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Mere Sai 29th June 2021 Sai buries few coins and places a plant above it. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. He plucks a few leaves and keeps them in His bag. Back in Dwarkamai, Sai gives things to people to keep in their house temple. Bheema wonders why Sai gave money to the Bela’s father and not him.

The ritual of burying coins and planting a plant above it continues. He gives things and coin to other people. Rihana’s husband also wonders why Sai dint give coin to him. Does He not love me?

Few villagers are sleeping Dwarkamai. A person looks at everyone from far. He has covered himself with a blanket. They are in deep sleep. He walks towards Sai stealthily. He takes out his axe. He reaches out for Sai’s bag when Tatya holds his legs. Who are you? What do you want? He shrugs Tatya away but Tatya has seen his face. Everyone wakes up. Tatya and others chase him.

Santa and Banta are drunk and returning home. The mystery person collides with them on his way. Santa falls down. Banta asks him if he cannot see them. Santa tells him to catch the mystery person but he runs away. Santa and Banta hide behind a huge plant when they hear Tatya’s voice. They see lot many villagers chasing the mystery person. Sai tells everyone to stop. Let him go. Tatya asks them why He stopped them. He might be a thief of he might have really bad intentions. He wouldn’t have carried an axe otherwise. Sai says he was Ram ji’s fellow for me. He would come here if this is what Ram ji wants. We should leave it on Ram ji! Santa and Banta get curious.

The mystery person meets his friend / partner. His friend asks him if he found anything. The mystery person denies. They woke up and started chasing me. I would have been beaten otherwise. Why should I get into this every time? It will be you next time. His friend declines. I wont be able to do it. Did someone see you?

Udhav remarks that it is true that everything happens for a reason. Sai sleeps alone in Dwarkamai normally but we were there tonight as we got tired of making preps for an occasion.

The mystry person realises that so many people were gathered in Dwarkamai due to Guru Purnima. He is usually alone otherwise. His friend says villagers believe in Sai a lot. We can do this in afternoon too. The mystery person is reluctant. Sai’s devotees are blind. We cannot take any wrong step till the time we are sure. He comes up with a plan and tells his friend. His friend looks worries.

Bela’s father says Sai know everything. You would know who that person was and why he was here. Salim nods. We can get him punished if he was wrong. Sai remarks that everyone is wrong in someone’s eyes. Who are we to judge who is right and who is wrong? Who are we to punish someone? It is to be done by Ram ji and we should leave it on Him only. Truth will come out in open at the right time. He smiles.

Next morning, Santa and Banta run to tell Sarkar everything. Sarkar smells alcohol and scolds them. What is it? They tell Sarkar about what they witnessed last night. A thief came to Dwarkamai at night? Who was it? Santa says we don’t know. Sarkar asks them what he stole. Santa says we don’t know. He had an axe. Sarkar calls them drunkards. You could not gather any information and are telling me this? Why would someone go to Fakir’s place to rob him? He survives on alms after all. I will give you two Guru Dakshina today. You wont get your wages for today! I will cut your hands if you drink again. They run away in fear. Rukmini is keen to go to Hanuman temple on Guru Purnima. Sarkar reminds her that the ladies of their house don’t go out alone. You can accompany me to temple in a while. Go to your room now. Rukmini thinks I thought to see Sai too. I don’t think I am destined to see Sai on Guru Purnima though. She heads to her room reluctantly.

Sai tells everyone He will come soon. Go and get ready. We will celebrate Guru Purnima once I return. Someone asks Sai where He goes daily. Sai says to get Prasad from Ram ji. Everyone looks curious.

The mystery person’s mother is praying. It is Guru Purnima today and you are my Guru. Sadly, I cannot come to Dwarkamai as I would be embarrassed to face you after whatever is happening. Her son walks in just then. I am late for work. Please bring breakfast! I will leave asap. He looks at Sai’s portrait and then at his mother. He heads inside without a word. His mother serves him breakfast later. She tells him that she gets tired working day and night. You don’t care about me at all. You would have taken me to Sai otherwise. He asks her to come with him to Vaid instead. She calls their Vaid hopeless. He cannot even cure cold. Her son says it is only you who believe that. Why don’t you visit a doctor with me? She asks him if they can bear the expenses. We will grow if we will follow Sai. He reminds her that they have argued on this topic many times in the past. Don’t interfere in my work. She says we wouldn’t have been in this situation if you had been doing something else. The DIL’s of my friends don’t let their MIL’s work. I am not destined to enjoy that moment because of you! He keeps the glass down unhappily.

Sai counts the number of leaves that He plucks from the plant. He keeps 15 leaves in His pocket.

Sarkar and Rukmini are in Hanuman temple. Sarkar notices Gangaram sleeping in the temple. Rukmini prays to Hanuman ji to fulfil her wish to meet Sai today. Sarkar finds out from Santa that Gangaram is worried about something. Sarkar thinks it might be due to work. He might help me in some way. Rukimini tells her husband they can go home now. He tells her to go home. I have some work. I will come later. He tells her to go home directly. Don’t go anywhere else like the villagers or you will see the worst of me. She leaves.

The mystery person’s mother gives him Prasad but he is reluctant to take the Prasad that was offered to Sai. She asks him if Sai has harmed him in some way. Everyone values Him so much except you. He tells her that he will accomplish what he has set his mind on. It is an auspicious day today after all. He leaves. His mother prays to Sai to guide her son.

Rukmini thinks that so many people will come to meet Sai today. Only I wont be able to meet you. Sai asks her if she wont give Him Prasad. Rukmini smiles.


Mere Sai 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nanasaheb tells Keshav he must meet Sai. It is a grave situation. Keshav gets tensed. Nanasaheb takes him to a corner. Some people are after Sai. The mystery person and his friend are keeping an eye on Dwarkamai. Champa tells Rihana that Sai gave her 4 aana. The mystery person tells his friend that Sai is distributing money to people for no reason.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2021
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