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Mere Sai 30th December 2020 Sai says the kids he called his own left him alone. Then one day,

Policemen pull Gajanan ji out of his house. He asks them why they are doing this. They tlel him that his sons have sold this land and house.

Baba had already given his everything to his kids. They divided everything equally amongst themselves and kept Baba in the dark.

Police seals Gajanan ji’s house. Gajanan ji is left to wander on his own.

A few months ago, he was left with nothing but 2 pair of clothes. He became hard after roaming around on his own. His own sons shied away from their responsibilities but I am his dharam-putra. I cannot forget it. I owe it to him for the love and care he had showered on me in those 7 days. I am just repaying that debt today. He is behaving this way as he thinks that he gave everything to his kids without expectations or without asking for anything in return thinking that they will give him the save love and happiness at his old age. That dint happen though. That’s why he has turned bitter. He has lost faith. He has decided to snatch what he wants if he must. He then got who he could trust – the same kid Vairagi whom he had given shelter. I am his last hope. That has filled him with more insecurities. He thought to keep me away from everyone or one day, I will go away from him too.

Srikanth says even we want Gajanan ji to get all the happiness of the world. We cannot live without you though. Baizama asks him if they cannot make him happy. Sai nods. I want him to vent his anger completely. It’s done now. Thanks to Ram ji, we will turn that bitterness in love now. It is time.

Gajanan ji asks Sai to come with him. Sai requests him to wait till tomorrow. We wont find any transport to leave now. Let me manage pull my relations together. I have stayed here for years after all. Gajanan ji agrees. None of your devotee will come here then. Sai nods. Kids come to play in Dwarkamai. They seek Sai’s permission to play there. Sai leaves the decision on Gajanan ji and calls him their Azoba. They ask Gajanan ji if they can play here. Gajanan ji nods. One kid hugs him and they all thank him sweetly. Gajanan ji watches them as they play. Sai is watching Gajanan ji intently. Gajanan ji is reminded of his past. He smiles. Kids ask him to play with them. Gajanan ji is hesitant but they pull him nonetheless. He enjoys playing with the kids. He gets tired. One kid makes him sit down while another goes to bring water for him. Another kid wants to press his legs so he wont feel tired. Gajanan ji shakes his head but they request him politely. Sai smiles. Gajanan ji thinks of the time when he used to massage his kids’ feet at night while they were sleeping. His wife asks him who does that. Gajanan ji says I do. Kids must be tired after playing throughout the day. This will give them strength. They will return same amount of love to us when they will grow up. His wife tells him not to keep any expectations from them. What if things turn out differently? He speaks positively about the future. Gajanan ji thinks these kids would know how I have behaved with their parents yet they are being so nice to me.

Three men bring a wounded man (Girdhar) to Dwarkamai. They stop outside as they remember Sai’s order. They tell him to take care of Girdhar. Sai looks at Gajanan ji who tells the men to bring Girdhar inside and tells Sai to help them. Sai nurses Girdhar’s wound. Sai asks Baba to make lep using udi. Gajanan ji makes it and applies on Girdhar’s wounds. Sai smiles. Girdhar opens his eyes. He thanks Sai when he stands up. Gajanan ji looks at him in amazement. Sai assures Girdhar that he will be fine in a few days. Girdhar thanks him. I was resting after having my lunch when the roof fell. I dint lose my leg because of you. Sai says you were negligent towards the roof which was already weak. You put burden on it because of which it was bound to fall. We must look at the signs and take the correct action while we still have time. It is Baba who has saved you today. Girdhar thanks Gajanan ji. I will be forever indebted to you. Gajanan ji smiles.

Dwarkamai is decorated with flowers. Gajanan ji looks on.

Bheema and Abdul are equally surprised to see it. They are sure it is something special today. Maybe we will be allowed inside again. They go to inform everyone.

Gajanan ji complements the décor. It looks as if a temple has been decorated for some celebration. What is this for? Sai says my Guru used to say that we should leave good memories and good thoughts behind when we are going to leave a place. Anyone coming there afterwards will feel positive too. Baizama smiles at them from a distance. Gajanan ji looks at Sai. Baizama says I wont come inside. I cooked special dish today. Sai says that one must give food to elders first. You are elder to me. Please accept this as a compensation to that ill-cooked meal the other day. Gajanan ji accepts it. Baizama leaves. Gajanan ji feels bad.

Gajanan ji sits on the stairs. He takes a bite and is immediately reminded of his wife. A sweet smile appears on his lips. You must be feeling bad that I stopped you from giving pravachan? Sai denies. I spread Ram ji’s knowledge upon his wish and I stopped as per his wish only. Gajanan ji says why was I treated unfairly when I did good deeds. Villagers gather outside. Sai says it is the cycle of life. One must give tests time and again. He will be blessed with everything that he wants if he will follow the right path. Gajanan ji calls it a lie. One must snatch things that they want. Even your loved ones don’t give you anything then. Sai calls it a lie but Gajanan ji gives his example. I dint ask anything from my family yet they left me alone. I bossed over you and you gave me everything. Sai says I am indebted to you because of the love you showered on me years ago. You have only distanced your loved ones from you while being harsh on them. You have to find out who your loved ones are. It isn’t those who have left you. It is those who don’t want to leave you alone even after being pushed away. Gajanan ji follows his gaze and notices the villagers standing outside Dwarkamai. Sai says family is of 2 types. One, where we take birth or who we give birth to. Two, the ones we become attached to in life. They welcome us with open arms. You couldn’t understand these people of Shirdi till now. You call me your family. You think that I am the only one whom you can call your own. You are worried that they will separate me from you but it isn’t true. They are my family. With that logic, they are your family too. You said that you can recognize a person by his or her eyes. Look into their eyes and determine whether they wish well for you or not. Gajanan ji looks at the villagers.


Mere Sai 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Villagers request Gajanan ji not to leave from Shirdi. Gajanan ji raises his hand so as to stop them. He steps down from the stairs.

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