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Mere Sai 23rd September 2022 Sai asks Ramkrishna to meditate looking at the havan kundh fire. Ramkrishna says okay and meditates and seez Satyeshwar Maharaj and his Prem Sena and thinks my son has become such big guru and why did he change his name. Sai says may be because he doesn’t want his past. Ramkrishna says I want to meet him. Sai says he isn’t ready you will have to give him time and soon that time will come.

Keval’s parents asleep he puts blanket on them and says I am sorry I will have to leave you two like this, please forgive me.Sai meets Keval and says don’t do this mistake. Keval says but why did I face this. Sai says you made a mistake by not taking receipt but don’t make another mistake, instead return Satyeshwar his money.

Keval asks what next then come back to this place where there is no money but not now I want to earn money for my parents and I just can’t stay with my parents and they will be provided with all facilities. Sai says its your decision I am no one to stop, just do me a favor put this plant in water so it doesn’t die. Keval says but it will need soil too, to grow. Sai says similarly your parents will need you to survive even after all the money and medical.

Satyeshwar welcomes Keval to Prem Sena.
Balvant says to Satyeshwar, I fulfilled my promise its your turn now, I need tender asap, I don’t like delays and leaves.

Satyeshwar praises Keval’s design and says I need a secret tunnel beneath our Bhavan atleast 50 km away from the bhavan and its because I have lot of enemies who doesn’t want us to grow and so this will help us to secure my Sena. Keval says we will need permission for tunnel or it will be illegal.

Satyeshwar says Prem Sena will have new rules and not what is applicable in society and this should be secret tunnel or else it won’t be of use. Prema walks in and says Commissioner is here to see you. Keval leaves, Satyeshwar asks Prema to call commissioner.

Commissioner asks Satyeshwar is he helping Balvant. Satyeshwar says yes he has been very helpful, Comissioner says I gave you land for Prem Sena and so tender has to go to my friend’s mill.

Many Shirdi people whose kids or family have joined Prem Sena decide to go meet them. Chandu and Udhav try to stop them saying Sai has asked not to but they don’t listen and move ahead. Bhama says we will join you too, so that it helps you and all leave.
Prem Sainik stop them saying it’s not allowed and as per oath they aren’t your family now.

Shirdi people don’t listen and try to rush in but one gets pushed and Sai saves him and says no one can stop a parent from seeing their child and need no ones permission. Prem Sainik try to stop but unable to move because of Sai. Ramkrishna sees that and says what has happened to my son, what has he become.

Sai walks in with everyone. Satyeshwar angry. Keval’s parents walk to him and say don’t leave us, we can’t live without you. Ankur’s son in tears hug him and says Baba please don’t leave us. Prem Sainik seperate them. Sai says what kind of freedom is this you can’t meet your family. Satyeshwar says we don’t interfere in your matter Sai, so you don’t interfere in ours and this responsibility and relationship is all fake everyone is selfish here including parents please leave. Sai says I am here to introduce you to someone. Sai calls Ramkrishna. Ramkrishna walks in.

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Mere Sai 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyeshwar tells Prema to tell Prem Sainik that we are leaving for Nashik Ashram.Santa Banta inform Kulkarni about it, Kulkarni says let me see how Sai will stop them now.Sai meets Satyeshwar and Prem Sainik and says to Satyeshwar.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2022
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