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Mere Sai 30th March 2021 Appa Kote, Ali and Bheema are headed towards the house when they see police coming. Inspector says we have been informed that Subhan is hiding here. Appa Kote says that’s right. He has held Sai captive. Inspector assures him that they will catch Subhan. Take us to that house. They guide police to the house.

Sai is caressing little Subhan’s head. Subhan feels emotional as he recalls how people used to taunt them since his Baba was proved guilty. Why dint you meet me earlier, Sai? I would have been someone else today. Sai says it is never too late. Little Subhan looks at old Subhan. What happened? What did you see outside? Subhan says there is a lot of crowd outside. How will we escape? Little Subhan says you have axe. Why be afraid? Subhan says it wont be able to sustain their anger and unity. Sai reasons that they have gathered outside because of love. It is the unity of what they all feel. Are you afraid that you will also fall prey to it? Love is stronger than weapon. Drop your weapon. Subhan politely apologizes to him. I wont be able to do that. Who will look after my family if I do that? Villagers would have made their life horrible by now. I must reach there asap. They would have no resources. No one is there to help them. Sai smiles.

Shesh, Shanti, her MIL and villagers look at the land. Shesh remarks that we have done our best. Now it is up to Kali Aayi. Villagers laugh. Mukhiya we thought you came to help them but after sowing sheesha, you have proven that you are on our side. Someone would have still bought this land before you had sown it but now no one would. Shanti starts crying. Shesh says society tries to trouble those who are already in trouble. Don’t waiver your faith in God. I understand that your faith is shaky right now but Shraddha and Saburi will take you long way. Have faith on Kali aayi (Mother Earth). Things can turn around in no time if God wills it to be. Shanti’s MIL is taken aback to see something. What’s that? Everyone follows her gaze. Shesh smiles. The soil turns black and smoke blows. Mukhiya says this was bound to happen. Sheesha has burnt the land from inside. Shanti tells Shesh this is what she said. Shesh says I told you to have faith on me. Remove doubt from your mind if you trust me even a little. Ram ji BHala Karein! Everyone looks on in surprise as the grains flourish. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. Shesh, Shanti and her MIL fold their hands with reverence. Villagers are in disbelief. Shesh says humans can make the mistake of punishing innocents but not God. Subhan made a mistake but his family’s intentions were right. You still punished them but God dint. Mother Earth has given them another resource with which they can survive. Have you thought of the consequences if you banish them socially? What will their family go through? Have you thought how it will affect Subhan’s kids? Don’t try to give birth to another Subhan by doing the wrong things. Accept them and give them a chance to change things for good.

Mukhiya folds his hands. Please forgive me. I have made a grave mistake. We punished them though they are innocent. I don’t know who you are but you have saved us from committing a grave mistake. He tells Shanti and her MIL that no one will misbehave with them from now onwards. We will rectify our mistakes and we will also help you start afresh. Shanti thanks him. She tells Shesh He has come in their life as an angel. Shesh says Kar Bhala to Ho Bhala and smiles.

Sai winces in pain as He stands up. Little Subhan stands up as well. Sai gives Subhan his axe. Should I tell you an easy way out of here? Subhan asks him. Sai suggests him to keep the axe at his neck and leave just the way he had come in. Subhan drops the axe. I made a mistake once but I cannot repeat it. I am a dacoit, not a fool to point axe at the only person who has been kind to me. Sai says I wont feel bad. Subhan refuses. I cannot commit this mistake again. Sai asks him how he will escape then. Subhan says I will wait for the crowd to decrease.

Subhan peeks outside after hearing commotion. He notices police outside.

Subhan’s mother says it is an auspicious day today as something grew on our fields for the first time. Maybe Subhan’s life will now change for good. Shesh remarks that Ram ji always listens to a mother’s prayers. Devki asks Ajji from where they got all the ingredients. We had nothing. Ajji says villagers have started looking at us differently because of him now. They are coming forward to help us now. They told us to repay them when we have money. Shanti says we never wanted a favour nor did we want anything for free. We only needed a little faith. We have it now because of you. We will be able to live our life peacefully now but we will never forget your favour. Shesh says now Subhan just needs to know that you all are independent and safe. That’s when he will be able to move forward. Devi refuses to go back to her Baba and runs inside. Shanti shares that Devki saw her Baba stealing stuff from someone and got scared. She is all the more scared since the time police came here to arrest Subhan. I will speak to her. Shesh goes to speak to Devki instead.

Subhan says they have rifles. Police surrounds the house just then. Tatya requests Inspector to be careful. Sai shouldn’t get hurt. Inspector assures them that they will catch Subhan as soon as the door has been broken. Keshav is worried what if Sai is the one who has been forced to step out first. Inspector says Subhan is using Sai as his shield. He wont risk his life by putting Sai forward. Baizama says it is you who thinks like that, not that Subhan’s. Don’t do anything because of which my Sai will be hurt. He is wounded already. Ali seconds her. Sai exposed Subhan. He has come to seek revenge here and might hurt Sai. Srikanth advises Inspector not to take any risk. Inspector asks them what they want. Sarkar interrupts them. Since when has police started asking what needs to be done? You can charge. Keshav tries to question him but Sarkar says I am here as the Mukhiya of Shirdi. You cannot question my decision. Keshav says I can question you as a villager. You never step forward when a commoner is in trouble. Why now? Appa Kote advises him to remember his limits. He tells Sarkar that Sai’s life can be in danger if they attack at the house. Sarkar says our lives will be at risk if Subhan manages to escape from here. we cannot put the lives of so many people at risk for one Fakir! Srikanth says we wont be able to live anyways if anything happens to Sai. He is our life.

Devki tells Shesh she does not want to go back to Baba and hugs him. He is very bad. I am very scared of him. Shesh tells her not to be afraid. He shows her a caterpillar. Devki says it hurts a lot if we get hurt in case one gets comes in contact with the caterpillar. Shesh shows the butterflies to her. are they scary too? Devki denies. They are beautiful, soft and colourful. Shesh says they used to be caterpillar once. He explains the process how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Love can turn anyone around for good. Those who are good are beautiful like butterflies. Your Baba will also turn into a butterfly if you will love him. Don’t you want to see him change? She gets thinking.

Sarkar tells Inspector to do hid duty. Don’t get swayed by emotions. You can start shooting at the house. Kill Subhan! Bheema argues that Sai’s life will also be in risk then. Sarkar asks them if they should stand as mere spectators. We will also become paltry to the crime if we stop police now. Inspector survived somehow 2 days ago. I dint mean to question your capabilities. I am only sharing what I heard. You were shooting at Subhan but you stopped fire when you thought it might hurt his family. Subhan escaped then. You cannot lose more time now. Subhan will buy more time this way. Keshav says I thought you want no dacoit to be in your village but it seems that you are too eager to get Sai out of your way. You don’t like him anyways. Sarkar says a king must take hard decisions sometimes. It does not make me happy but Subhan might take out his anger on us if we don’t stop him now. Will you sacrifice so many lives for one person? What if he kills a kid? Would your Sai want that? Keshav tells Inspector that his father is getting swayed by emotions. I have studied law. I know law well. I am sure you wont go against law here. Inspector says both of you are right but my decision will be based on the situation. Subhan looks tensed. Epi ends on Sai’s worried face.


Mere Sai 31st March 2021 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector tells Subhan his time is up. We cannot wait anymore. I will count till 50. We will be forced to fire if you wont come out by then!

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Telecast Date:30th March 2021
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Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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