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Mere Sai 3rd May 2022 Sai sees Sadanand. Sadanand sees Alok and thinks, Dada keeps pointing my issues, now I will tell him his qnd projects mirror at Alok. Sai walks to him and says why try Alok, try me see my issues. Sadanand says I trust you most, how can I even think of this. Sai says when you are testing everyone, test me too.

Keshav sees an old lady crying and asks what’s wrong. She says I am waiting for my son, he is missing since 6 months, he was sent for war and no one is telling me what to do. Keshav says come with me and takes her to authorise and say do something look she is so old, you keep calling her.

They say help her if you want, don’t trouble us. Keshav says I will because Sai says every mother is goddess, and says to Mai(old lady) we will talk to owner. Srinivas laughs at Keshav and says doesn’t owner have any other work. Owner walks to Keshav and says to Srinivas, you don’t decide who I meet.

Sai says to Sadanand, you wanted this mirror for yourself, so see yourself, because you wanted to be ideal man. Sadanand looks at himself and shocked to see the result and in tears say to Sai, Dada was right I just see faults in other people and nothing in me. Sai says see your consequences too in the mirror.

Sadanand sees that everyone stays away from him because he keeps pointing everyone’s issues. Sai says this mirror is showing you what you think about others, and if you keep pointing everyone they won’t stay with you. Sadanand says I understood I will work on myself. Sai says everyone should understand that it’s easy to point at others and we should focus on our postive development because that helps long way.

Shankar Seth asks Keshav why is he in Mumabi. Keshav says for job but they appointed someone else. Shankar says vacancies can be created, person you spoke outside to is Srinivas and he is manager here, to work here most important thing is loyalty and honesty,

I can give you good job and money but will you be on my side. Keshav says sorry I can’t accept this I will always stay true to my principals. Shankar says Keshav you passed the test, you can join from today, Srinivas will explain you work.

Srinivas walks in and informs them, I checked but the person she is claiming has his mother in Konkan and is very ill. Shankar asks who was she. Keshav says I will go check and goes check outside and sees no one.
Mai was Sai’s avatar.

Sai in Dwarka Mai. A elderly couple visits Sai for their grand daughters wedding and take blessings from Sai and also gift her something for wedding.

Tejasvi and Prahlad reach chawl with vegetables, a neighbour says to them very did you get so many vegetables from. Tejasvi says from the market, and for 1 rs, she says you are fooled and vendor must have understood you don’t know anything. Tejasvi says poor bargain and my father is amongst rich here.

They laugh at Tejasvi. Tejasvi says don’t worry, we will soon leave ghis chawl. Tejasvi’s father visit them. Tejasvi asks her Baba, where is he car, she is going with him. Baba says lets go inside and talk.

Sai gives elderly couple bag of pomegranates and says this is my blessings and gift. Elderly couple get disheartened, they take the bag. Sai says I will pray for happy and sweet life like these fruits. Shirpaji thank Sai and leave.
Shripaji’s wife says, they needed money and Sai gave fruits, what use are these of. Tatya over hears them.

Baba says to Tejasvi tomorrow go with Aai and buy whatever you want, Tejasvi says but we are staying with you. Baba says Keshav won’t and he is right, society will take it wrong way and also Keshav’s self respect will be hurt, I will give you whatever you want but staying at my place is not option and for a happy marriage,

you have to walk shoulder to shoulder with your husband, your mother supported me too and if there is emergency we are here for you, support Keshav he is doing for your and Prahlad’s future, so for his happiness can’t you stay here. Baba says to Prahlad I will get you more toys don’t worry and hands some money to Tejasvi and says ask me if you want more. Keshav walks in.

Keshav says to Baba, you are right but there is one thing,as a grandfather gifting Prahlad is your love but I can’t accept this money, its my responsibility to earn. Baba says I am so happy for you Keshav, Keshav says don’t worry I will take good care of them. Baba hugs Keshav and leaves.
Tejasvi in tears. Neighbours walk to them and mock Tejasvi and make fun of her. Keshav says Tejasvi lets go inside and closes the door.

Tejasvi says I left Mumbai and my parents left me. Keshav says no one left you, this house is our house and I got a job too, soon everything will be fine, we do have hurdles but with Sai’s blessings I can do everything. Tejasvi says this is Sai’s blessings. Keshav says this is his blessings in disguise and you will soon realise it.

Tatya says to Sai, Shirpaji and his wife wanted financial support, they looked poor too what did you give them. Sai says the right think, now we have to use do they use it correctly.

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Mere Sai 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shripaji says to Sai, you gave us these fruits and made fun of our poverty we don’t want it and throws.

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