Mere Sai 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Usha tai says this small room is filled with furniture which his occupying space. Sai says usually we don’t see what is in front of them, they just have to remove the barrier. Chandorkar tells officer Bhosle that there is a problem in this receipt. Sushil and Kulkarni get tensed hearing that. Chanorkar asks Bhosle to look at the receipt under bright light carefully, looks like it is tampered. Ganpath says he is telling from before that he is innocent and wrote 36 Rs in receipt. Bhosle says a paper is tightly fixed and if they try to remove it, receipt will tear, they don’t have any other way to find out truth. Chanorkar asks what they should do now.

Usha tells Sai that space is not a problem at all, even then she wants her nephew to earn well and grow big. Sai says her nephew is worried for her, so he doesn’t want to leave Shirdi. Nephew says if he goes out, he will be worried for her, so he will stay with her and with his promotion and hike in salary soon, he will build rooms. Usha gets emotional. Sai asks her to choose between a nephew who earns well or the one will take care of her. Usha with teary eyes thanks Sai for making her realize her mistake. Sai says her tears is more precious than a pearl to him. He picks her tears and drops them. Tear drop falls on receipt. Chandorkar thinks how did this come and seeing tampered paper vanishing and real figures emerging informs that Sushil Kumar tampered receipt and tried to trap Ganpath wrongly. Sushil tries to speak, but Kulkarni shuts his mouth and asks Chandorkar to not let him speak and send him to jail. Ganpath requests to forgive Sushil as he cannot see his family member in jail. Sushil realizing his mistake apologizes Ganpath. Ganpath says he forgave him. Sushil and his wife leave. Chandorkar and Bhosle praise Ganpath’s loyalty towards his duty and they will recommend him for promotion. Ganpath thanks them. They ask him to continue serving people and walk away.

Ganpath tells Daya that he has some important work and leaves. Daya thinks where is he going instead of submitting resignation. Sai baba returns to Dwarkamayi. Ganpath walks to him. Without seeing Ganpath, he greets him. Ganpath walks to him and touches his feet. Sai says friends don’t touch each other’s feet. Ganpath says he has prepared resignation and will handover to his officer in Kalyan tomorrow, he brought resignation letter to keep it on his feet and take his blessings. Sai says he can leave his job, but should not stop helping people. Ganpath agrees and leaves.

In Loni village, dacoit Kalubhil and his team punish villagers for opposing them for taking some grocery. Kalubhil says they have stopped fearing him, so all their groceries should be looted.


Mere Sai 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganpath reaches Kalyan police station and hearing about his colleague being kidnapped by dacoit Kalubhil informs Bhosle that they have to make a plan to free their colleague.


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