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Mere Sai 2nd April 2021 A lady calls out to Srikanth just when he is headed to his class. She introduces herself as Sarojini. I want my son to join your class. Srikanth says it will be done. Are you new here? She nods. My husband, Shri Vallabh Bhadke, just got posted here. Srikanth says I have heard a lot about him. He is very talented. His name comes in newspaper every other day. Sarojini says we came to Shirdi today so thought to get Ujjwal admitted here. Srikanth complements the idea. He notices Ujjwal looking worried / scared. Don’t be afraid. I am your teacher. He assures Sarojini that it is normal on the first day. He asks Ujjwal to share something about himself. Ujjwal’s hands are shaking and he looks really worried. Sarojini tells him not to be scared. Answer him. Srikanth tells Ujjwal to take his time. You can answer whenever you feel like. You can go inside the class now. Ujjwal hugs his mother.

Shyama greets Sai. I was coming to deliver a letter to you. Sai asks him who has sent it. Shyama says Dadasaheb Khapade. Santa and Banta overhear it. He is a big man. He has sent a letter to this Fakir? It must be something! Sai asks Shyama to read the letter for him. Shyama reads it. There is a mention of his friend who has recently shifted to Shirdi and is a lawyer. I will bring them to meet you myself whenever they will shift. Sai says no. Dadasaheb thinks that everyone is like him. It isn’t important that everyone will think of me just like Dadasaheb. You don’t have to introduce his friend to me. We will meet as per Ram ji’s wish. I must go to school now. Shyama gets confused but Sai does not explain any further and leaves. Santa and Banta decide to inform Sarkar.

Sarojini asks Ujjwal how he will become smart if he will not go to school. You will make new friends here. How will you become your Baba’s beloved son if you wont study and play? He goes inside the class.

Sarkar laughs after hearing everything from Santa and Banta. That Fakir has lost his mind. He is losing such a golden chance to meet a great lawyer but I wont! Hari Om! Santa says that’s why we came running to you. It will be great if such a lawyer will be on your side. Banta says you will be able to defeat that Fakir in future. Sarkar says you seem to have finally learned something from me.

A guy greets Sarkar. I am from Vallabh Bhadke ji’s office. Sarkar welcomes him. Has he reached Shirdi? The guy nods. He has kept a function in the evening. I have come to invite you. Sarkar agrees to be there. The guy leaves. Sarkar says foolish villagers may be crazy after Fakir but I still hold a lot of respect in others’ eyes. They want my guidance and support. Fakir had been successful in getting Dadasaheb Chandorkar and Dadasahen Khapade on His side. It is my turn now. Santa and Banta start praising him but Sarkar decides to plan his move before Fakir does anything. He would try to get the lawyer on His side but I must make the first move! Hari Om!

Sarojini tells Srikanth that he must have understood Ujjwal’s nature by now. He is an ordinary boy. He is neither good in studies nor in sports. I thought he will change for good with age but nothing has changed. Please make him smart. I will give anything in Guru Dakshina. Srikanth says I will do my best but I am sure that Ujjwal will improve. Sarojini says you must make him smart. I have come here with a lot of hope. Sai calls Srikanth outside. I am very upset with you. Srikanth asks him what happened. Sai points at a plant there. How could you be so irresponsible? Srikanth says I water it daily and even change the dirt around it once a week. Sai asks him why the plant is still so small then. Why dint it grow like the other one here? Srikanth asks Him how it could happen. Sai says it can happen as they have been sown in the same land. They get water from the same well and the soil is same too. Srikanth reasons that every plant has a speciality. Some grow big and give shade while the others remain small and produce flowers. Sai smiles. This should apply on humans too as they are also part of nature. You should teach kids just as much as they can absorb. Adding manure by force only ends up hurting the plant. Sarojini has overheard everything and looks at Sai curiously as He walks away. Who was that? Srikanth says He is our Guru, Sai. Sarojini is sure He said all that with reference to them. He does not know us. How did He say all that then? Srikanth smiles. He knows everyone and everything. Those who understand Him will surely be blessed!

Srikanth says we will study maths today. He asks a question. Ujjwal thinks of the answer. All students raise their hands except Ujjwal. Bela answers Srikanth. He asks the next question. All the kids are writing everything whereas Ujjwal does mental maths again. Srikanth looks at everyone. He asks Ujjwal if he knows the answer to this question. Everyone turns to look at him. Ujjwal stands up. Srikanth politely asks him again. Please try. Ujjwal murmurs the answers slowly. Srikanth asks him to speak up. A kid tells Ujjwal to speak up and mocks him. Everyone laughs. Srikanth tells everyone to be quiet. Sit down, Ujjwal. Ujjwal picks his books, bag and runs outside. Srikanth runs after him to stop but in vain. Sai, you were right. Every kid will absorb only what he is capable of absorbing. This kid is a litte different. What should I do about him?

Baizama asks Sai how he came to his mother’s house today. Sai says it is a mother who can never give up on a kid. It is natural to love a mother then. She serves Him food. She says there is another speciality of a mother. She can understand all that’s going inside the mind of her kid. I know you have come here to help someone. Sai smiles.

Ujjwal has lost his way. Bheema asks him where he wants to go. Ujjwal looks around worriedly. Ujjwal runs away when Bheema asks him his father’s name.

Baizama is making roti. Sai tells her to stop rotating it. She reasons that it will be burnt if she wont do that. Sai remarks that that’s how their lives are. It must never stop. Circumstances burn things when they stop. Baizama asks Him who he is referring to. Sai asks her if she knows Vallabh Bhadke ji. Baizama nods. He has shifted to Shirdi today and has invited us for a function at his home in the evening. I wont go though. Sai says you must go. There is a roti which you have to save! She looks at him in confusion. Sai turns serious suddenly. I must leave. She asks Him to each another roti but Sai says someone needs me. He leaves.

Ujjwal is running. He sits under a tree when he gets tired. He hears someone’s voice and turns around. His father is walking with few villagers. Ujjwal peeks at them and stands on a stone. Bhadke notices the shirt of the guy as half of it is tucked outside. He points it out and warns the guy not to repeat it again. Everything and everyone around me must be perfect! The guy nods.

Ujjwal loses his balance and is about to fall when a hand holds him. Ujjwal looks at Sai. Sai caresses his head. You dint go home? Have you lost your way? Ujjwal nods. Sai offers to guide him. He holds out His hand and Ujjwal keeps his hand in Sai’s hand. They walk holding hands.


Mere Sai 3rd April 2021 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A lot of villagers have gathered at Bhadke’s house. Appa Kote asks Bhadke about Ujjwal. Bhadke says he must be sleeping in his room and he isn’t well. A girl is about to step on something pointy. Ujjwal picks it up hurriedly but she drops the plate in shock. Everyone looks in that direction.

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Telecast Date:2nd April 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


Mere Sai Details

Mere Sai (Hindi: मेरे साई) is an Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Abeer Sufi as Saibaba, Toral Rasputra as BayazaBai are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production company of Dashami Creations. It is Starts/Launch on 25th September 2017, Monday to Friday At 7:30 P.M..


Toral Rasputra
Vaibhav Mangle
Abeer Soofi
Abhishek Nigam
Hemant Thatte

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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