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Mere Sai 23rd November 2022 Bhumi requests organiser to take 50₹ from the winning amount. Ramdas says I can’t take back, it was decided. Shiv keeps cycling. Ramdas sees Shiv is struggling and says if he falls this game will be over. Bhuki goes support Shiv, Bhumi hurts her leg. Bhumi still keeps cheering Shiv in pain, Shiv sees Bhumi in pain. Bhumi gets up and again tries to walk with Shiv.

Sai sees an old man walking with pain, old man says he hurt his knee last night when he fell of the bed. Sai cures his knee. As Sai cures old man’s knee, Bhumi starts feeling good and is able to walk.

Old man thanks Sai and leaves. Bhumi says I know this is Sai’s blessings and Sai keep your blessings coming and protect us. Shiv looks at the pole he has written Om Sai on. Shiv keeps cycling and Day 6 has come. Ramdas says its Day 6 and it doesn’t look like Shiv will survive and I worry he will die. Audience scold Ramdas and support Shiv. Bhumi sees Sai and rushes to Sai.

Bhumi says Sai, Shiv won’t be able to make it please help. Sai says I can’t help Shiv, he has taken this challenge to prove everyone his capability and he wants to show he is no less than everyone and if I help him his mission will fail. Bhumi says but he won’t be able to make it. Sai says Bhumi remember you always gave him hope to fight. Bhumi says I know what I have to do and leaves.

Bhumi with Geetabai’s help brings her dolls. She goes on the stage. Ramdas says you can’t perform your show here. Bhumi says I have to explain him something. Ramdas thinks this show will distract Shiv and he will loose.

Sai sees Vaishali praying for Shiv. Sai walks to her and says nothing for Bhumi. Vaishali says I don’t understand Bhumi, I understood I was unhappy but now I am happy and I have seen her pay someone else and stealing money. Sai says this time isn’t to think about all this, now Shiv needs support and you have made a big mistake which you have to fix and after I leave help one who comes first to the temple and you will understand rest. Vaishali says okay. Sai leaves.

Bhumi says to Shiv, she is going to narrate him their story and if he focuses on her he will be distracted from tiredness. Bhumi starts telling her and Shiv’s story. Bhumi struggles to manage the dolls and keeps dropping them. Bhumi says to Shiv, I can’t do anything without you, I wanted you to remember our love and calm you down but without you I couldn’t manage dolls, how do I make you believe that I love you so much and can do anything for your happiness.

A man visits temple and asks Vaishali address. Vaishali helps him with address. He says I am old I won’t be able to remember will you take me to the location. Vaishali remembers Sai’s words to help and leaves with the man.
Sai looks at the sky, Bhumi sees Sai’s in clouds blessing her and her dolls start moving. Bhumi gets the courage to narrate her story again and tells how Shiv felt alone and how differences came in between them.

Vaishali drops the man. He thabks Vaishali and calls Dinanath. Vaishali sees he is the same man, Bhumi gave money to. Vaishali walks to Dinanath and introduces herself as Shiv’s sister.

Vaishali walks to Bhumi with jewellery box, and tells her how her misunderstanding ruined her relationship. Divakar reaches the location. Vaishali tells Shiv how in her jealousy she filled Shiv’s ears and Bhumi wasn’t stealing but saving money for Shiv.

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Mere Sai 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Ramdas says just 5 min left. Bhumi says to Dhiv, keep coming towards me just 5 min more. Shiv very tired. Kulkarni arrives. Ramdas starts counting back to end the time.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
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