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Mere Sai 28th September 2022 Keval’s father gets pushed and it gets stormy and Sai walks to them with Guruji. Satyeshwar sees Sadanand Guruji. Sai says to Satyeshwar won’t you meet your Guru. Guruji says why will he, he tried a lot for me to not come here. Prem Sainik says Satyeshwar always talks about you,

how is this possible. Guruji tells whole truth and says a couple saved me and I was in coma but Sai saved me. Prem Sainik get angry over Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar says I didn’t cheat anyone, I helped you succeed, Gurujis teachings would lead you to nowhere and look what all I did. Prem Sainik say you took us away from our family. Satyeshwar says its necessary to succeed, I have faced problems in childhood because of family.

Malchapati says to Satyeshwar by taking away people from their family, you proved your father right. Prem Sainik get angry at Satyeshwar. Ramkrishna steps in and apologies for Satyeshwar, he says he is this way because I torcherd him when he was a child.

Sai walks to Satyeshwar and says anger and revenge, is like a burden which leads you to nowhere, you have been living in your past, your father made a mistake but you choose the path of revenge, try forgiving him and then you will experience the real freedom, only you two can fix things, and your fathers love will cure all your problems.

Satyeshwar starts crying and hugs his father. Sai clarifies Satyeshwar didn’t want to kill Sadanand it was by mistake. Prema apologies to everyone. Prem Sena says we can’t forgive you, how our families must be surviving, we want our revenge.

Sai says surely give him punishment but you all also should be punished who has done wrong.
Sai says a parent worked hard for their child but they got influenced and left their families, Satyeshwar had reason to hate his father but you all gave up your families out of greed and so you all should be punished and this guilt is your punishment but move on accept your mistake, learn from them.

Prem Sainik’s accept their mistakes and go back to their families. Sai blesses everyone.
Ramkrishna says to Satyeshwar that from tomorrow lets have a fresh start. Satyeshwar takes Sai’s blessings.

In Dwarka Mai, Prahlad says to his friends, I will have a small house with lot of space to play like lord Krishna, Chetan says I will have big house like lord Ram.
Prahlad asks Sai,

we know about houses of all God but what about lord Shiv.
Sai tells everyone story where how a pandit took house of lord Shiva as Dakshina but Mata Parvati got angry and cursed him that this palace will burn one day. Pandit says not possible. Parvati says a monkey is enough to break your anger and this palace and that pandit was Raavan and Monkey was Lord Hanuman but some people believe that it was Lord Shiva’s wish that Pandit asks for it because he liked mountains.

Baji asks how did he stay in so much cold. Patil says God doesn’t need all this. Prahlad says just like Sai. Baizmaa says I always feel bad about this. Sai says you all fixed it so well. Baizmaa says this is not a house, there is no place for you to rest peacefully, I wanted you to have a house. Patil says I agree we all wish for this but you never agree it. Sai says to Baizmaa soon your wish will come true because even I want to have a house in Shirdi, everyone very happy.
Sai says someone will make house for me in Shirdi. Patil asks who is thos lucky one.

A mother unwell, her son says don’t worry Aai I will fix everything and sings for his Aai so that she can rest. She closes her eyes, her son starts crying seeing she is no more.

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Mere Sai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kids making houses from stick, Kaki asks.can you kids make houses. Kids say we will try and learn someday.Sai meets a man and says you are a carpentar how can you forget your saw.

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