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Mere Sai 2nd November 2022 Bhumi tells Sai, she had saved money to gift Sai fruits and is sad.Santa controls himself from having apples.Sai tells Bhumi and Shiv that life is full of ups and downs, if you are facing problems you will face happiness too and the bad will bare consequences.

Banta reaches near Santa and sees there are no apples, Santa says he had no idea where appled went. Banta gets angry and hits Santa, Santa hits back.

Sai tells Shiv and Bhumi, God helps kind hearted and shows them the apples they bought. Sai gives apples to Shiv and Bhumi and says this is from me and today I don’t feel like eating apples. Shiv asks which fruit he would like to eat. Sai says Mango. Shiv says in this season where will they get mangoes. Sai says you find God when you look for it and Bhumi how could you give up without trying. Bhumi says I will find Mangoes for you.

Sai draws a rangoli.
Chattopadhyay sees tree near his house has mangoes and gets very excited and says I will eat all of them.Shiv and Bhumi see mango trees, Bhumi says Sai was right, come lets give Sai mangoes now. Chattopadhyay stops them, Bhumi requests him to give some but Chattopadhyay says I have seen it first I will have them. Shiv sees honey comb on tree and shows Bhumi.

Bhumi stops Chattopadhyay, Chattopadhyay thinks I can be scared or else she will take away all these mangoes. Bhumi tells Chattopadhyay not to throw stone or else he will be hurt. Chattopadhyay doesn’t listen and throws stone. Bhumi and Shiv save themselves. Bhumi says we have to save him from bee attack. Shiv lights some dry grass and saves Chattopadhyay.

Chattopadhyay gets badly beaten and shouts in pain. Bhumi tells Shiv let’s take him home and apply oil or else his wounds will become more painful.
Shiv tajes Chattopadhyay home and Bhumi gets Sai’s Uddhi Lape and Shiv applies on Chattopadhyay’s wound.

Chattopadhyay feels better and thanks Bhumi and Shiv.
Shiv’s father recognises Chattopadhyay as mill supervisor and says you helped so many in village with job. Shiv’s father requests Chattopadhyay to give Shiv job, Shiv says I didn’t help Chattopadhyay for anything in return. His father says I care for you and so I will try and look for job. Chattopadhyay says Shiv, you saved me and are very kind and asks him to come to mill and he will give him some work.

Shiv and Bhumi thank Sai, Bhumi says you asked us to get mangoes and we know its your magic. Sai says I didn’t do anything, its all because of Shiv’s kindness, Shiv tells Sai he is scared. Sai says its nice to be nervous and you have Bhumi your biggest strength and till you have love and support between eachother nothing can stop you both.

Chattopadhyay in his office, Shiv and Bhumi walk in, Chattopadhyay asks what all work Shiv can do. Bhumi says he can do everything. Shiv fixes calculation for Shiv in seconds. Chattopadhyay gets impressed and praises Shiv. Bhumi says he is very good in maths, he is very smart. Chattopadhyay says I will appoint him as my assistant, he will clean my office, organise things and help in accounting and will pay him 60₹.

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Mere Sai 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chattopadhyay tells Shiv, that Kulkarni is very strict and whenever Shiv sees Kulkarni he has to hide.Kulkarni walks in Chattopadhyays office, Shiv doesn’t see him.Sai asks Bhumi to support Shiv in his sadness too. Bhumi qsks what issue would we have now.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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