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Mere Sai 26th July 2022 A worker from mill walks to Sharad and says supervisor has asked you to return if you have found your son, you are needed at work. Sharad says I won’t go until I find my son. Vaishali says why worry now, when you were needed you weren’t here, go work all you want is money go, father in law was right your work is going to kill us all,

and it’s happening now, Vishwas wanted you but all you care was your money and if something happens to my son you will see my dead face and if your money can get everything go get your son why beg to Sai qnd if something happens to Vishwas it’s your fault.

Sai steps in water, Baizmaa shows Vaishali that Sia has stepped in water. Sai picks Vishwas out of the water. Sai gets Vishwas to Dwarka Mai, and cures him. Vishwas wakes up, Vaishali hugs him. Vishwas apologies to Vaishali and Sharad for his behaviour and stealing and says he will go Bumbai too. Sharad apologies to Sharad and all others.

Sai explains Sharad how his friends and relatives came forward and not his money and what is he paying for earning money. Sai asks Sharad to make Vishwas capable to find his own path.

Sharad apologies to everyone. Worker says Sharad babu lets go mill. Sharad says go tell Supervisor I am not coming to work but stay with my family and Vishwas I understood my mistake abd now will take care of you. Sai sahs Vishwas do you want to say to someone else as well.

Vishwas walks to his friends and says you are my true friends please forgive me. Prahlad hugs him and says we will forgive you one condition you have to be our captain. Vishwas says no you are deserving one and now I will play with you and learn from you. Sharad thanks Sai for fixing everything. Sai says changes is important and so is success but not at cost of your loved ones.

Tejasvi shows Prahlad she has made English breakfast mashed potato. Tejasvi and Prahlad hear dog noise. Prahlad says its because of this food my stomach is making noises. Tejasvi feels a basket under sofa and opens Iit finds a puppy.

Tejasvi says what is this animal doing here send him away right away. Prahlad says you don’t want me to have friends and because of you I wull never have friends. Prahlad leaves. Tejasvi gets scared.

Sai taking bhiksha. Supervisor walks to him and greets him and says you always take my name properly. Supervisor tells how he is teachings changed Sharad and others in mill. A woman greets Sai,

she has child on her back and says to Sai, sorry Sai I am in rush I will leave because ny husband isnt available so I have to work in field. Supervisor says how will you with a child, She says I can’t leave him alone or without him and so I will do anything for him and leaves.
Sai asks supervisor did he learn anything.

A family in cart reaches Shirdi. Supervisor says to Sai, I understand she is mother and will do anything for her kid but if she takes kid to work she may lose her job. Sai says Vasudev and Devki gave Sri Krishna to Yoshoda and like them many parents take risk for their kids.

A kid tries to see outside the cart cover, his mother Kalavati scolds him. The family is informed Kulkarni house is here. Pivle bhau says lets go Kalavati. Kalavati says you go alone. Pivle says you have to, you know that. Pivle says okay you don’t come I will take Kamal and they will see him. Kalavati says Kamal don’t leave and play with this, not the female doll but male doll.

Sai asks Supervisor doesn’t he miss his family, Supervisor says my family is happy that I send them money to fulfill their needs, I am late and leaves.

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Mere Sai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :In a wedding barat, a woman starts dancing. Sai walks in front of her.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
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