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Mere Sai 2nd September 2021 Dabholkar ji is doing puja when Nanasaheb enters. He waits for Dabholkar ji to finish his puja. Nanasaheb greets him. I came here for some official work. I walked in without permission after hearing your beautiful voice. Dabholkar ji welcomes him. I have heard a lot about you and I finally got to welcome you. Nanasaheb gives him some papers. I hope this can be finished in the morning as I have to leave for Shirdi afterwards. Dabholkar ji says I have never heard of that town. Where is it and why are you so curious to go there? Nanasaheb tells him about His Guru, Sai Baba. That’s my pilgrimage. Dabholkar ji says I am surprised to hear a person like you believe in a Baba. Nanasaheb says it feels strange initially but life feels strange when you meet Sai. You wont be able to stay unaffected after meeting Him.

Meet Him sometime. Dabholkar ji denies. Guru’s and Baba’s try to sway us from the right path. We should focus on doing good karma’s and follow God. Let’s not fall for any Guru. God is my Guru. He has taught me that we are what we do. A guru has nothing to do with it. Nanasaheb says I used to think like that before meeting Sai too but no one can do anything when a Guru is about to enter our life. Dabholkar ji tells him to believe in his faith and he will believe in his. I will never visit Shirdi or meet Sai. This will be completed by tomorrow morning. Nanasaheb nods. Dabholkar ji asks him to have something but Nanasahev tells him that his Mausi is also Sai’s devotee. I will stay there tonight. I will come back to collect papers tomorrow. He takes his leave.

Baizama watches Sai as He eats. He asks her what she is looking at. She says I am surprised to see your new antics, your new avatars every day. I knew that you will treat Dr. Pillai but I never imagined that you stared preps for it 18 years ago. I feel I know only a very small part of you. Sai says you think this of me because of your love. Ram ji is the doer. I am just a medium. Baizama knows He will never accept credit. It is true that devotees love you as you love them too. You help those who know you, who ask for help but you also help those who don’t even know you. That’s why we worship you. Sai says the love of these people is my biggest treasure. The love of those who are close and of those who are far! He becomes serious suddenly. Sai asks Tatya to bring a pumpkin quickly. Baizama nods at Tatya.

Nanasaheb greets his cousin and his wife. Where is Mausi? Kamla says she is in temple. Nanasaheb knows that the house temple is placed a little higher. How does she do puja then? Neelkanth says that is the most amazing thing. She is 75 years old but she still wants to worship herself. She believes that it is Sai who is giving her the strength. She even says that Sai’s idol is alive and breathing. Kamla offers to do it for her but she wont let her. I don’t stop her either as this makes her happy. I am letting her do this till the time she is ok with it.

Mausi offers bhog to Sai. You always return it without taking a bite. Eat it today. I have made sheera for you especially. Her hands are shaking. Sai’s idol slips when she tries to keep the bowl next to it. She screams. Everyone runs inside. Mausi is sitting on the floor hugging Sai’s idol. She tells everyone that her Sai fell. Neelkanth asks her if she is fine. She nods. My Sai fell though. He must be hurt. Kamla reasons that it is a copper idol. How will He be hurt? She insists that Sai lives in this idol. I was offering bhog when the idol fell. Sai must be in pain. Call Vaid. Neelkanth says I never stopped you but you are losing sight of the reality now. This is just an idol! She scolds him. Stop lecturing me when my Sai is hurt. Go and call Vaid. Nanasaheb tells her not to worry. Sai is fine. You can visit Shirdi and see Him for yourself. Mausi says Sai is here. What’s the point of going to Shirdi? She tells her son to go again. He calls it childishness but she stays put. I wont eat anything till the time Sai is fine. Nanasaheb tells Neelkanth Mausi wont agree easily. Bring Vaid. We will tell Vaid everything in detail. Vaid has to pretend to heal the idol and tell Mausi that Sai is fine. Everything will be fine then.

Tatya and Baizama watch Sai clear the inside of the pumpkin. Sai makes holes in the skin.

Vaid looks at Sai’s idol. He tells Mausi not to worry. I have checked Sai. He is breathing nicely and isn’t hurt either. Neelkanth thanks Vaid ji but Mausi asks for proof. Everyone gets tensed. She asks Vaid ji if he heard Sai’s heartbeat. Hear them and make me hear them too. Neelkanth argues that it cannot happen. She reasons that Vaid ji can hear it and so will she. I wont be at peace till then. She requests Vaid ji to do it. Vaid ji looks at Neelkanth who argues with his mother helplessly. It is your illusion. How can it happen? She starts breathing heavily. Kamla brings water for her for she refuses to drink it. Kamla says she wont eat or drink anything till the time she makes sure of it. Mausi asks Vaid ji to hear Sai’s heartbeat. Vaid ji takes the idol from her. She looks at him expectantly.

Sai keeps a diya on the floor and covers it with the pumpkin. Light emanates from the pumpkin. Baizama and Tatya look around in surprise. Sai smiles.

Vaid ji takes the idol closer to his ear and his eyes widen in shock. He is actually able to hear the heartbeats.


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