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Mere Sai 25th October 2022 Sai says to everyone, Kulkarni is here to invite you, so I request you all should go there and he is head here, we have to respect him. Kulkarni says to Sai, for the first time you have given good advice and everyone is invited including Sai. Sai says thank you for invitation but I am a fakir I am of no use in that celebration.

Malchapati says we don’t want to celebrate Diwali without you. Sai says you all know I am always with you. Shama says what about arrangements here and Laxmi Leela. Sai says the reason behind Sarvajanik Diwali was to celebrate Diwali together and we can do that in Kulkarni Vada and Kulkarni has promised to pay as well and mill workers need that money and so everyone should go and celebrate together.Kulkarni says to Sai, you impressed me today, and now everyone stop these arrangements and I will give you all pooja stuff after Diwali celebration in my house and Sai you come too and leaves.

Mill workers discuss, has Kulkarni changed may be Sai’s teachings have changed him for good.

Kulkarni in his house slaps Santa Banta, Santa Banta ask Kulkarni is he fine, why does he want to do so much for those poor workers. Kulkarni starts laughing and says its my next move against Sai, and you will not understand that and I will blacken this Diwali for Shirdi villagers.

Jhipri visits Sai in Dwarka Mai. Jhipri tells Sai she is upset about not able to help Abdul and orphanage kids. Sai says Diwali is tomorrow, have faith and patience and do me a favor, Jhiori says sure. Sai says take this mashal and go to forest and get me some wooden logs. Jhipri says why mashal in the morning. Sai says you will need it go. Jhipri thinks what is Sai having in his mind.

A couple and his cart caught in mud in forest, driver asks them to go Shirdi and they will find another cart. Jhipri collecting wood in forest. A lion about to attack the couple in forest they pray to Sai for help, Jhipri hears noise and sees the couple and they looking for mashal to ward off lion. Jhipri thinks now I understood why Sai asked me to carry this but I am scared. Sai raises his hand in Dwarka Mai. Jhipri feels Sai’s hand helping her and it gives Jhipri strength, Sai says you can do this Jhipri. Jhipri jumps in between and wards off the lion. lion goes away.

Couple thanks Jhipri for saving their life. Jhipri says its all because of Sai, I did nothing. Couple says we prayed to Sai but you stood infront and saved us and so here take this money. Jhipri says no I don’t deserve this I was very scared, Sai did this I felt his presence. Couple says but you are here and we think of you as our daughter take it. Jhipri takes money hesitantly. Couple says you can use it for someone in need. Jhipri thinks of Abdul and thinks Sai you made me do this so that I can help Abdul Bhai.

Jhipri and Ramba buy lot of stuff. Udhav passing by joins them. Jhipri tells this for orphanage Abdul Bhai is associated with. Abdul reaches Shirdi disappointed and keeps thinking about orphanage kids. Kids see Jhipri and asks for some sweets. Jhipri says its for someone else I will give you money you buy on your own. Abdul sees Jhipri giving kids money and remembers her saying she doesn’t have money and feels bad.

Abdul sees Jhipri buy fruits and asks vendor to send all fruits to her house and says not to worry about money. Abdul feels bad and says I wanted money for orphanage kids, how could she lie to me she calls me brother and still lied to me.

Abdul upset visits Sai. Sai says come sit. Sai wishes him happy diwali and asks Abdul why is he upset. Abdul tells Sai, he wanted to donate for orphanage kids but he couldn’t manage money. Sai says I always told you God helps in kind work and the kids have gotten their donation in your name and you will soon know how.

Everyone walks to Dwarka Mai. Jhipri sees Abdul and thinks Abdul will be so happy to find out that donations have reached orphanage.

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Mere Sai 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malchapati insists Sai to come with them to Kulkarni Vada. Sai says I am waiting for someone special.Villagers reach Kulkarni Vada, Kulkarni stops them at entrance.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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