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Mere Sai 31st August 2022 Sai tells Vishal’s mother that he has removed bullet but the wound is deep and to cure Suraj, she has to speak. She tries to talk and starts crying as no voice comes out of her mouth. Sai narrates a poem written his mother follows. Everyone shocked to see her speak. Vishal very happy.

Suraj shows movement. Suraj wakes up, everyone very happy. Suraj says Aai please speak again and holds her hand, she says don’t call me your mother and I am not your mother until you quit this path, I have one son and that is Vishal,

I couldn’t see you die because I gave you birth but after this I can’t support you because its an insult to my upbringing, and if you still continue you will never see me again and leaves.
Sai says to Suraj, you have to earn back your mothers trust and leaves.

Chandu stops Sai, and greet him with others. Chandu says Sai we all want you to give Bhiksha, you fed us when we had nothing now we want to do something for you. Sai asks where did you get all this from.

Chandu says Suraj’s men provided us with this, we didn’t support him but still he helped us with grains and money and said we don’t have to worry about food or money until we get jobs. Sai says okay and says give me bhiksha, no one able to pour grains in Sai’s plate.

Chandu asks Sai reason. Sai saya because this bhiksha is not from pure deeds, Suraj’s voilent steps got you this. Chandu says sorry Sai we weren’t aware,

Sai says everyone knows what happened yesterday, so you can’t go blind, I promised you all to support you then why this insecurity. Chandu says sorry Sai, we got carried away because of problems, we will return everything we understood our lesson. Sai says I will send Khichdi take care.

Santa Banta keeping an eye on Sai, they inform Kulkarni and Balvant that Suraj is alive and is distributing grains and money stolen. Kulkarni gets angry and says I knew Sai will save him but how long,

now we will force Suraj to come infront of us by dragging his mother and brother into this fight. Balvant says why will they help us. Kulkarni asks what does Vishal do. Santa Banta tell Kulkarni about Vishal’s training. Kulkarni says find every single detail about Vishal and get him here.

Suraj thinking about his mothers words and Sai’s advice. Bali tells Suraj workers returned money and grains and asks why does Sai do this, he is biggest hurdle in our path, Kulkarni is fraud but still Sai calls us wrong,

Suraj gets angry and slaps Bali for speaking against Sai. Suraj says Sai is like God to me and not because he saved me but because he takes care of our family in our absence. Bali says we supported you and you slapped me for Sai. Suraj says next time I will kill you if you talk against Sai.

Suraj sees his mother and Vishal with Sai. His mother asks Sai why hasn’t Suraj quit the path. Sai says don’t worry and don’t forget you have Vish too and don’t forget him in run of saving Suraj and he will participate tomorrow and needs his mothers support, may be Vishal’s efforts will save Suraj and Vishal go rest and go fresh for the competition. Vishal and his mother leaves.

Sai says Suraj everyone is welcomed at Dwarka Mai. Suraj walks to Sai. Suraj asks Sai why give Vishal hopes, he will never win or become runner, he will just see defeat even if he is best, history will repeat and my brother will be pain and I don’t want him to go through it. Sai says to Suraj how many times did you try after defeat,

and how can you be so sure that Vishal will loose or face injustice, God has written everything for everyone and let Vishal have his share and look at you, what did you achieve, even if you will win you will loose your family,

and you have created drift between your family and yourself surrender Suraj, you will have to face consequences but unite with family. Suraj says I can’t Sai, they will sentence me to death, I know what I have to do. Sai says your steps will take you away from your family. Suraj says sorry Sai, I will do what I want.

Vishal prays and says if I win I will get my brother back, I have trust in Sai and want to win for my brother and then I don’t care if I loose. Santa Banta tell Vishal that Balvant has called me. Vishal says I have important work I can’t, Santa Banta force to come with them. Sai sees that.

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Mere Sai 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suraj asks.his men to keep an eye on Balvant and Kulkarni and they will kill them as soon as they see them.Santa Banta about to attack Vishal, he takes Sai’s name

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
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