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Mere Sai 27th May 2022 ICS officer says to Sai, I am not doing any favour, but human turns into a revolutionary when he faces injustice, stop that and many things can be brought under control. Balvant says but performance was bettef of other kids so they win, Shirdi kids where bad at places.

ICS officer says I make decision and I think Shirdi kids did make mistakes but they proved that they want to learn in one week they have achieved this and have over come many fears so I declare them winners and allow them back in school and they will be taught in Hindi and English will just be a subject.
Everyone very happy except Balvant and Kulkarni.

Kids hug Srikant on their victory.
Sai walks to Balvant and Kulkarni and say truth always wins and kids have God in them and so praying for their defeat is of no use. Balvant says I won’t let you forget this, you will regret this, I promise you. Sai says may God bless you.

Sai making pots, Pandurang walks to him and greets him, Pandurang asks why make pottery. Sai says I am making for the needy,

Pandurang says can I have one for my family, Sai says sure there are many therw go pick whichever you like. Few men walk to Sai with Patil. Patil tells Sai, there is no rain and so cultivation is affected what can we do, we have worked hard in farm how will we survive now. Sai says don’t loose hope.

Pandurang sees many pots and thinks let me take few more as spare, Pandurang carries 4 pots he stumbles and falls and pots break, Sai looks at him and gives him a hand.

A man walking away, his brother and daughter try to stop him, he denies saying we need money for Laxmi’s wedding and Savkar has ready to give me loan so let me go.

Laxmi says baba don’t do this, he says it’s my responsibility and dream to provide you with best and you have good proposal I can’t let it go and faints. His brother says we quickly have to take him to Sai and prays to Sai, and starts looking for help to take his brother to Sai.

Sai says to Pandurang, how many pots you needed, He says one. Sai says greed always destroys. Pandurang says I got distracted sorry. Sai tells everyone share and live in this hard times and God is there with us to help us.

A wealthy man with his wife in cart, prays to Sai and then gives his wife medicine, she says you never forget to take care of me, he says I have only two things in mind Sai and you.
They see Laxmi’s father unconscious and rush to him, Jiva says please help my brother we want to take him to Sai, he says sit in cart with him and his daughter I am on my way to see Sai, me and my wife will come walking from behind.
Thieves have an eye on them.

Sai sees cart and makes arrangements, Laxmi says Sai do something, Jiva says this is my brother, he used to stay in city but now he moved here because of his health and daughter, he fainted suddenly.

Sai sees laxmi worried and says have faith and applies mud to Sudama’s hand. Laxmi asks how will it help. Sai says mud has lot of beneficiary properties. Sudama gains concious, Sai asks Pandhari to give him water and says you had sun stroke. Rich couple is attacked by goons.

Sudama says I am fine now, Jiva and Laxmi don’t worry. Jiva says thank you Sai. Sai asks Sudama why go in so much heat, Jiva says he never listens, Sai says Sudama how many days you are here. Sudama says I am here forever, I had many failed businesses but with some savings I came here and have fixed Laxmi’s wedding but don’t have money.

Couple gives everything except Sai’s locket and fight over it with goons. Baizamaa and other villagers see them getting attacked, villagers save him. He thanks everyone and says, Baizamaa says we are Sai bhakt too, he says I came to see Sai too. Baizamaa says to Chandu to take him to Sai at Dwarka Mai.

Couples discuss people here are so kind. Sadashiv says to his wife we are here for you, once we are here all our problems will be over.

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Mere Sai 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Baizamaa says to Sai, Sadashiv looks like a good man, I didn’t see disappointment on his face on seeing you keeping his expensive gift aside, there are very few like him. Sai says you are right.

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Telecast Date:27th May 2022
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