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Mere Sai 24th December 2021 Sarkar, Santa and Banta reach Sarkar’s home. They notice a cart outside. Santa asks Sarkar if he was expecting a guest. Sarkar says I found out just now only. People say that the guests are like Lakshmi. They head inside.

Tejasvini’s father tries to speak to Tejasvini but she moves his hand aside. Sarkar is relieved to see him. Something good happened finally! Sarkar and Tejasvini’s father hug and exchange pleasantries. Santa and Banta get excited thinking that they will get some gift as well but Sarkar sends them off to check on something that they were told to do yesterday. They leave. Sarkar asks his guest why he always brings so many gifts. He replies that it is so he can get water at least. Sarkar gets tensed. Tejasvini’s father tells him not to take it otherwise. I am like it too. They sit down.

Sarkar asks Tejasvini if it is good to sit here with a sad face. You keep missing him but you aren’t even looking at him now that he is here. Tejasvini points out that she goes to meet him every time but he even skipped Raja’s birthday. He is too busy. Sarkar tries to pacify her but Tejasvini’s father tells him to let him try. Tejasvini’s father gifts her jewellery. Tejasvini smiles immediately. It suits me, right? I will bring halwa for you. You like it, right? He nods. Tejasvini runs inside. Tejasvini’s father says I know her weakness. I can pacify her any minute by giving her such gifts. Sarkar smiles. He suddenly recalls the expression on Dheer’s face when he held the jewellery.

Tejasvini’s father asks Sarkar how he is smiling in such a situation. Road construction in Shirdi is a serious matter for you I believe. Sarkar nods. What you just said gave me a great idea though. Not everyone in the crowd is a giver. We have to find that person to make things happen our way!

Villagers start clearing the place. Dheer is supervising everyone and giving correct advice on how the work needs to be done. Baizama and Rambha are cooking. Nanasaheb is about to faint but Bheeva and Chandu hold him just in time. Bheeva asks him if he is fine. He nods. They feel bad for him. Nanasaheb asks them why they became emotional. Sai says they got emotional thinking how hard everyone is working to save their homes. Bheeva says I wont be able to repay this favour ever. Sai corrects him. It is help. Help someone else when you get a chance. Nanasaheb takes the basket from Chandu and continues working.

Supaan is tired but keeps working. Sai advises him to rest for some time. Exerting yourself wont help you finish the work quickly. Supaan sits down. Sai starts doing his work. Supaan requests Him to leave it. I will do it after some time. Sai replies that work should continue even if one person takes a break. Let the other one take over.

A person is sieving dirt. Dheer tells him that he is doing it wrong. The road built with this will be weak. Another lady reprimands the person as well. The person reasons that he has never done it before. Dheer scolds the person. Sai tells him that no one has done it before. They are bound to make mistakes. Dheer says my patience is wearing out. We cannot do a lot with the amount of money that we have. Everyone is doing things incorrectly. We can still do something if we have more money. People get worried thinking that the problems are never ending. Baizama asks everyone to have food.

Villagers discuss how this work is extremely tiring as this isn’t what they have ever done before. Sai brings kadha for everyone. It will give you strength. A person says it wont help. This work is too tiring. Our bodies ache badly. Sai points at the ants. They are taking food to their home. Sai points out that the food item is bigger than them. They get tired and sway from the line but they wont give up. If one stops then 2 other ants take over. Why are you giving up when they don’t? The work is less as compared to what you will get in return. Think of Maalik and start afresh. Drink this kadha after your meal. Baizama asks Sai about Dheer. He hasn’t eaten yet. Sai asks her to give Him food. I will make him eat. He must be around.

Sai takes food and water for Dheer. Dheer is sleeping under a tree. Sai gives him lunch. Dheer says I thought I will rest for a while. I haven’t slept well since a long time. I could finally sleep peacefully today. Sai shares a story about a person who couldn’t sleep well because he was worried about his property and money. He started sleeping well when he stopped worrying about losing those. It is possible that you too have something which your soul wants to renounce but you cannot. Dheer says I don’t have anything like that. Sai says our conscience is very strong. We do not realise what all it can capture. You couldn’t get over your guilt which is why you couldn’t sleep. Serving others is a form of penitence which has replaced guilt so you had to sleep peacefully.

Dheer is in tears. He tells his truth to Sai as to how he had accepted bribe once. I was blinded by greed during one of the contracts. Flashback shows Dheer accepting bribe for a contract. A government building had to be built in Ayodhya. I let them use cheap material. It rained coincidentally and the building succumbed. One person got hurt. I was fired after investigation. I have become infamous in entire Ayodhya. Flashback shows people badmouthing Dheer as he walks past them. I wasn’t even allowed inside the Ram temple that I used to visit since I was a kid! I dint want to live but I dint even have courage to die. I used to offer my prayers from outside since then. I apologized every time and always asked for a second chance. No one gave me that chance except you and this Shirdi.


Mere Sai 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar says I am relieved that Dheer has run away. Fakir will end up losing now! Let’s go and watch the drama. It will be fun to rub salt to everyone’s wounds.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
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