizmaa and Rambha at Dwarka Mai. Sai asks how come here. Baizmaa says I am lucky to have son like Tatya and I wanted to celebrate his birthday and make it special. Rambha says but we had to cancel because event people got some extra money somewhere and we need your help. Sai says sure, but first one important work. Sai makes a jadibutti.

Shiv’s parents cheer him by praising him, and thanks Bhumi for always being with him. Bhumi says let me get you all food, Shiv goes to help her. Vaishali says you two just keep praising her and she hasn’t changed anything. Her mother says whats wrong with you Vaishali. Vaishali says you don’t see my problems atleast see Shiv’s.

Shiv is just irresponsible and carefree and mad behind Bhumi how will he succeed or do something, Bhumi is not a good influence for Shiv, she is reason behind all bad lucks, she is very selfish and wants everyone just to praise her, and be around her, like Shiv goes help her to get water and heavy stuff and these puppets who all does this and so that she doesn’t lose all this, she makes him lose job. Her parents scold her and say not a word against Shiv and Bhumi. Vaishali says you will soon know the truth.

Sai says to Rambha your help is here. Bhumi and Shiv walk in. Bhumi apologies to Sai because Shiv ignored him, Shiv apologies too. Bhumi says Sai our bad luck just doesn’t end. Sai says life is of all ups and downs you have to keep moving. Bhumi says but these hardships don’t seem to end so today I will go give til oil to lorf Maruti. Sai says here is your oil. Sai says I wanted to be with you in this kind work.

Bhumi says now all will be good I have your blessings. Sai says I have an offer for you, will you two helo Baizmaa celebrate Tatya’s birthday. Shiv and Bhumi ask how can we, Sai says I have faith in you, you two plan this event together and make it memorable. Baizmaa says if Sai trusts you I do too. Bhumi says but how can we do it alone. Sai says when you say we how come you are alone.

Vaishali comes back to her house, her mother says you are back again, Vaishali says yes Vimla is working on embroidery and her husband sells it, and I want to do it too anyways Divakar doesn’t have time for me.
Shiv and Bhumi reach home and tell about Sai’s offers.

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Mere Sai 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks vaidya to come to Baizmaa house for birthday party and asks to get some goft too.Bhumi sees fire during decoration and stops Shiv but things get damaged. Bhumi starts crying and prays to Sai.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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