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Mere Sai  24th March 2020 Episode Start With Jahnvi wakes up in the morning and doesn’t find her baby next to her. She walks out worried and seeing Savi playing with baby asks why did she bring her baby out without her permission. Savi says if she has gone mad, this is her child. Jahnvi stands shocked. Ragini walks into Dwarkamayi with her mother and tells Sai that her mother Champa is always worried for her. Champa says Ragini is having headache. Ragini asks Sai to give oodhi/ash to her mother, her headache will go away if she rests for sometime. Sai mixes oodhi in water and asks Ragini to drink it to clear her mother’s worries. Ragini asks how will her mother’s worries vanish with this. Sai says mother and child’s bonding is unique and she will understand when she becomes a mother in the future. Ragini drinks it. Champa thanks Sai and says now she will go and apologize Kaveri kaki as she had promised to sing bhajan there.

Jahnvi asks Savi why is she calling her baby as hers. Savi warns that its her baby. Jahnvi warns to return her baby. Savi warns to stay away and stop her misbehavior. Neighbors gather. Their argument start. Savi picks stick and threatens her to stay away. Sai watches it standing in Dwarkamayi. Champa asks him what happened. He says some people become too greedy and try to snatch other’s rights forgetting that they will be punished and won’t change without punishment. Champa says she didn’t understand. Sai says someone has to understand.

Jahnvi says she doesn’t why Savi is doing this and whose order, but she got this baby after a lot of difficulty and even fighting with god. Savi says this is her baby and even if god comes, she will not give it to Jahnvi. Jahnvi’s husband returns. She asks his husband to take baby from Savi and return it to her. Husband walks to Savi, takes baby from her, and holding Savi’s shoulder says Jahnvi is misbehaving instead its his and Savi’s baby. Jahnvi stands shattered. Sai tells Champa that dear ones cannot watch dear one’s pain, so she couldn’t tolerate Ragini’s pain and brought her here, but when dear ones betray, one cannot tolerate it, god should bless everyone. Jahnvi asks what is he saying, she is his wife. Husband asks if she is not ashamed to call a stranger as her husband, she is servant of this house. Jahnvi says Savi is servant and tries to snatch baby. Husband asks Savi to pay servant and send her out. Jahnvi runs behind him. Savi follows her and locks door from inside. Champa says looks like Sai’s disciple is in trouble, why don’t he help her/him. Sai says one has to pay for the sins themselves and get punished.


Mere Sai  25th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Jahnvi warns her husband that if he doesn’t agree to her, she will expose him. He throws her out of house.

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Telecast Date: 24th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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