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Mere Sai 31st December 2020 with Sai saying you said that you can recognize a person by his or her eyes. Look into their eyes and determine whether they wish well for you or not. Gajanan ji looks at the villagers. I don’t want you to renounce the family that Ram ji is blessing you with, without even knowing them well. Kids request Gajanan ji (Azoba) to stay. We want to play with you. Bheema adds that there are differences in every family but people don’t leave their homes because of that. Gajanan ji thinks of his past. Chandu says we will stay together and share our pains and sorrows. You can scold us if you want but please don’t leave. Sai tells Gajanan ji to recall how he had perceived to live his life at this stage of life. Villagers request Gajanan ji not to leave. We wont trouble you. The kids offer to come and play with him every day. They all try to convince him and shower them with loving requests. Gajanan ji raises his hand so as to stop them. He steps down from the stairs and hugs Sai. Everyone smiles. Om Sai plays in the background. Please forgive me, Sai. You were trying to include me in your family while I was trying to separate you from them. There wont be any boundation now. I wont take you away or stop you from meeting anyone. Everyone smiles. He apologizes to them as well for trying to snatch Sai from them. Someone had said it correctly that there is no point trying to gain Sai by keeping him away from his loved ones. I gave you a lot of pain because of my insecurities but not anymore. This Dwarkamai belongs to everyone now. I should be thankful to you all for letting me stay here. You all welcomed me with love and warmth. Gajanan ji brings Tatya forward. Go and meet your Sai now. Tatya runs and envelops Sai in a warm hug. Everyone smiles. Gajanan ji tells the villagers to come inside as well. They are overjoyed and hug each other with happiness. Sai remarks that the one who builds wall around his hearts is all alone in the world. His loneliness will disappear when he will even open a small door or window to let the world in. No one is alone here. Try breaking those walls once.

A villager tells Sai that Tatya took Gajanan ji to his home. I met him on my way to Dwarkamai. He looked very happy. Gangadhar Kaka sent a letter yesterday. He has mentioned that Purna has found likeminded people there. Sai says that’s what was expected from her. This is just the beginning. Nandu’s father greets Sai. Nandu isn’t eating anything. He has fallen ill as well. We have been following the tradition of offering bhog to laddu gopal since years. I had to go to work yesterday so Nandu’s mother asked Nandu to offer bhog.

Flashback is shown where Nandu offers bhog to laddu gopal. His mother asks him to have lunch but he refuses. Laddu gopal hasn’t eaten anything. How can I eat then? she smiles. He does not come himself. We keep it in front of Him and accept that He has eaten it. Nandu asks her how it is possible. Is the hunger cured like that? She gives up on his logic. He refuses to eat anything till the time laddu gopal will eat. Flashback ends. Nandu’s father says he hasn’t eaten anything since then. he is pained at the thought that laddu gopal dint accept bhog from his hands.

Another flashback is shown where Nandu asks his mother if he made any mistake. Why isn’t laddu gopal eating that food? She explains the real meaning of offering bhog to laddu gopal. I have been watching you since long. You should eat now. He stays put. I wont eat if laddu gopal wont eat. He goes back to his room. Flashback ends. Nandu’s father says he isn’t ready to accept it. He kept murmuring laddu gopal in his sleep last night. He has been hurt a lot. Plus, he hasn’t eaten anything so he has fallen ill. Only you can pacify him now.

Nandu’s mother is putting cold water strips on Nandu’s forehead when Sai enters. He checks Nandu’s temperature. Please eat something, son. He tells Sai to ask laddu gopal why he isn’t accepting bhog from his hands. Ask him to eat first. Nandu’s father asks him how he can say no to Sai but Sai supports him. God must accept the bhog if it has been offered by a kid. Nandu is his beloved devotee. He will surely come for you. Nandu’s mother asks Sai what he is saying. Sai says He must eat food to make Nandu happy. She nods. She offers food to him. He sends them outside. I have to speak to Nandu in private. Please close the door. They comply. Sai asks Nandu how he thought of laddu gopal while praying. Nandu denies. I hadn’t closed my eyes. Sai advises him to close his eyes and request laddu gopal to have bhog. Nandu follows his instructions. Sai looks happily at laddu gopal’s photo. Bright light forces Nandu to open his eyes. He notices laddu gopal sitting in front of him. Laddu gopal says I am very hungry. Is this for me? Nandu nods. Laddu gopal offers a bite to Nandu who reasons that it is for him. laddu gopal says this is for both of us now. You wont say no to me, right? Nandu nods. He eats a bite from laddu gopal’s hands. Laddu gopal eats as well. Nandu eats from his hands. Thank you for accepting my bhog. Laddu gopal disappears when Nandu closes his eyes again. He looks around anxiously. Where did He go? Sai says he has other things to do as well. He did say that He came here today to please you but it wont be possible every day. Nandu asks him why. Sai says laddu gopal has to look after everyone. How will he get time for other things if he will visit everyone and eat food there?

Nandu gets thinking. It is true but I am pained at the thought that I wont be able to meet him again. Sai says a shloka for him. Shri Krishna has said that I am near always those who can see me everywhere and in everyone. He explains it further for Nandu. He is not far from us. God is all around us. That’s why we offer one bite to God and eat the rest ourselves. We leave the bite outside for ants or birds to eat it later. That ways it reaches us and in the stomach of some form of laddu gopal. He does not have to be present all the time. Nandu says I am silly. I dint know such a simple thing. Sai calls his parents inside. Nandu smiles at them. His father checks his temperature. He is fine now. Nandu’s mother notices the empty plate. Nandu shares that laddu gopal came to feed him himself. They look at him in confusion. Nandu says Sai told me to close my eyes and pray. Laddu gopal was sitting in Sai’s place thereafter. Nandu’s parents nod at each other. They fold hands at Sai with gratitude. This must be your miracle only. Sai smiles. Allah Maalik.

Gajanan ji is sitting quietly in a corner when Sai returns to Dwarkamai. He asks Baba what happened. Gajanan ji says my DIL was pregnant when they left me behind. I saw in my dream that a baby was born today. I know it can be wrong but I really want to see the baby. I don’t even know where they live. Sai advises him to step outside and look towards that side only. Gajanan ji asks him how that will help but Sai requests him to do it once. Gajanan ji stands up. Sai tells him to close his eyes and start walking ahead. Gajanan ji is worried he might fall. Sai assures him he wont let it happen. Gajanan ji asks him what he is making him do at this age but then gives in.


Mere Sai 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kids watch Gajanan ji walking out with closed eyes. They are about to alert him when a man holds Gajanan ji. Gajanan ji opens his eyes and looks at him (his son probably).

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