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Mere Sai 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Sai tells Kanoji that Susheela searching Sri Krishna in Kanoji as their name is same, can there be a better meaning of love than this. Kanoji feels guilty reminiscing stopping Susheela from praying Krishna as he is handsome god. Sai then suggests Kanoji’s mother that she was very partial to her son even when he was doing injustice to her bahu, now with repention and changing herself, she can change the injustice done to her bahu and return her lost respect. Mother hand normalizes, she raises her hand and calls Susheela.

Susheela gets happy seeing her hands getting back to normal. Mother’s legs also get back to normal followed by her face. Kanoji is amazed seeing that. Sai tells mother that the the love she has for her bahu has immense power. Mother apologizes Susheela. Susheela asks her not to apologize as she is like her mother. Mother hugs Susheela emotionally and tells Kanoji that whatever Sai told is true, they made a mistake by believing others and punishing bahu, she should have scolded and stopped him, she was afraid that he will get attached to his beautiful wife and will forget his mother, so she didn’t support truth for her selfishness; Susheela is really good, when she tried to burn Susheela, she got paralysis and was about to burn with same firewood, but Susheela saved her by burning her own hand, reminiscing the incident. She continues that her bahu is very good and is gift of god, so he should apologize Susheela.

Sai tells Kanoji that people who taunt are wrong, but who get affected and punish innocent people are also wrong. Kanoji apologizes Susheela. Susheela says his repention is enough for her and he shouldn’t apologize, hugs him. Santa watching everything thinks even Kanoji is gone and he should inform Sarkar. Kanoji apologizes Sai. Sai says when Susheela forgave him, who is he to forgive him. He tells mother that nobody can take mother’s place, but her son has duty towards his wife also.

Kanoji says he will not be bothered by others, so he will return to his village and restart his life. Sai gifts cow Kapila to Susheela and asks Kanoji not to stop Susheela from selling curd as her curd’s sweetness should reach everyone. Susheela asks what is the use of curd which she cannot feed him. He says if she serves curd to Sri Krishna, it will reach even him. Kanoji reminisces throwing Sri Krishna’s idol away and says he threw it in water well. Sai says nobody can separate god from disciple, takes out god’s idol, and gives it to Susheela. Susheela thanks him. He chants Ramji Bhala Kare.

Tatya’s uncle Subodh visits him and while having dinner describes his and Patil’s childhood stories. Tatya laughs and requests him to stay back for a few more days. Baizamaa also requests. Patil jokes that Tatya wants to hear more childhood stories. Subodh says he wanted to stay, but he is going on teerth yatra/holy pilgrimage. Tatya asks him to spend time with them after returning from teerth yartra. Subodh informs about his guru whom he follows without questioning and guru mantra. Patil says he is a simple farmer and just follows Sai. Tatya thinks why Sai didn’t teach them guru mantra yet.


Mere Sai 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Tatya sees a couple touching Dwarkamayi’s steps and walking away and asks Sai why they do so.

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Telecast Date: 30th December 2019
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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