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Mere Sai 22nd November 2021 Salim reaches home and excitedly calls out to Rihana and Ali. He tells them everything that happened at Ramdas ji’s gathering today. Rihana and Ali get tensed. Ali is sure Sarkar will take revenge from their family. Salim is sure he wont be able to do anything. I know rich people too now. Rihana asks him about the workers. Salim realizes that he forgot about it.

Rihana breaks down. You don’t see anything beyond your gramophone. I have been working alone since so many days. There are boils in my hand because I have been working alone but you don’t care. Salim tells her not to cry. Rest for some time. I will ask Madav to help. I am sure he will not say no. Please don’t cry. She nods. Salim takes gramophone with him. It will be fun to listen to it while hearing music. Rihana and Ali look on.

Banta is resting on the swing while Santa massages his feet. Banta says I now understand how easy Sarkar must be feeling after sitting on this swing. Sarkar says Hari Om. They are startled to see him home so early. Wasn’t there a bhoj? Sarkar tells them what happened at Ramdas ji’s gathering. I wont let him match my status! What if someone else tries to stand against me tomorrow? They say that this is what they had pointed out earlier. Sarkar vows to cut Salim’s wings. He wont be able to even look me in the eye anymore.

Salim is lost in the music. Kakasaheb calls out to him. Salim greets them. He asks Kakasaheb if he came to hear the music too. Kakasaheb denies. No music can match the peace with Sai’s voice. I came to check on the order. Salim shares that only 50 blankets are ready as of now. Kaksaheb reminds him of the order. You said you will complete it on time. Salim nods. Ladies are busy with other work due to Diwali so the work is slow. Sai reasons that Jhipri and Rihana had made 50 blankets in 2 days.

You had more time on your hand this time. You and Rihana could have completed the order within few days itself if you had tried. Salim replies that he was busy. Kakasaheb asks him if he was busy or if he has changed. Salim asks him what he means. Kakasaheb says I gave order to Salim Bhai who was diligent but the Salim Bhai in front of me who is giving me excuses of not completing work is different. Sai explains that the blankets were to be given to the needy who have no means to stay warm in winters. These blankets are going to keep them warm.

Salim says I haven’t said no. I will only take another week. Kakasaheb reminds him that he is asking for extra time on the last day. You know that winter has come a little earlier this year. Salim retorts that he can see that he is working on his own. Kakasaheb looks at the gramophone. I can see that. You are busy showing off your gramophone to people! Salim says living my life on my own terms is my personal choice.

Kakasaheb nods. You took advance yet you dint complete the order on time. I thought that you will come and deliver the blankets on your own as I trust you. I can accept the delay of a day or two but I cannot accept the delay of a week. I had forgotten about the deadline if it wasn’t for Sai. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out how slow you have been working if Sai hadn’t brought me here. Salim tells Sai He could have come to him if there was a problem. Why did you use Kakasaheb? Sai says there is a necessity.

I was right to worry. Kakasaheb tells Salim not to taunt Sai. It is you who hasn’t completed the order within time. I want my blankets asap. I cannot wait for a week now. Salim decides to return him the advance tomorrow. Ask someone else to complete the order. Sai asks Salim how he can say no at the last moment. How can you return the order like this? You have all the resources you need but what about the needy people who have nothing? They could have at least managed to pass their winters with the blanket. What’s the point of donating something so late?

Salim insists that he will be able to finish order as per his will only. No one, not even Dixit ji can force me to do anything. I too have a status to maintain now. I will return the advance to him in a day or two but I wont be able to complete this order. Sai leaves with Kakasaheb.

Santa and Banta are eating pakoras to their heart’s content. The shopkeeper isn’t pleased to serve them but he has no option but to comply. They have eaten 200 pakoras but their stomach is like a well. They wont be able to eat anything if they are asked to pay! Santa and Banta discuss their plan to tackle Salim. Santa asks for more pakoras. The shopkeeper decides to teach them a lesson. He adds extra red chilli in the mixture and smiles. Santa and Banta scream and hold the shopkeeper by his collar. You added extra chilli! Shopkeeper reasons that he wont do this after serving them for so long. Your face is turning red. Have some water immediately. They run.

Shyama says Salim has lost his capacity to think since he got the gramophone. Kakasaheb wonders what they should do. Sai notices Manik sitting in a corner. He looks worried for some reason. He might need help. They approach Manik who greets them. Sai asks him why he is worried. Manik shares that a person owes him money for an order but it’s been 3 months. He refused to pay me when I approached him today. Kakasaheb advises him to file a legal complaint.

Manik is hesitant but Kakasaheb explains the logic behind his suggestion. Bearing injustice is no different than being unjust yourself. Manik agrees. Sai asks Kakasaheb why he wont put this suggestion to use for his order as well. Kakasaheb asks Sai if He is asking him to take a legal action against Salim. Wont it be too much? Sai nods. He must realize his mistake. Shyama says Rihana and Ali will be in trouble as well. Salim is my old friend. We should talk to him in a way that he will understand. He has called me over for some help. I will talk to him. Sai says Allah Maalik.

Shyama is at Salim’s place. You are stuck on your position and name because of this gramophone. You are not looking at your family. Are the people who are chasing you because of this important than your family? You are hurting everyone and yourself because of it. Salim asks him if they couldn’t wait for one more week. What was wrong about it? Ali asks him if he cannot go to Sakori to hire some workers when he can visit Ramdas ji for a gathering. You said no to Sai.

You weren’t like this. Shyama seconds him. Rihana says I am irked because of this gramophone. Why cannot you see that it is ruining everything? Salim asks them why their every statement circles around gramophone. Shyama says because they are because of it. Salim says I am able to finally live the life I have always wanted and attain what I always wanted to. Shyama begins to explain Sai’s points of view but Salim gets irked. He is the one who is instigating everyone against my gramophone!

It is as if He has something personal against it! Shyama tells him to stop. I wont hear anything against Sai. Salim tells him to leave in that case. It is my house and I am free to say whatever is on my mind. Shyama pulls the track from Salim’s hand. Look at the face of your wife and son. They are in so much pain because of your obsession. Salim asks for the track but Shyama refuses. They both pull at it from opposite ends and it breaks. Salim glares at Shyama.


Mere Sai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Salim’s gramophone has been stolen and he sits down in shock. Bheeva shares that he is in a state of shock. He must react in any way or it can be dangerous for him. Sai pats at Salim’s shoulder. Salim hugs Sai and cries.

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