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Mere Sai 28th September 2021 Ketan apologizes to Sai. I had never thought of this before. Sai calls it nature. You aren’t the only one to make this mistake. Be it human beings or birds, we want to control or use the one who is weaker than us. Greed turns us blind and stops us from connecting with people or treating them equally. We become so selfish because of our greed that we snatch someone’s freedom in the process even though we hate giving up on our freedom.

Why do we forget that everyone has a right to live freely? Udhav seconds him. Ketan decides to change his profession. Sai smiles. Ram ji will surely help you prosper in this work. A girl asks Sai if the birds will be happy now. Sai says they would be as they gained freedom but not every bird is that lucky. The feathers of some birds are cut sometimes. How will such a bird aim for freedom?

Maan Singh gets shot on his leg while hiding. He resumes running. Sai becomes sad. Villagers notice the change in Sai’s expressions and ask Him what happened. Officers continue chasing Maan Singh. Sai asks everyone to go about their work. I have to be somewhere. He leaves.

Sarkar briefs his men, Santa and Banta about Maan Singh. He has shot one official. News is that he is hiding nearby. We have to catch him and hand him over to police before they do it. I will be appraised if we manage to catch Maan Singh before them. I will get the villages of my choice if that happens. I will give prize to whoever will catch him! Spread around and keep an eye on everyone. Keep a special eye on Fakir and His devotees. They specialize in giving shelter to such people. Everyone leaves. Sarkar thinks that he wont miss this golden opportunity at any cost. You (Maan Singh) coming to Shirdi will the biggest mistake of your life!

Gangaram asks the guests with Srikanth if he has met them before. You look very familiar. Srikanth says you are right. They are Sai’s devotees. He introduces them to Gangaram. They have come to meet Sai earlier too. That’s when you must have seen them. I met them on my way so I brought them here. They take leave stating that they are in a rush to meet Sai. Gangaram says Sai understands your eagerness which is why He is headed here. They greet Sai. He blesses them but asks them to head back for now.

I don’t have ample time to spend with you right now. He walks away. Both of them are curious about Sai’s reply. Srikanth reasons that Sai seemed to be in haste and looked worried. They decide to wait in Dwarkamai till evening. Gangaram advises them not to go against Sai’s wish. They reason that they aren’t going against Sai’s wish. We cannot go without meeting Him though. They head to Dwarkamai. Srikanth and Gangaram exchange a worried glance.

British Officials reach Shirdi and enquire about Maan Singh. Maan Singh is hiding behind Khandoba ji’s idol. Villagers say that they haven’t seen him but the officer keeps scolding them. Sai advises him to find a way to ask politely instead of threatening villagers. Officer says we have to find him at any cost. They show Him Maan Singh’s photo. Sai replies that He sees God in every person and in every corner. Officer calls Him mad and leaves with his men. Sai asks Maan Singh to come out now as police has left.

Maan Singh gets up with difficulty. Sai takes a step towards him but he points his dagger at Sai while telling Him to stay away. Sai says decision and perseverance are good but a decision taken in haste is wrong always. Maan Singh asks Him who He is. Sai calls Him his friend. I want to help you. Show me your wound. Maan Singh warns Sai again but Sai politely explains that He could have told police about him when he had a chance. I want to help you if you will give me a chance. He extends His hand towards Maan Singh who holds it.

Sai brings him to another side and checks his wound. It is a deep cut. You were lucky that the bullet once braised you. You are still wounded though as you kept running throughout the day. He cleans the area around the wound. Maan Singh asks Sai about the udi. Sai tells him to have patience and faith in Maalik. This is udi. Maan Singh winces in pain as Sai applies udi on his wound. Om Sai plays. Maan Singh starts feeling better and looks at Sai in shock. Sai applies more udi on his wound. Maan Singh wonders what’s in the udi that soothed his pain immediately. Sai replies that it has Ram ji’s blessing.

Villagers wonder why police is in Shirdi. Bheema says hope they wont mess with our festival. Officer shows Maan Singh’s photo to everyone but no one has seen him. Officer insists upon searching Shirdi to nab Maan Singh. Santa, Banta and Sarkar’s men reach there as well. A person asks Santa who police is looking for. Santa says it isn’t important for you to know. Banta tells them about Maan Singh.

Tell us if you find any information about him. He must be caught. Your Fakir loves helping people. Tell Him to be careful. What if Maan Singh shoots Him? Bheema says it cannot happen. Banta says I am asking you to inform us to avoid that only. Maan Singh does not listen to anyone. He can blindly shoot Fakir after hearing His lecture. They walk away. Santa asks Banta why he was so nice to the villagers. Banta says I have fuelled insecurity against Maan Singh and sympathy for Fakir this way. They will inform us about Maan Singh if they find him and we will inform Sarkar. Santa smirks.

Villagers discuss as to why Maan Singh chose to become a revolutionary. How does it benefit us? Someone is going to rule over us anyways. What’s the point of doing all this?

Sai smiles as he bandages Maan Singh’s wound. Who are you? Where are you from? How did you get into this? Maan Singh asks Sai if police did not tell Him anything. Sai reasons that there are 2 sides of every coin. I have heard their story. I must hear your story now. No one is born revolutionary. We are forced by situations. What is your story? Maan Singh shares that he was a happy man till last year. I had a happy family too. We went to a function where.


Mere Sai 29th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maan Singh asks Sai if He does not want everyone to be free. Sai offers to help him. Sarkar and villagers keep looking for Maan Singh. One officer notices blood on the other side of Khandoba temple. He was here! Sarkar remarks that he knows where Maan Singh must be right now.

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