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Mere Sai 21st November 2022 Vaishali sees Bhumi give money to vendor and thinks why is she giving him money, Divakar calls Vaishali and says its late lets go. Vaishali leaves.
Bhumi tells vendor to not deliver cycle now and explains because Shiv is upset.

Divakar and Vaishali meet Sai and thank him for saving their relationship. Sai asks Vaishali why is she so quiet. Vaishali says I am sorry I misunderstood you, you tried explaining me but I kept ignoring. Sai says now what. Vaishali says I am worried about Shiv, I don’t trust Bhumi and where will they get money from. Sai says whatever you see isn’t always true, and Vaishali you made few mistakes which created differences between Shiv and Bhumi and now you will have to fix it, I have to go help someone and Sai leaves.

Shiv sitting alone under a tree and thinks about the competition. He draws Om Sai on soil. Vendor walks to him with cycle and says your admirer has sent this cycle for you and hands him letter and leaves. Shiv very happy to have cycle and thanks Sai.

Santa Banta arrive near the competition menu, Santa Banta see the fruit vendor and asks him to pay Kulkarni’s taxes. Fruit vendor tells he has money but was waiting for Santa Banta, Santa Banta want to have fruits and take his fruits saying this is penalty for late fees.

Shiv rushes to organiser and tells he has arranged cycle. Santa Banta see Shiv with organiser and see his new cycle. Shiv tells organiser he doesn’t have money but begs him to give him one chance. Organiser says I have a condition, if you win the money is yours but if you loose then the cycle is mine. Shiv agrees and enters his name for the competition. Santa Banta say if he wins he will pay the taxes and so plan to trick Shiv and go lock his cycle and go hide.

Shiv goes to get his cycle and sees its locked. Shiv looks around to see if someone is around and remembers Geetabai give him a key and telling him Sai gave it and said you always have to keep it with you and once you find the lock everything will be solved. Shiv removes key and opens the lock. Santa Banta shocked. Shiv thanks Sai and leaves.

Santa Banta check the lock and find it’s similar. Shiv writes Om Sai Ram on cardboard and puts it on a poll and prays. Shiv begins the competition.
Santa says Banta we have to do something.

Santa Banta meet organiser and take organiser aside and says you haven’t taken permit from Kulkarni, so you need to pay penalty. Organiser says who the hell is this Kulkarni. Santa says he is head of this village and take him away.

Kulkarni tortures organiser and ask why did he allow Shiv, Organiser says don’t worry because no one can ride cycle for 5 days straight, we fool people this way and get money from their entry fee and Shiv can never do even few days. Kulkarni says you are smart and today is good day for you because I have joined your business and now half income will be mine and its my order. Organiser says okay and leaves.

Santa asks Kulkarni what if Sai does black magic, Kulkarni says forget that and go tell Bhumi what Shiv is doing, so then she will be distracted and she won’t be able to do any shows.

Bhumi waiting for Shiv, thinking he will come back excited after seeing cycle. Santa Banta arrive and tell Bhumi how Shiv is playing with his life and he and her house soon she will lose both.


Mere Sai 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to Bhumi, I have told you Shiv will chose path but will need your help to reach destination.Kulkarni sends men to stop Shiv, Bhumi steps in ti fight them.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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