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Mere Sai 22nd November 2022 Santa Banta tell Bhumi about the competition and its impossible to win there and soon Shiv will die of tiredness and hunger. Bhumi rushes to Shiv, she sees Shiv cycling. Bhumi tries to talk to Shiv and says by Sai’s blessings we will find a way but Shiv doesn’t listen and keeps cycling.

Vaishali, Divakar and Geetabai arrive at ghe location. Bhumi sees Sai and rushes to Sai. Bhuki asks Sai to talk to Shiv. Sai says Bhumi, Shiv isn’t doing anything wrong. Geetabai says this is impossible and if he doesn’t work how will we pay, you please talk to him. Sai says Bhumi did you ever think you and Shiv would perform as artist, Bhumi says no.

Sai says this is the proof that Shiv and Bhumi can do anything, Bhumi says he does even talk to me, Sai says he is upset because he loves you and you two have always fought together and now is again the day when you have to support Shiv in his path and with your support he can do anything and my blessings are with you two.

Bhumi walks to Shiv and says I know you are upset but I won’t leave you and keeps walking with Shiv. Organisers says now we have to wait and watch will Shiv win this competition.

Day 2 arrives and Shiv keeps cycling and Bhumi walks with him. Day 3, Shiv gets tired but keeps cycling and Bhumi keeps walking too. Day 4 arrives and organiser gets tensed if Shiv wins Kulkarni won’t spare him. Bhumi rushes to get water for Shiv, Shiv doesn’t have it and keeps cycling.
Vaishali stops Bhumi and gives Shiv water, he takes it. Bhumi starts crying and thinks this is not fair.

Bhumi still keeps waiting for Shiv and gets food for him, Shiv finally lets her feed him food. Santa Banta send men to hit Shiv, Bhumi stops Santa Banta and says I won’t let you touch my husband, they push her and go towards Shiv, Bhumi chants Sai’s name. Sai narrating Ramayan.
Bhumi sees Kulkarni’s men unable to reach Shiv, Bhumi smiles at Shiv and thanks Sai.

Kulkarni on 5th day hits Ramdas(organiser) and says if Shiv wins I will kill you, because you let his family feed him water and food. Ramdas said I am sorry but I have to do this so that people can participate and even you sent men even they couldn’t stop him, this is miracle. Kulkarni says shutup and gives Ramdas a idea. Ramdas says this is not fair, Kulkarni says do as I say or else I will kill you.

Ramdas goes to competition and says the competition is for 6 days, Bhumi says its written 5 days. Ramdas says Shiv had no money and so he agreed for 6 days, Bhumi tells Shiv, Shiv denies. Ramdas calls Shiv handicapped and says he didn’t understand not my fault he will get money when he cycles for 6 days.

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Mere Sai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ramdas announces Day 6 and says looks like Shiv will die today. Bhumi begs Sai to help, Sai says I can’t help Shiv.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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