Mere Sai 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Mere Sai 4th January 2021

Ramdas ji asks Mitali if she wont speak to him. She shakes her head. He reminds her that she will get married in 15 days. You wont be able to meet me so frequently then as you will be in Nashik. Mitali says that’s why I worry about you. I am here now so I can push you. Sai wont be able to do that on her own. How will I be at peace then? Ramdas ji tells her not to worry about him. He may be far from us but he blesses us always. We dint have a baby for 8 years after our marriage. He blessed us with you then. He will take care of us. Mitali tries to tell the difference between social service and taking care of themselves but he says this was also taught by Sai. The one who looks after everyone gets taken care of by God. He smiles peacefully at her.

Udhav tells Ganu that there is no milk at home. They decide to check somewhere else. Sai is asking for it at this house so it must be important.

Sai tells Ganu and Udhav to hurry up.

Mitali tries to explain again but Gomti ji stops their convo. She tells her husband she would only try to look after him once he will return home from work. I cannot manage the rest but this I can do. He takes a bit but starts coughing.

Sai again tells Ganu and Udhav to hurry up. Rambha is out of milk as well. The boys go in different direction.

Ramdas ji is in pain. Mitali tries to give him water but he holds his chest in pain. Mitali and his mother are concerned.

Champa gives milk to Ganu. They thank her and head to Dwarkamai.

Ramdas ji is sweating profusely. He keeps touching his chest feeling restless. Gomti ji and Mitali pray to Sai.

Ganu and Udhav reach Dwarkamai just then. Ganu offers to boil it but Sai asks him to give it as it is. Ganu hands the bowl to him. Sai looks up. He drinks milk. Rehem Nazar plays. Ramdas ji starts feeling better which surprises him. I don’t feel restless anymore. It feels as if I drank cold milk. He smiles as he folds his hands with gratitude. They chant Om Sai Ram thankfully. Ramdas ji hugs his wife and daughter. Sai smiles.

Ramdas ji is still working. His wife keeps the registers aside. He smiles. I have told you I don’t like this. She asks him why he isn’t ready to agree with them then. He asks her if Mitali has slept. She nods. Do you know what we felt when we saw you like that today? This dint happen for the first time. What would we have done if anything had happened to you? We are only asking you to focus on yourself too. Sai has spoken about doing social service but he also says that one must take care of himself. He calls it normal. This happens at my age. She tells him not to speak about age. I am of the same age. I eat on time. Do you see any problem in me? Think about Mitali. She loves you so much. She cannot bear to see you like this. You love her very much as well but she will be glad if you can do her vidaai while maintaining good health. He replies that he cannot stop himself from helping poor people. She says that habit makes me weak and scares me as well. He tells her not to worry about him. I only want Sai to give his blessings to Mitali. The wedding is in Nashik I have a lot in my plate so I cannot go to Shirdi. She shares her dream with him. I wonder what he wanted to share. Ramdas ji is all the more eager to meet him now. I cannot leave my job in between to go and meet him in Shirdi. I pray to him that he will do some magic and call me to him. Om Sai Ram.

It is morning. Ganu notices Sai lost in thoughts. Why do you look so serious? Sai says people know their destinations and the paths that can lead him to their destination. He remains unaware of his capabilities though. A young man and an old person can climb the mountain but they will have to follow their pace. Ganu gets confused. Sai says our body is a gift as well as a responsibility. We often forget to take care of ourselves and we get surrounded by (health) problems at a point of time. They look sudden but nothing is sudden. God gives us signals to take care of ourselves. Those who can learn their lessons are considered smart but those who cannot learn!

Gomti ji and Mitali are in the house temple. Gomti ji asks Sai to bless the jewelry they have made for Mitali. Her life should shine just as brightly. Mitali asks her if Sai can hear them. Gomti nods. He can hear us just like you can hear me right now. Your Baba and I believe in Him and in his blessings very much. Mitali says you two speak about meeting Sai often. Does he not want to meet you? Why isn’t he calling you two to Shirdi? I want to see him too. When can this happen? Gomti ji says it is up to Sai. We cannot go to Shirdi till the time He will call us there. No one will b able to stop you from meeting Him when that happens. Ramdas ji says it has happened already. He feels sweets to them and gives a letter to his wife. I got transferred to Shirdi. They are pleasantly surprised. Mitali’s parents tell her to get ready to meet Sai. You will also be blessed by Him. He decides to request Mitali’s in-laws to let the marriage take place in Shirdi. Gomti ji assures Mitali she need not worry about her Baba’s health anymore. He will make him look after himself. Mitali smiles. Ramdas ji tells Gomti ji to also ask Sai about her dream. He lists down all that he must do in 4 days. They tell him to take care of himself but he is positive Sai will take care of Him.

Sai says Ram ji protects everyone. He gives signal time and again yet people don’t learn their lessons.

Peon tells Ramdas ji that he dint eat breakfast. It is lunch time now. He offers to serve lunch. Ramdas ji nods.

Ramdas ji is gives money to the owner of orphanage. He invites Ramdas ji for lunch but Ramdas ji speaks of all that he still has to do. Ghanshyam ji meets Ramdas ji on his way and gives him donation. Peon brings lunch for Ramdas ji but he hurries off to the hospital to deliver medicines. Doctor thanks him but Ramdas ji tells him to thank Sai. I am doing everything because I have his blessings. Doctor asks him to atleast have water but Ramdas ji has to go somewhere else and leaves. It is hot outside. Ramdas ji looks tired. He wipes the sweat off his face.

Sai gets tensed. He looks at the blazing sun.

Ramdas ji is having difficulty walking.


Mere Sai 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baizama says I saw you hesitating from blessing someone today for the first time. Is something wrong going to happen? You have to tell me if there is anything. Sai asks her to promise him that he wont tell anyone what he is going to tell her now.

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