Mere Sai 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Mere Sai Written Update on

Mere Sai 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Kulkarni with vendors walks to Ganpath and giving him details of items Sushil bought without paying to vendors alleges Sushil and Ganpath are hands in gloves in this corruption. Ganpath says he doesn’t know about this. Kulkarni continues alleging him. Ganpath asks vendors if her wife didn’t pay them when she bought goods from them yesterday. They say she even paid tips for delivering goods home. Kulkarni asks if he will punish Sushil or not. Ganpath notes down complaint, pays vendors, and walks away angrily to confront Sushil. Vendors also leave. Santa says Kulkarni’s plan failed. Kulkarni says his plan is working as he wished.

Sai goes for begging when a man Kailash greets him. Sai asks if he didn’t go to work. Kailash says he is not feeling well today. Sai asks why didn’t he come to Dwarkamayi then and asks to come in the evening. Kailash thanks him. Sai then converses with another man and takes charity from his wife. Ganpath walks home. Daya asks why did he come home early. Ganpath calls Sushil and asks why did he take goods from vendors for free. Ganpath says one of his friend’s relative is in police and doesn’t pay vendors, so he thought it is police’s hobby. Ganpath says he never took anything which doesn’t belong to him and asks Sushil to come and apologize vendors for his mistake. Sushil says Ganpath is insulting him and he will never apologize. Ganpath says then he will have to go to jail. Sushil’s wife pleads Ganpath to quash Sushil’s punishment. Ganpath says then he has to pay 32 rs penalty. Sushil pays 32 rs instead of apologizing and yelling at Ganpath that he insulted him tells his wife that they will leave Ganpath’s house right now. He and his wife walk out of house. Ganpath stops him and gives him receipt of penalty saying he has 1 copy with him as a proof. Sushil and his wife angrily walk on street on Kulkarni stops him and provokes him to take revenge from Ganpath. Sushil asks how can he without proof. Kulkarni says via penalty receipt.

Vendor gift fruits and vegetables to Sai. Sai asks if nobody bought their goods today. Vendors says with reduced taxed because of Ganpath’s help, they are getting more profits and brought gifts for Sai. They then praise Ganpath’s good qualities. Sai says Ganpath’s situation may change. They ask if Ganpath will be in trouble. Sai laughs and chants Allah malik hai.

Daya tells Ganpath that she didn’t think Sushil would do this, Ganpath even decided not to quit job to support Sushil and his wife. Ganpath says he will go and submit his resignation to Chandorkar and will show it first to Sai. Daya agrees. He writes resignation letter and walks towards Dwarkamayi happily when his superior with constables stops him and alleges that he is being arrested in corruption case and should be presented in front of Chandorkar. Ganpath is shocked and says he is wrongly being alleged. Officer says his relative Sushil has alleged him, so he should be questioned by Chandorkar first. Villagers watch whole drama and follow officers while Ganpath is being dragged with them.


Mere Sai 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni alleges Ganpath become corrupt under Sai’s influence. Mhalsapati warns him not to take Sai’s name. Kulkarni continues.


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