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Mere Sai 3rd September 2021 Vaid ji takes the idol closer to his ear and his eyes widen in shock. He is actually able to hear the heartbeats. He looks at the idol and then at Neelkanth and his mother in shock. I can hear the heartbeats. Everyone is stunned. Neelkanth’s mother hears it too. She smiles. I heard heartbeats. Now I am satisfied that Sai is fine. She tells Neelkanth to hear as well. You said that my Sai does not reside here. His eyes widen in shock as well as he puts the idol closer to his ear. He looks at the idol in disbelief and tries again. He is still able to hear it.

Jhipri is looking for her bag. Latika asks her if something important was inside. Jhipri says all the instruments were in it. Kaki doesn’t have backup of those. Latika asks her if she wont go to work today. Jhipri asks her why she is smiling. Latika asks her if she should cry. Jhipri looks at her. you will if you wont tell honestly. They chase each other around after which Latika tells her where she hid them. Jhipri pulls her ear lightly. We shouldn’t be naughty when it comes to work. Latika says I hid it so you can spend some time with me. You just came, cooked food and are all set to leave again. We used to spend a lot of time together earlier. Jhipri says I will get you admitted in school with the money from this order. You will learn to become independent too. You will have a lot of friends and you will live a comfortable life. We will have enough money and we will eat properly then. It is important to work hard to achieve all that. Latika nods. They share a hug.

Sai takes Neelkanth’s name as He looks at the pumpkin. Tatya and Baizama are watching Him keenly. Neelkanth is boggled as to how he can hear a voice from the idol. How is this possible? Baizama asks Sai what He is doing. Sai tells her that people have nothing to do when they are at the last stage of their life. It happens very often with elders. Young people become so engrossed in their lives that they find it difficult to balance their lives with elders. Elders create their own world for themselves. As they have nothing to do, they choose something which gives a meaning to their life. Nanasaheb notice Neelkanth holding the idol close. What is he doing? Sai says elders change at a later stage of life. They don’t realise the cause and don’t mind it till the time it does not bother them. They try to stop their actions when it starts affecting them. They don’t try to understand what their parents are going through. Neelkanth is in tears. He cries thinking about what he had told Nanasaheb a while ago. Sai says I want to make someone understand the same thing. Baizama nods. How should one rectify such a mistake? Sai shares that everyone wants their family to make them a part of all the good and bad. Elders want youngsters to spend time with them and consult them. They should make them realise that they are needed. When they are ignored, they feel worthless. They distract themselves to something else in such situations. They create a new world for themselves and limit themselves to it. Believing that God will become upset if they wont feed the idol, etc. are few such examples. Kids need to understand the real reason behind it. They should be able to feel that they are important for us. What’s wrong in fulfilling their demands sometimes? They used to do it for us when we were kids so why cant we do it too? Make another temple for elders if the one they have is higher. They should make them understand things lovingly instead of getting angry and looking away.

Neelkanth breaks down. Forgive me, Aayi. I never tried to understand you but you were right. Sai does reside in this idol. I have heard His heartbeats and voice too. Nanasaheb and Kamla are stunned. Neelkanth says Sai told me how I can be a good son. Kamla folds her hands and kneels down as well. Nanasaheb is touched. You help your devotees over and beyond. They chant Om Sai Ram in unison.

The bright light stops. Baizama looks at Sai. Jhipri and Latika come there just then. Jhipri asks Sai to look after Latika. I am off to work. She leaves. Sai looks sad.

Salim, Jhipri and Rihana work hard day and night and complete the order. Jhipri says we have completed the work before time. Gangadas ji must be pleased. Let’s go and inform him. He can send someone to pick up the order. Salim goes with them. Sai notices them leaving for Dixit House. They reach Dixit House but find out that Gangadas has left already. Salim asks Jhipri if he has any alternative address. She shakes her head. The person at the desk outside asks her if she is Jhipri. He has left a letter for you. Jhipri is sure that he must have left a message saying that he is going to bring the money from Pune. He wouldn’t have expected that the order will be completed so soon. She is shocked after reading the letter. Salim asks her what’s written in the letter. Jhipri says he has cancelled the order. He does not need them anymore. Salim and Rihana are taken aback too. Jhipri checks the letter again but there is no address. He hasn’t left his address at the desk as well. Jhipri stumbles on her way out. Salim and Rihana support her. Jhipri says I made a very big mistake. I have taken a lot of debt. How will I repay it? Everything is over! She breaks down. Sai! Rihana is in tears as well. Control yourself.

Sai notices a broken branch of a plant and straightens it. It must be paining a lot. Wind has hurt you badly. He ties a cloth around the bend. Have faith. Shraddha and Saburi! Ram ji teaches us a lesson at such times and helps us become stronger. If you are able to bear this obstacle then no storm will be able to break you!


Mere Sai 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai has brought charkha. Women should also work. They will become independent this way. Women like the idea whereas Bheeva wonders how the house will run smoothly without the support of a woman.

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