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Mere Sai 31st May 2022 Bhiva breaks Piggy bank, and everyone surprised to see lot of money and says where did this come from. Bhiva’s son says Sadashiv kaka kept it I saw him doing that. Bhiva says why did you do that, Sadashiv says you gave me place to live so I should give my share too and I am here to serve and not get served. Bhiva says how do you want to help Shirdi people.

Sadashiv says I have money and lot of money too, I am here to to set a factory for people here, people here are very hard working but earn little and I will end all this with giving them employment and no one will face hardship and all Sai devotees will live happily and Sai won’t accept anything so I want to help his village.

Baizmaa tells Sai about how Sadashiv fought for the locket. Sai says I want love and not blind faith, their love and trust is everything and superstitious doesn’t matter. Baizmaa says we are your devotees and we will do everything for you and Sadashiv is a good man, Sai says yes he must be here for something good.

Balvant gets an envelope and he smiles.
It gets stormy, Balvant opens letter and says now Shirdi will see destruction and now I will show Kulkarni with brains I will conquer whole Shirdi and soon all here will be my slaves.

Sai gets worried seeing the storm and says Baizmaa its the start of a wild storm. Balvant checking balance he sees Sai and gets shocked.

Kulkarni walks to him and asks did you see a ghost or that beggar Sai. Kulkarni peaks in his diary and asks why are you counting land this late. Balvant picks all his files and books and says ots government work and nothing related to you. Kulkarni thinks I have to find this and specially when this work is taking place in my home and wheb he is hiding.

Bhiva asks Sadashiv to sleep inside. Sadashiv says this is not fair, Bhiva says this is how we treat guest. Sadashiv says I am not feeling asleep, I will just check on Mira and go for a walk.

Sadashiv tells Mira, he bought a toy and always dreams of having a family with her in a well settled house. Sadashiv gives her medicine and says this will help you become mother soon. Mira says but this medicine gives me headache. Sadashiv says this means its working do have it, doctor said it will give you head ache at times.

Sai infront of Havan Kundh, he sees Mira about to eat medicine and fans some air. Medicine of Mira’s hand falls down. Mira shocked says window and doors are closed how did rhis happen.

Sadashiv meets a man disguised in blanket and he hands him money.

Tejasvi sees Savari, making cow dung, she starts yelling at Savari and leaves. Savari starts crying. Sai walks to her and wipes her tears. Savari says I am alone, since Mahesh isn’t here, Tejasvi and Kulkarni always abuse me.

Sai says I call you my daughter and so will protect like a father. Savari says let me get Bhiksha for you. Sai says I am not here to take anything but give you something and gives her fruits. Savari says how do you know I don’t have food in the house.

Subhadra goes to get water, Mira accompanies her and says I felt like visiting Sai, Subhadra says you don’t need to go look for Sai just pray for him, Mira sees a snake approaching a small baby, she goes save the child. Sai walks to them and says to snake, Mira is just saving the baby, please go back to jungle. Snake leaves.

Patil and other villagers, agree with Sadashiv and says they trust him. Kulkarni walks to them and says to Sadashiv you need permission from me to do anything here, I am Kulkarni Sarkar head here, and who did you take approval from. Sadashiv says I spoke directly with British government and paper work you will only do. Kulkarni thinks I will fool him in papers and take money,

Kulkarni says to Sadashiv leave them and join me, and forget these people. Sadashiv says no thank you, I will come to you when needed but won’t join hands with you and you are the one who is always defeated by Sai and one who thinks bad about Sai, is bad to me. Kulkarni laughs at him and says soon you will bankrupt and without my approval your dream will never be executed and soon you will be on my feet begging and leaves.

Patil says to Sadashiv, Kulkarni hares you now, Sadashiv says I don’t care I have Sai’s blessings.

Mira thanks Sai for helping her. Sai says you saved a life and God loves such people and its my duty to save you. Mira says I am not that good and so even God doesn’t listen to my prayers. Sai says this cloud is like God who has eyes on us and knows everything and when right time comes God will listen to you. Mira gets happy and says with your blessings I will receive everything. Sai says may God bless you with a kid soon. Mira thinks how did Sai find out about my wish and smiles.

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Mere Sai 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sadashiv about to request Sai but he starts having some problem in throat. Sai says this will happen when you eat wrong things.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2022
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