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Mere Sai 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 28th January 2020 Episode Start With Upasana sees her father Dashrath still sleeping and informs mother. Mother says let him sleep and performs her aarti wishing her happy birthday. Upasana asks why she does her aarti every year, does she also consider her as burden. Mother says no and apologizes her for not trying to protect her from humiliation. Dashrath wakes up and yells not to give her false hope and instead of celebrating her birthday inform her that she is born to be at home and perform household chores; orders her to get son’s breakfast and clothes ready and prepare for his birthday celebrations.

Sai prepares oodhi packets. Laxmi asks what is he doing. He says he is god’s disciple and is doing god’s work. Dashrath brings lots of sweets to celebrate Samrat’s birthday, wishes him and gives him gold chain as gift. Samrat gets excited and asks its worth. Dashrath says not worthy than him. Upasana holding turban gift for Dashrath eagerly waits for his attention. Sai gets up holding his bag. Tatya asks where is he going. Sai says today is Upasana and her brother’s birthday and he is going to wish them. Tatya says after his bitter experience with Dashrath, he shouldn’t go there. Sai asks if Upasana doesn’t think much before giving him flowers, why should be think. Upasana cries and prays Sai that her father should love him at least for a few seconds like he loves his son.

Pandit performs pooja and offering aarti to this father asks if he is thinking something. Father says he dreamt of performing ganga bath to his guru, so he wants to visit Shirdi and serve his guru, but he is zilla administrator and cannot leave his job. Father happily asks if he is sure he wants to go. Pandit says yes. Father says his guru is called Sai Baba. Sai hearing that says god will fulfill wish for sure.

Dashrath returns home and pampering Samrat informs wife that he performed pooja in Samrat’s name. Wife asks where is prasad. He says he fed it to Samrat’s friend. Upasana eagerly waiting for prasad feels sad, mother also feels sad noticing Upasana’s sad face. Upasana wipes her tears and asks if she is sad because of her. Mother cries that her both children are born at the same time, but her son gets all the luxuries and daughter doesn’t get even a small gift. Upasana says she has what she needs and takes mother to show it. Samrat hearing their conversation follows them. Sai collects flowers from disciples.


Mere Sai 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai gives a packet to Upasana and asks her to open it only when she needs something most. Samrat opens packet and yells its ash. Sai says if he wishes without the necessity, even gold will turn into ash.

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Telecast Date: 28th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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