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Mere Sai 3rd January 2022 Villagers seem disappointed. Sai comes there just then. Srikanth ji asks Him where He was. Sai replies that He went to fulfil a responsibility given by Ram ji. Let’s resume the work now. He notices their faces. Dheer informs Sai that the soil is over. Sarkar, Santa, Banta and Albert come there just when with their engineers. Sarkar asks them if the road has been built.

He mocks them. Sun is about to set and 100 steps are yet to be completed. Most importantly, you are out of soil now. You lost Fakir! He asks the villagers if they have understood how their God has brought doom for them. You were going to get house and compensation but you wont get anything now. Two roads will be built and multiple homes will be broken now!

Sai looks at everyone’s worried face. He kneels on the ground and touches the soil. Ma, kids have worked really hard and looked after you. They have given you their blood, sweat and tears. You cannot disappoint them. You are Ma. I am sure you will respect their love. Sarkar says He has lost His mind. He is talking to the soil! Sai tells Ma that she holds responsibility of their future, their faith and love.

If you don’t hold their hand today then they wont be able to take care of themselves. They want to see if their Ma will be their support today or not. They want to experience it today that nothing can go wrong if Ma is with them. Everything is because of you only. Bless them with your love today. Sai starts walking towards Sarkar and Albert. Their eyes widen in shock as the road gets built with His every step automatically. Villagers are amazed at the sight as well.

Sai says sun hasn’t set yet and the road is complete. He asks Albert if he will now accept the road and everyone’s hard work. Sarkar refuses. This is black magic. It will not sustain. Albert says she trusted you. Why dint you save her mother when you can do this magic? Why did you give her a fake hope when you couldn’t save her? She had full faith in you. She felt that you will save her mother.

She is breathing her last in Pune and can die any second. It was important to make Christina ready to face the moment that she will lose her beloved mother. You should have consoled her but you made her believe it that her mother will recover. Her mother will never recover though. Christina says Sai has never given me a false hope. Albert asks her about her mother. Christina shares that she is fine. The one who you never trusted is responsible for her well-being – Sai! Villagers smile while Albert is shocked.

Christina shares that she went to meet her mother last night. Flashback shows Christina knocking at her mother’s ward. No one opened the door. Very few people were available in the hospital. Doc tells Christina that he is not sure that her mother is alive. Her condition was very critical last night.

Christina notices her mother suddenly and smiles. Mom! Flashback ends. Christina tells Albert that her mother was standing in front of her after months of coma. Do you know what she told me? A Fakir was giving her udi every morning since past few days. It was since I had started applying udi on her photo. The Fakir was looking after my mom while the door was locked. My mother had recovered fully by morning. She told me how that Fakir looked like. It was no one else but Sai! A lady remarks that this was why Sai wasn’t with them last night. Others nod.

Christina walks up to Sai. How do I thank you? I will never forget this favour. Sai calls it Ram ji’s wish. I was just a medium. Christina asks Him how He can be so humble. Sai says truth is always humble. There is no illusion or ego where there is truth. This is the power and miracle of truth. I don’t say that I dint do anything to appear humble. It is because I know that I cannot do anything without Ram ji’s wish. It was His wish. I simply fulfilled my dharma by fulfilling His wish.

Christina says is this the same Ram ji from Ram, Sita, Lakshman. He nods. He does not belong to just one temple or one idol. He is omnipresent. He is the blessing of everyone’s happiness and medicine of everyone’s pain. He never discriminates. He is kind and merciful. He looks after everyone equally. Albert asks Sai if His Ram ji will forgive him too. Sai says He will only when He will be upset with you. He is very kind. He accepts everyone’s mistake. He shows the way to rectify those mistakes.

Sarkar tells Albert not to fall in Fakir’s black magic. You shouldn’t fall for it. Albert says it will be a thing of pride for us to accept everyone’s hard work. He acknowledges the road in front of everyone on behalf of his government. No other road will be built in Shirdi now. No one will touch your house, shops or anything. You will also get paid for your work. He tells Sarkar to distribute the amount that was given to him as compensation. Sarkar tries to say something but Albert insists that this is his order.

Villagers are thrilled that their homes are saved. Sai gives credit to Dheer. Albert seconds Him. I am very impressed by him so I have decided to remove his name from the blacklist and to hire him back as a government employee. Dheer is overwhelmed. Sai says you dint stop being honest so Ram ji gave you a fresh start and your respect back. Dheer thanks Sai. Albert apologizes to Christina and villagers.

You said that your Ram ji shows how a mistake can be rectified. Show me a path too. Sai says you were doing your duty. However, you had to also think what’s best for everyone on the whole. The project was going to benefit them so you must hear their thoughts on it too. You should make people a part of the progress. It gives them a feeling of inclusion which ends up creating a better society.

People will otherwise revolt. If you will take people with you then they will feel safe and included. This is the best way a ruler can rule. Albert agrees to remember it always. I am sure Christina will help me remember it if I ever forget it. Everyone smiles. Sai blesses everyone. Ram ji Bhala Karein!


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