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Mere Sai 23rd September 2021 Tatya comes to Dwarkamai. It picks up the broom to clean but Sai takes it from him and starts cleaning himself. Tatya looks on unhappily.

Bheeva reprimands his wife for not doing things right because of the workshop. All the clothes are wet. What will I wear now? You don’t care about household chores at all these days.

Champa’s husband asks Champa why she dint stitch the pocket of his kurta. She says I dint check that it was torn on this side as well. You could have let me know while wearing it. I would have stitched it. He says it is you who used to do that. I have never done it before. Why will you do it now as you are busy with your workshop? You don’t even take out my clothes these days. You have become too busy in your workshop. She tells him to check the clothes before wearing. He says it means you wont focus on me at all anymore and will only focus on the workshop. He leaves upset.

Jhipri notices the women in thoughts during the workshop and is worried.

Mhalsapati asks Sai to give him the pot of water. I will take it for you. Sai does not say anything to him and walks away.

Chandu tells his wife (Mala) that Aayi’s feet haven’t been massaged since 2 days. She reasons that the oil is over. He asks her to bring it. You have stopped looking after my parents since this workshop has started. She is taken aback by his words.

Jhipri notices the ladies working unhappily in the workshop. They are either looking at the sun (to assess time) or are distracted.

A person tells Sai he has brought the cart like He had asked. Sai thanks him.

Salim returns home but the door is locked. He walks inside unhappily.

Mhalsapati ji comes home. His son tells him that the food is in kitchen. Aayi told you to eat when you feel hungry instead of waiting for him. Mhalsapati ji thinks that they will have to also eat cold food from today.

Sai looks tensed in Dwarkamai.

Tatya comes home and asks his son what happened. He shares that he is hungry and hasn’t eaten till now. Tatya goes inside to check. He questions Rambha why she hasn’t fed her own son till now. How have you become so occupied suddenly? Stop going to workshop if you cannot be independent and reliable at the same time. Baizama asks him if this is how he should speak to Rambha. He says forgive me but she is making a lot of mistakes these days. Baizama tells him to listen to someone before lashing out on someone. Rambha gave food to Baaji but he demanded for Puranpoli.

She has started making it and it is bound to take some time. Tatya looks down. Baizama says she had a reason to be late. What’s the reason behind your anger? Tatya says Sai is doing everything on His own these days. He wont accept help from anyone. Don’t know why He is doing this. I feel so heartbroken to see Him work so hard at this age. He should tell us if we made a mistake. It has been my daily task to do things for Him. I don’t like it at all. She tells him not to worry. We will get to know the reason behind why Sai is doing that. Have Saburi!

Salim tells Rihana she wont go to workshop from tomorrow. Chandu, Mhalsapati ji also tell the same thing to their respective wives.

At the workshop, all ladies share that they wont be able to continue coming to the workshops anymore. We are unable to give time to our families and kids. Jhipri asks them what they want. Mala shares that she has been told not to come here again. I cannot say no to him. Other ladies say the same thing.

The men of Shirdi are boggled over Sai’s behaviour and decide to do things like before.

Baizama reasons that there must be a reason behind Sai asking us to learn these skill sets. Rihana says we know it but we cannot say no to our husbands either. Baizama suggests discussing it with Sai once. They agree and start for Dwarkamai.

All the males decide to ask Sai why they cannot do chores for Him like before. They head to Dwarkamai as well.

Both groups see Sai trying to ride a bullock cart using one wheel and wonder how it will run this way. What is Sai up to? Patil ji tells him not to worry. There must be a reason behind it. Sai denies. It broke down so I am shifting it. Tatya offers to help Sai but Sai refuses. I told you not to. Tatya asks Him why He is being so stubborn. Why aren’t you letting us help you? Sai replies that this is His work. Mhalsapati ji says we are yours too. Let us help. Sai stays put. I will remove it on my own.

Dabholkar ji and Vaishnav look on. Tatya asks Him how the cart can move with one wheel. Sai steps down from the cart. Why not, Tatya? You all want to run your household with one wheel so why can’t I do this? Husband and wife are 2 wheels of marriage. Things will run smoothly till the time they are aligned and walk together. The cart stops when one wheel stops. You all know and accept it too. You all supported me when I spoke of making women independent. Their work was affected when things set in motion.

Men started experiencing difficulties because of change. Words aren’t enough to show support. You have to be really there. You have to find happiness in each other’s happiness and help each other. Sai asks Bheeva where is it written that only a wife should look after guests. He turns to Tatya next. Everyone needs water. How is just the responsibility of a woman to bring it then? He tells Mhalsapati ji that kids need mother and father equally. You can look after your kid when the mother is busy, right?

He asks Champa’s husband if it isn’t his responsibility to look after himself. You think your wife will fulfil your every wish without you even saying it as you don’t care telling her. you call her wrong if she fails in doing so. He goes to Chandu next. You cannot just leave the responsibility of looking after your parents on your wife! Wife is Ardhangini and not a servant. You all don’t have the right to take all decisions on your wife’s behalf. Everyone looks down.


Mere Sai 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells everyone to make the path easier for their wife if she wants to progress in life. Don’t try to push her in the pit. Weather turns stormy suddenly. Sai holds His chimta towards the sky. Dabholkar ji is surprised.

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