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Mere Sai 3rd November 2022 Chattopadhyay asks Bhumi and Shiv do they know Kulkarni, Bhumi says qe heard about him but never met him. Chattopadhyay says tell Shiv never to come infront of him, he doesn’t like appointing people like Shiv. Bhumi explains it to Shiv. Bhumi puts nazar tikka on Shiv and wishes him all the best and leaves.

Vaishali asks her husband for red bangles for her red saree, he says everyday she finds new reasons to fight with me, Vaishali keeps nagging, He says even I asked you to get me neem but you didn’t, Vaishali says oh this is why you didn’t get me bangles, I didn’t forget I just have lot of work in this house.

Sai walks to them, Sai gives Vaishali bangles and neem to her husband. Sai says to them, it’s common to have differences byt Divakar and Vaishali you need to sort problems and not increase them, learn this from Bhumi and Shiv.

Shiv organises all the files alphabetically, Chattopadhyay praises him and says I am going out, you stay here and clean this office. Chattopadhyay leaves, Shiv starts cleaning the room. Kulkarni walks in, Shiv doesn’t hear.

Bhumi walks to Sai and Vaishali, Bhumi says Sai I got pura poli for you and Vaishali heres a tiffin for you too. Vaishali asks whats the occasion. Bhumi says Shiv got a job so I made his fav dish. Sai says but Bhumi you are so busy why this. Bhumi says but its a happy moment, work never ends but that doesn’t mean I cant celebrate little joys.

Sai says correct but like you support in his happiness be there in his sadness too. Bhumi asks Sai what sadness now, he has a permanent job now. Sai says life is like a roller coaster and all we can do is move ahead with positivity to maintain sanity.

Kulkarni keeps calling Shiv, Shiv unable to hear, Shiv turns around and sees Kulkarni is yelling and doesn’t understand. Chattopadhyay walks in and says what are you doing here, I told you to clean outside. Kulkarni says why didn’t he listen to me, Chattopadhyay says I warned him not to say a word to superiors,

Kulkarni says good but finds it suspicious and asks Chattopadhyay to tell Shiv to make tea with honey and not sugar, Chattopadhyay gets scared about his secret about to reveal. Chattopadhyay says we don’t honey in office. Kulkarni says I will wait here ask him to get it. Chattopadhyay tries to tell Shiv but he doesn’t understand. Kulkarni says what nonsense is this man understands nothing,

Chattopadhyay says yes he is shameless I guess. Kulkarni says his but now he will listen and hits Shiv with a stamp, Shiv gets badly injured. Kulkarni makes fun of Shiv and then yells at Chattopadhyay for trying to fool him. Chattopadhyay says Shiv saved my life and he is very intelligent. Kulkarni keeos insulting Shiv, Chattopadhyay asks Shiv to leave. Shiv falls in Kulkarni’s feet and begs him not to fire, Kulkarni kicks him and leaves.

Bhama and Sai see Shiv leave upset. Bhama gets worried and asks what must ve wrong with him. Sai says some people are very mean. Bhama sees a thorny plant and shows to Sai and says Shiv may get hurt. Sai clears it for Shiv. Bhama says no wonder you are great Sai, but why don’t you help Shiv and Bhumi. Sai says you can save someone but not lead their life, to live a happy life Shiv must learn to fight all odds.

Kulkarni looking for jadi butti in jungle and gets bitten by squirrel whose bite is dangerous and lethal. Kulkarni starts losing conscious. Santa Banta worry about how they will survive if Kulkarni dies, a man passing by see Santa Banta struggling.

That man tajes him to near by doctor. Doctor applies medicine on the wound and gives him churan. Kulkarni faints. Santa Banta think he is dead and start crying loudly. Kulkarni wakes up and scolds them and thanks doctor, and asks you look knowledgeable what are you doing here. Sai says because some people consider disability bigher than knowledge.

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Mere Sai 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhumi and Shov complaint to Sai that their bad luck never ends.Sai says forget that tell me will you two take responsibility of decoration for Tatya’s birthday celebration.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
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