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Mere Sai 24th September 2021 Sai advises all men to become better husbands. Help your wives. Help her move ahead in life and don’t try to trip her in a pit. Dabholkar ji and Vaishnav smile. Mhalsapati ji requests Sai to forgive them. We have learnt our lesson. All men fold hands and agree to support their wives fully. Sai blesses them. Weather changes suddenly. Strong wind starts blowing. It becomes stormy.

Sai takes out His Chimta from His bag and holds it up. Dabholkar ji is startled to see Sai hold it up towards the sky and lightning emanating from it. He asks everyone to move aside. The villagers comply. They watch Sai as He brings the lightning on earth and the ground appears broken suddenly. Everyone is stunned at the sight while Sai smiles in relief. The weather becomes normal again.

Dabholkar ji folds his hands in reverence. Villagers walk back to Sai and fold their hands gratefully. Dabholkar ji thinks that the world does not know what kind of a person stays in Shirdi. People should know about Him. I will write about Him so that generations can get to know Him and will remember Him.

Sai tells Mangu not to worry. Your problem will be solved before today’s pravachan. Bheema greets Sai. He introduces Sai to Damodar ji. He is a businessman from Pune. Damodar ji greets Sai and sits in front of Sai. He sits in front of Mangu and asks for help. Bheema and Sai notice it. Sai nods at Bheema and he takes His leave. Sai asks Damodar ji what he needs. What is not with you?

Damodar ji says I have everything that I can possibly have. I only want to see God once. I have heard about you. You have treated diseases that are incurable. You have made some people see God and some people even think of you as God. Please don’t say no. Sai says I will surely help you but Mangu has been sitting here since long. He must pay tax to Mukhiya till morning. He doesn’t have money though or he will lose his land.

I will help you after him. He sends Bala to Shyama. Tell him that I need to borrow Rs. 5. Bala leaves. Damodar ji asks Sai to make him see God till the time Bala will return. Sai repeats that He has promised to help Mangu. He has been waiting since long. Wait for some time. I will help you then.

Bala tells Sai Kaka is not at home. Sai asks Bala to check with Mhalsapati ji and tells Nandu to ask Srikanth. Kids nod. Damodar ji asks Sai how much more should he wait. I have to go to Pune today itself. Sai says I never said no. I don’t want to keep you waiting unnecessarily. I will do it once Mangu gets money.

Bala and Nandu tell Sai that neither of them are at home. Sai wonders where everyone is today. He decides to go Himself. Damodar ji is taken aback. Damodar ji asks Sai where He is off to. I must reach Pune by morning. Sai says I must help Mangu. I must arrange money for him. Damodar ji tells Him to go after making him see God. Sai asks him why He should do that. Kids look at them. Damodar ji says you agreed to do it. Sai says I did say it but how should I do it. You have Rs. 230 in your pocket right now yet you aren’t willing to spare Rs. 5 for a poor person. God resides in every person.

You dint help any human being thinking of them as Gods or even out of humanity. How can a selfish guy like you see God? You must give up on your greed for that. People who have seen God till date were beyond all of that. What’s the use of having money that cannot come to help others? He says a shloka about doing charity. Everything in this world is meant to do charity. Damodar ji apologizes to Sai as he counts the money in his pocket. You are right. I was afraid to help others as I thought that people are only after my money but my habit is only taking me away from God.

He offers money to Mangu. He politely declines but Damodar ji says God has given me a lot. It is time to return. Keep it please. Mangu returns extra money to Damodar ji. I will return it to you asap. They look at Sai. Sai tells Damodar ji that not everyone is after is money. You can start helping people in their time of need now. Think that they have approached you as God has made you capable of helping God.

Remove all the bad things from your life just like you helped Mangu today. You will surely see God then. Damodar ji says I have understood my mistake now. I was a fool. I will think of God in my every action and thought from hereon. That will be the closest to God for me. Sai blesses them.

Santa gives a letter to Sarkar. Santa peaks in as well but Sarkar does not let him. He laughs as he reads the letter. I have been given a big responsibility by British Government. Alert our men. Get them prepared for what will happen in future. We wont need men like Dabholkar ji if I succeed in my task. I have been given unlimited power to accomplish this task.

Sai says no. Dabholkar ji asks Him why not. I want people to know about you. Sai asks him what it will do. Patil ji says they will be grateful after knowing you. Look at us. Mhalsapati ji seconds him. They should know you too. We wont live for too long. Sai asks Dabholkar ji what he wants to write. Dabholkar ji says it will be right from your birth. Sai says it isn’t needed. Anything else? Dabholkar ji says that’s how history is written.

Sai tells him to think again. I don’t want kids to remember where I was born and what happened in my life. There should be a motive behind doing anything or it becomes worthless. Dabholkar ji says I might not be capable enough to write about you but will it never get written then. Sai tells him that he has a logical answer to it. Come to me when you find it. Dabholkar ji starts walking out of there sadly but then stops near the stairs. Why couldn’t I think of it earlier?


Mere Sai 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dabholkar ji brings Sai Charit Manas to Dwarkamai on a plate covered with flowers. Villagers are dancing happily around him. Dabholkar ji tells Sai he has written the first chapter. I dedicate it to you. Bless me that your teachings can spread to every corner. Sai blesses everyone.

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