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Mere Sai 2nd September 2020 Sai suggests Raghunath to bring his son Babu here. Raghunath says there are only a few days left for his son’s final examination, how will his son study here. Baizamaa says when Sai has assured, he need not worry. Raghunath agrees and asks what about his food and accommodation here. Tatya assures not to worry about that, he will make arrangements for his stay here. Raghunath walks away saying he heard right that Shirdi people are very generous and goes to bring his son and wife to Shirdi. Baizamaa asks Sai what is troubling Raghunath’s son. Sai says something big, let him come here, he will ask.

Gangadhar Joshi sees Godavri tensed regarding roof tile falling incident and asks her not to worry as it was coincidence, they should be happy that Anandi is safe. Godavari says she wanted to light lamp in temple after a long time and saw this inauspicious event. Anandi blames herself for the event. Damayanti asks not to blame herself as even she had faced similar issues when got married and babuji/Gangadhar consoled her. Gangadhar says she is right. Chintamani informs that they good bumper crops this year, better than Kulkarni Sarkar’s. Trimbak says dada works so hard, credit goes to him. Godavari says her family loves each other and united, any inauspiciousness cannot touch them. She suggests Gangadhar Joshi to buy some jewelry to both bahus. Damayanti and Anandi say there is no need to stuck the waste money on jewelry. Godavari says they are this house’s Laxmi and it is prosperous because of them. Joshi says she is right. Godavari thinks what about the bad dream she saw in the morning.

Kulkarni scolds Santa and Panta when he hears that Joshi got better bumper crops than him. Santa and Panta say Joshi is blessed by Sai. Kulkarni says even Madhav and Appa ji also have Sai’s blessings, but their crops are not better than him. Santa says Joshi’s sons are wrestlers and educated, they solve all the problems themselves, they pay better wages to workers than Kulkarni, so their crops are better. Kulkarni warns that he doesn’t want to listen anything and just want to destroy Joshi and his family.

In Dwarkamayi, as usual Appaji, Tatya, Mhalsapati, Kashinath, etc., gather. After sometime, Appaji says he will leave now and sneezes. Kashinath asks him to wait for sometime and go as it is inauspicious. Keshav asks if he believes in superstition. Kashinath says he heard elders saying that. Keshav asks Sai to comment. Sai says people make situation and fear them so much that they tend to believe in superstitions, it is all illogical, etc.

Tejaswi walks to Kulkarni and laughs that his puppets Santa and Panta and his old ideas are outdated, he cannot win over his enemies or control people. Kulkarni gets angry. Tejaswi says what they can’t do, she as an woman can easily do it. Their argument continues. She says if she completes her task, he has to give whatever she asks. He knows she wants to return to Bambai, she can go if she destroys Joshi’s family, and if she fails, she knows her punishment. Tejaswi takes oath that her son and husband are away from her because of Sai, she will destroy Sai’s disciple Joshi and his family. Sai notices it in fire pit. He also notices Godavari’s daughter Amba getting out of a cart in dilapidated state and walking towards Godavari’s house with great difficulty. Next morning, Sai goes to Godavari’s house. Chintamani and Trimbak and their wives greet him. Anandi says Aayi is still sleeping, he came early today, she will wake her up. Sai says he came to take charity. Damayanti says they are lucky to give charity to Sai. Sai asks firewood. Trimbak and Chintamani walk to backyard to get firewood thinking why Sai sent them to bring firewood. They are shocked to see Amba unconscious there and wake her up. She cries hugging them. They take her in. Godavari gets tensed seeing Amba in same dress and condition as in dream and asks if she is fine. Amba says her husband left her and describes story how he took her to visit Kuldevi’s temple and praised her, but left her midway.


Mere Sai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Shayama stops sadhus and says Sai is meditating, so they need to wait. Sadhu angrily says big kings wait for them, he walks to Sai and shouts at him to open his eyes. Fire increases from fire pit making sadhu move back.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2020
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