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Mere Sai 27th April 2022 Tejasvi says its final I want to go Mumbai and Keshav will take me and we will settle there. Keshav says enough Tejasvi, Prahlad might have done mistake, but that doesn’t mean to run away. Tejasvi says because of you Prahlad is changing, also you let Mahesh meet Sai and so now Mahesh in his influence married that lower caste girl,

and I don’t want Prahlad to do that, so its final I am not staying here. Keshav says you can leave if you want to but I won’t leave Shirdi. Tejasvi says I stayed all these years even after knowing the truth but I won’t loose Prahlad like your parents lost you and Kaka Kaku lost Prahlad and if you won’t come I will leave with my son and not a word and if anyone tries to stop me I will kill myself.Keshav says its useless talking to you and leaves.

Keshav leaves house upset and thinks about Tejasvi’s words, Keshav walking in anger, Sai stops him, Keshav says I was coming to see you, Sai says have faith and patience come with me.

Sai takes Keshav to a father son duo fighting, Sai asks Malhar what is it. Malhar says Sai, Baba doesn’t want to stay in Shirdi, His father says I want to stay where I used to in Pune, Malhar says I brought him here because there are lot of industries in Pune and its harmful for him, even doctors have said that.

Sai says you have to understand your son’s point of you, some changes are to be made for situation and some for relationships, you should be thankful that your son took this step for you, and if he isn’t scared, why are you. Malhar’s father says you are right, he has faced so many changes because of me and I made it even more tough for him, I am sorry Malhar. Malhar says don’t be just stay happily here, I am here for you. Sai blesses them.
Sai says Keshav let’s go.

Prahlad says to Tejasvi I don’t want to go Mumbai. Tejasvi says you have troubled me enough leave. Prahlad upset leaves.Sai asks Keshav did he understand anything, Keshav says Tejasvi has greed and selfishness behind her decision, Sai says we are going to have lot of problems in life, some easy some hard, and to get something new you have to try something new.

Kulkarni tells his wife, he won’t do anything, because Tejasvi is right, Prahlad will get nothing here. She says you are close to Prahlad too. Kulkarni says he is my grandson, he is my life but I can’t be emotional and ruin his future,

if he stays here he will become like Keshav because of Sai, he took away my son and I won’t let that happen to my grand son. Kulkarni in tears says I don’t want another Keshav in this hosue and so it’s better that he goes Mumbai and until Mahesh is here, its better he stays away from here. She says Keshav won’t be able to stay without Prahlad.

Keshav says to Sai, me or Prahlad are not happy with Tejasvi’s decision. Sai says she stayed here so many years for your happiness, can’t you do this for her, a wife leaves her house because she trusts her husband and is it right to leave her, you should give her a chance. Keshav says I can’t separate from you. Sai says we are connected by heart we may go far away but never separate, I want you to see happy life and by Tejasvi’s decision this is possible, you should think about it.

Prahlad tells Mahesh about Tejasvi’s decision. Mahesh says what’s wrong with her. Balvant walks to them and says this is all because of you, this girl has brought negativity in this house and this is just the beginning and now everyone will have to bear the consequences. Kusum walks to them and says Keshav is back.

Keshav walks to Tejasvi and starts packing with her, and says we will leave tomorrow morning. Tejasvi very happy.

Ratan says to Das Guruji, I have brought something for Sai that he will agree, I am rich. Sai packs a potli, Ratan and Das Guruji arrive and greet him. Sai says Ratan you here so quick, Ratan says I told you just one day, Sai shows him a chair and says I got this for you, come sit. Ratan takes a seat and says I brought something for you, that you haven’t seen and then know I am rich.

Sai says show me, I will be happy if you succeed. Ratan shows a gold crown. Ratan says I wanted to gift this to you, when you will fulfill my wish and now get rid of the white cloth and wear this. Sai says its very pretty. Ratan says now you believe I am rich. Sai asks Das Guruji to get potli.

Das Guruji gets polti and it slips of his hand and 3 crowns fall from it. Ratan says these crowns. Sai says these are gold and diamond. Ratan says and you kept it in potli. Sai says for me its as good as a metal and Ratan I have many of these and many have donated too, so how come you be richest of all, here take your crown.Ratan says okay, I still have 2 days and have lot of money and will be back tomorrow and prove I am richer than your other devottes.

Keshav walks to his mother, she wipes her tears and says Keshav I packed all your favourite food for your journey and will make amras too for you and starts crying. Keshav in tears says you are upset right. She says no I am not, I know you are doing this to save your family and for Tejasvi you are going to Mumbai and you are right, you should save your family its important, but I will miss you

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Mere Sai 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to Keshav and Prahlad to give his new journey a chance and Sai is with him always and will be there whenever he needs Sai.

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