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Mere Sai 23rd December 2021 A person points out that they wont be able to see anything now. Bheeva suggests lighting the torch but Sai stops him. This firefly will help us. Dheer asks Sai how one firefly can light up the entire place. Sai asks the firefly if it will help them brighten up this place. The firefly flies away.

Chandu says it flew away. He asks Bheeva to light the torch but Sai tells them to look up. Lots of fireflies appear in the sky and they light up Dwarkamai. Everyone folds hands sweetly. Sai points out that the fireflies are small. They cannot show the path to anyone singlehandedly but they could do it together. Why cannot we build the road when such small things can accomplish such great things? Everyone nods.

Dheer stops mid sentence while reading a Chaupai. Sai asks him what happened. Dheer says Kaikayi is asking Ram to promise her that He will leave for exile. People hate her till date for her decision even though she regretted it later. She even apologized to Ram ji upon return. Can people not forget / forgive the one mistake and look at the good qualities? Can such people never have another chance? Sai says you spoke about the goodness of Kaikayi Ma but you forgot about the person who loved her despite whatever she did wrong. It was Ram ji. Ram ji looks at the real nature of a person.

The intention behind the karma is important. Ravan got death penalty whereas Kaikayi received love and forgiveness. Dheer tells Sai he will remember it. Sai tells him to also remember that one mistake does not decide the fate of a person. It does not upset God either. We often do not notice the lesson that that mistake teaches us. We simply try to find another chance but there is test in that second chance in the form of greed and problems. How we perform then decides whether we will succeed or not. Maybe you too will have to give such a test. If that happens, do what’s best for everyone!

Next morning, everyone is at the site. Dheer reminds everyone of the 4 sets he had created. He asks few people to bring the machinery from the godown. He tells Sai that they will start the work once the machinery is here. Sai sits down to pull a few weeds. Chandu tells Sai not to do this. We will do it once the machines are here. Sai reasons that they have 2 hands. Why wait then? Rambha tells Him not to do it Himself. We will do it. Sai points out that it is He who accepted the challenge.

I must initiate this. Sarkar mocks Sai. This work suits you a lot. Sai thanks him for praising Him. Social and monetary system of this society is dependent on labours. Sarkar calls it amazing. You end up praising yourself one way or another. That’s how you fool these villagers. I am Sarkar though. I will never fall for it. I am pleased to see you working for the first time and I want to give you some prize. He throws a coin on the ground. Santa and Banta laugh. Sai picks it up with a smile. Thank you, Sarkar. You have given me something for the first time. I wont let it go waste. I promise you that I will use it for everyone’s welfare only. Sarkar thinks He may need that money for Himself and it taking the name of these villagers instead. Such a fake!

Tatya, Keshav and Srikanth ji check the godown but it is empty. They run to inform Sai. Flashback shows those 2 men looting everything last night upon Sarkar’s order. Bheeva asks Sai what will happen now. Don’t you (God) want us to save our homes? Sarkar says this is called the end of a drama before the actual scene. Keshav asks him if he came here to see his plan succeed. Sarkar warns him to stay quiet. I will forget that you are my son if you say one more word. Do you think I am such a low person who will do something like this? I am the Mukhiya of this village.

I openly challenge and do things. I am sure it is this Fakir’s doing. Two roads will be built and no one will have roof over their head. Mhalsapati ji asks him if he has a proof. I am sure there is none. We trust Sai completely. Sarkar tells everyone to worship Sai as crazily as they want. How will you build the road now? Everyone turns silent. Sarkar says I knew no one will have an answer to that. He turns to go when Sai tells him that road will be constructed for sure. Work will begin today itself! Sarkar asks Him how they will make it. Ingredients and machinery don’t grow on trees. You wont be able to get that much money even with your black magic. Where will you get it from?

Sai picks up His bowl and looks up. Sai’s sweat falls in the bowl. Sarkar laughs. What will His sweat mean? Baizama steps forward and puts her bangles in the bowl. Everyone else follows suit. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. Sarkar, Santa and Banta look on in shock as everyone keeps their valuable jewellery in the bowl. Sarkar tells them that they have become disillusioned.

Baizama replies that Sai’s one drop of sweat is no less than diamond. We can at least donate gold and silver in front of His donation. Sarkar is positive they would fail but Sai asks him how they wont succeed. Everyone incuding you made a donation. You are the Mukhiya of this village so your donation should have been the first. It actually came out to be true. Sarkar asks Him if He has lost His mind. Sai shows the coin that Sarkar had thrown at Him and adds it in the bowl.

He tells Dheer to go with Keshav and Tatya. Bring ingredients and machinery with this. Dheer takes it from Sai. Sarkar looks on. Sai looks a little tensed. Dheer leaves. Sai tells Sarkar the work will begin from today like He said. Sarkar is positive they wont succeed. Sai says jewellery and sweat came together in this bowl. This proves that hard work and good luck have come together. It is a sign of victory. All villagers gave their everything today to save a few. I see their victory in their unity. Baaki Allah Maalik! Sarkar leaves with Santa and Banta.


Mere Sai 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar tells Santa and Banta to make sure no one turns up to support Sai. Villagers are unable to find labours or ingredients. Mhalsapati ji tells Sai it is impossible to finish the road in the said time. Sai picks up a spade.

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