Mere Sai 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Ganpath gets ready to head to Kalyan to submit his resignation. Daya says she is sure that his father would be very happy with his decision of taking up singing as completely. Ganpath leaves. In Kalyan police station, Bhosle informs his team that Ganpath has changed after going to Shirdi and is busy in his work, he in fact solved mukhiya Kulkarni’s accountant’s forgery case, so he deserves promotion. Ganpath’s jealous colleague Kadam tells his friend that Ganpath has not left him alone even after going far away and is grabbing his promotion. Friend asks what will he do now. Constable informs Bhosle that dacoit Kalubhil’s location is found. Bhosle says they should catch him at any cost. Kadam tells his friend that he will catch Kalubhil. Friend warns he will be killed if he goes alone. Kadam says he has a plan and walks away.

Kadam’s friend informs Bhosle that Kadam has gone alone to catch dacoit Kalubhil as he wants to become famous like Ganpath. Ganpath walks in and hearing that asks how can he be so careless. Bhosle asks what is he doing here and what is in his hands. He hides his resignation letter and says it is not important at this time, he would like to head a team which is going to catch Kalubhil and free Kadam. Bhosle says he doesn’t doubt Ganpath’s talent and wants him to be careful. Ganpath seeks Sai baba’s help, thanks Bhosle for trusting him, and and briefs his team that Kalubhil was last seen in Loni village looting villagers and must be hiding in Loni jungles, Kadam is not seen since he left and they should carefully catch Kalubhil and his team.

Sai describes a thief’s story to children, how a saint changed a thief back to human, etc. Children asks how is it possible. She says a person becomes thief with a reason and once he realizes his mistake, he will become normal human being. He then asks children to go home and sits for meditation. Kalubhil searches silver finger ring eagerly and asks his team to search it soon. One of them asks when they looted lots of gold and silver from Loni village, why he is behind a small silver ring. Kalubhil points dagger at him and warns to do as he says and find ring soon. They all start searching ring again. Kalubhil sees Sai baba there.

Ganpath with his team reaches Loni village and requests villagers to inform dacoit Kalubhil’s location. Nobody replies. Ganpath says they are afraid, but until they help themselves they won’t be able to get out of their problems. A kid informs that Kalubhil will come to temple to pray and has asked to send a pandit. Ganpath thanks boy and asks who is pandit here. Pandit comes forward. Ganpath asks if Kalubhil knows him. Pandit says no and just asked to send pandit. Ganpath says he will go as pandit. Constable says already Kadam is in dacoit’s grip, they cannot risk his life. Ganpath says they will be behind him to protect him.

Sai baba meets Kalubhil and hands him over silver ring asks if he is searching this. Kalubhil points sword at his neck and asks who is he. Sai says he is a wanderer and asks if he hates his mother, then why is he performing pooja for her. Kalubhil asks how does he know about him, who is he. His team asks whom he is speaking to. Kalubhil says a wanderer. They say there is no one and asks if they should light fire camp as it is very cold. He says its already lit and seeing it off thinks if it was his imagination.


Mere Sai 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalubhil asks Pandit/Ganpath to start pooja. Ganpath sees Sai asking him not to leave truth and reveal his truth.


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