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Mere Sai 25th May 2022 Kulkarni laughs and says you are trapped you beggar, English government has already banned this play and by choosing it you and Shrikant have led to destruction.

Ragini asks Sai, what if they fail even after trying hard. Srikant says and I am sure Balvant and government will surely do something.Balvant says let them work hard and present, they are preparing for their destruction because I will call higher officials to see the play, they will get furious seeing a banned play and arrest kids, Srikant and that beggar Sai.

Sai says to Ragini, when you lead the path to something good there will be hurdles but we have to keeo faith.Kids pray before their play. Ragini’s mother says you have Sai and Srikant’s blessings and so you need not worry just focus on the play and you all have worked hard so don’t worry and before you start pray to Sai now lets go and give this tiffin to Suman Tai on the way.

Srikant and his wife greet Sai, Sai asks her to give Srikant curd and sugar for good will. Srikant says why me kids are will perform the play. Sai sits on a chair and says its of good quality, Srikant says yes the carpenter has done good job. Sai says but strength is from wood. Srikant says yes but carpenter has done good job, Sai says similarly like you have mended kids, and so it’s your test too,

Srikant’s wife goes get curd sugar. Sai says Srikant your initiative is for a good cause, Srikant asks will all be good Sai, Sai says you have positive thoughts and God is with you, Sai says you go ahead I will finish some work, Srikant says do come on time your presence give kids strength, Sai says I am going for sake of this faith and leaves.

Balvant prays God make my plan work and I will do Bhandara for 7 days. Santa and Banta tell Kulkarni and Balvant that police officers will be late because their car has broken down, should we go get them by cart. Balvant says quickly go and says if they come late our plan will fail.

Kulkarni sees Ragini and his mother, he sees her mother walk in Seema’s house and Ragini standing alone and says everything here happens by Kulkarni’s wish and says whole Shirdi and people from outside will come, he says things loudly to make Ragini nervous and says its easy for English kids but if Shirdi kids fail they will be blamed for ruining education for all students and its better to not perform or die of the guilt.

Ragini hears that and gets nervous, he mother walks to her and says let’s go, but why are you scared. Ragini walks away with her. Kulkarni starts laughing and tells Balvant that officers will be late and I just made arrangements that play starts late too now see how things change.

Ragini’s mother asks whats wrong, Sai walks to them and says Ragini you shouldn’t hide from your mother, are you ready for play. Ragini says yes, Sai says its normal to question your preparation before a test, but don’t think about sucess think about the work the test and leave the rest to God. Sai gives Ragini a potli and says whenever you feel you are caught and see no solution open it. Ragini takes it.

Meena and her father arrive at the location. Tatya sees officials have chairs to sit and we are made to sit on floor and they say we are treated equal.Kids take Sai and Srikant’s blessings, Sai says you have one more guru and looks at Malti. Kids aay but she doesn’t like us. Sai says she is your teacher and she may or may not accept you but she will always teach you something good. Kids walk to Malti and take her blessings. Malti smiles and blesses them and wishes them good luck.

Balvant asks Kulkarni when will English officers come, Kulkarni says don’t worry the play hasn’t started yet.
Host announces that Other kids will go first and then Shirdi kids.
Other kids perform play based on King Lier, Sai sees Ragini os stressed.

Santa Banta with English police officers, and say we have to reach soon.
Seeing other kids play, Shirdi kids get intimidated and says how will we defeat them.

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Mere Sai 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shirdi kids performing, British officers walk in and stop them, and says this play is banned, and asks to arrest Srikant and kids.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2022
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