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Mere Sai 4th June 2021 Sai shares that the girl came to Shirdi to look for her family afterwards. She is right here. Everyone is stunned. Sai says her name is Rama. Everyone looks at Rama in shock. Rama is in tears. Sai tells Lakshmikant that he had abandoned the same girl thinking her to be a burden but she is the one who joined this family together today. Lakshmikant extends his arms and calls Rama his daughter. She goes to Sai instead. I don’t want to stay with them. Take me with you to Dwarkamai right away. Sai says you were looking for your parents. Why are you saying no when they have been found? Rama says I always thought that someone stole me from my house and kept me outside temple or I got separated from my family during an accident. I had never imagined though that my own Baba thought me to be a burden and abandoned me! I don’t want to go to that house. Vidya agrees with Rama. We don’t deserve her. Lakshmikant left her and I dint even try to find her. Why regret this all those years when I couldn’t stop my husband back then? I wish I could have dared back then. I am also a culprit here. How can I ask her to come back then?

Sai tells Lakshmikant he always wanted a boy. You thought your family will fall short of resources after having another baby girl and you may have to compromise. You can see for yourself that Ram ahas done so much for her family. You dint believe her when she said she dint take the jewellery. You came to take her with you for your own selfish reasons. You wanted Rama to bring your family together again. You were afraid that the family might fall apart otherwise. You couldn’t understand the importance of a daughter. It is a blessing by God. Only few people get blessed with a girl. A boy spreads happiness only in his family while a girl spreads happiness in her family and at her husband’s home too. You undervalued the importance of a girl but while doing so you forgot that it was a daughter only who gave birth to you. It was also a woman who gave birth to your son. You dint recognize or value their importance. You dint think she should be in your house but sadly, you aren’t worth her choice when you need her today. A relation should be based on love instead of need. You would not have to see this day if you could understand it.

Lakshmikant says I have understood it now and I am ready to do penitence. Everyone else should not be punished for it though. He addresses Rama. I am your culprit. Your Aayi never forgot you. She keeps thinking of you every second. Your Bhai never knew about it while your Tai was not of the age where she could understand anything. Please don’t punish them for my misdeed. They need you. He announces that he has decided to leave the house to do penitence for his mistakes. I will go far away but please don’t go away from them. Sai tells Rama He cannot decide for her this time but He can surely tell her a story. Ram ji went to meet Mata Kaikayi as soon as He was back from exile. He knew how much she repented her decision so He went to her first and forgave her before doing anything else. He even forgave Manthra who had instigated Mata Kaikayi against Him as He knew that there is no bigger tapasya than a person repenting his / her decisions. Someone told you that wounds can never heal if you will keep scratching them. Rama and Vidya look at each other. Sai says Lakshmikant is bearing the punishment of his mistakes since last 10 years and he has been regretting it ever since. It is your decision now. I know you are angry and hurt but do you want to stay away from your family because of that or do you wish to forgive them and start a new life with them? Rama says no in reply. She calls Lakshmikant and tells him not to go anywhere. We have been through a lot. It is time for us to stay together now. I forgive you, Baba. She calls Vidya Aayi. Please forgive him too. Vidya says I can do anything if I can have you in my life. I forgive everyone. Everyone smiles. Rama hugs her mother. Bhagirathi and Bala join in for the group hug while Lakshmikant holds the hands of his kids. Om Sai plays.

Next morning, Sai is plucking some plants. He talks to a plant in particular. You are very innocent. You don’t mind it even though someone is trying to encroach on your land. No worries though, Ram ji looks after the innocent ones. Keshav overhears Him. Can they hear and understand us? Sai nods. They can understand our words and what’s happening around them. They flourish when you talk to them. Keshav nods. Chetan and a girl greet Sai just then. They are confused to see Sai plucking grass. Sai says it is wild and they harm the plants. Plants can never grow if they are around a plant. It is just like how Shadripu affect humans. Keshav, Bheema, Udhav and the kids look on in confusion. The girl asks Sai about Shadripu. Sai offers to explain. He draws a house on the ground. This is your house. Someone asks for shelter one day and you let them stay. He brings someone else the next day. You don’t want to be a hindrance in their path to avoid hurting him. The numbers grow very soon. They outnumber you and take over your home one day. It might be your house but you end up losing your rights! Chetan calls it wrong. Sai says that’s what Shadripu do. They aren’t human being though. They represent 6 doshas (vices) which we should stay away from – kama (lust), krodha (anger), mada (arrogance), matsarya (jealousy), lobha (greed) and moha (delusion). This house represents our heart. One of them knocks at the door first and we let them in. Others walk in one by one afterwards and control our minds and heart. We simply follow their orders then. They are often not good for us. We should throw them out asap. Chetan points out that the wild grass represents Shadripu. Sai nods. Those who wish to understand can understand them while those who aren’t willing don’t understand it even when others try to.

A guy and his wife are on their way to her parents’ house. He notices mangoes and suggests buying them. His wife (Sugandha) asks him what if they avoid going there altogether. He says you are the first woman who is not eager to go to her home. We will surely go there as your brother is going to start a business. We must go to wish him. He decides to buy the mangoes. They smell delicious. They will fill your home with happiness and maybe in our lives too. Sugandha looks uncomfortable.

Kids are playing in Dwarkamai. Keshav tells Sai that kids should remain kids forever. One falls prey to Shadripu as they grown up. Keshav notices Sai lost and asks Him what happened. Sai says the person with Shadripu is the one who is lost. Keshav asks Him who He is referring to. Sai says there is a person who is falling in the trap. Keshav says it isn’t about one person. We are normal people. Everyone is greedy and holds affection towards something. We too are willing to give our life to you because of our affection towards you. Sai says it is because of devotion. This is a positive one but a negative affection can become the reason of one’s doom. Udhav says you have managed to control them but how can an ordinary person do it. Sai asks Udhav what he does if termites surface in your house. Udhav says we use medicines to curb them. Sai says medicines protect body while God protects your soul. God’s the biggest medicine for a human being. It clears the termite inside us.


Mere Sai 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A couple meets Sai. Sai asks them about Pune. The guy (Hansraj) says we have winded up things there. Now we will stay here with you. Sai asks him if he stopped eating curd. Hansraj shares that he cannot resist eating a pot of curd every day. Sai points out that out of all the species, human being is the only being who is capable of controlling his temptations. This is no less than a blessing for us. Life will become complicated if we fail in doing so. Hansraj and his wife get tensed.

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Telecast Date:4th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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