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Mere Sai 21st June 2021 Sai tells the Sardar to do penitence for all the misdeeds. This will be your penitence! Sardar agrees. I renounce all the bad things from this moment onwards and swear to serve others from now onwards. Everyone smiles. He keeps his rifle in Sai’s feet. He turns to his men next. I wont pressurize anyone but you guys are free to leave. They all lay down their weapons in front of Sai one by one. We have followed you even when you were on the wrong path so how can we leave you alone when you have taken the right path? We can leave you for a minute but how can we leave Sai? Sai smiles. Allah Maalik! A guy thanks Das Ganu. We met Sai because of you. Our Sardar’s life got saved too in the process. Ganu gives credit to Sai. Ganu turns to Sai. Entire world will remember what you did just to keep my word. Only Sai deserves your thank you. Sardar says I wouldn’t have been alive if it wasn’t for you. Ganu says it was Sai’s leela only. Sai knew that this incident was going to happen in Sakori. You dint allow me to go there till the time Jyotendra was here. You sent him with me intentionally as you knew that I wont be able to think in that situation and Jyotendra will help us. He did that by chanting your name and guided us. Sai says Ram ji is the story writer while I am just a narrator. It was all because of your good deeds. Jyotendra says you may not agree but we have been blessed to be with you because of the good deeds done in our previous births only. They chant Sai Baba ki Jai in unison. Sai smiles. Ram ji Bhala Karein!

Storeroom has caught fire. Sugandha’s mother wakes up with a start screaming Sugandha’s name. Her husband and son ask her what happened. Sugandha’s father shares that she isn’t well since last night. I let her sleep for a little longer and she woke up screaming Sugandha’s name. Sugandha’s SIL says it must be a bad dream. Sugandha’s brother asks his mother about her dream. She tells them (in mute). Sugandha’s father is sure it wont happen. Dreams are meaningless. We have seen now much everyone loves our daughter. She is sure that their daughter is in trouble. Take me to Sai. I want to tell Him about this dream. I wont be at peace till the time Sai confirms that Sugandha is fine. Her SIL tells her not to bother Sai for such a small thing but her MIL insists. Sugandha’s father tells her to get ready. We will go to Sai.

Sugandha’s SIL looks worried. She notices her husband lost and asks him if he is fine. He says I kept thinking of what you had told me earlier about Sugandha. You were right. There was no genuine happiness on her face. She tells him not to worry. You said that she will be fine till the time Sai is with us. Have Saburi. Sai is with us. We will go with Aayi Baba too and ask Sai ourselves.

Baizama asks Sai why He is still tensed. You helped Das Ganu already. A couple greets Sai just then. Sai smiles. Baizama welcomes Bapusaheb ji and Tai Bai. It’s been a long time since we saw you. Bapusaheb ji shares that they went to attend a wedding. Sai asks them if everything went smoothly. Bapusaheb ji nods. Sai notices Tai Bai looking sad. Tai Bai says everyone helped in the wedding except me. You know I haven’t been keeping well. I only have this complaint with life. I have been blessed with everything except good health. I also feel inspired after seeing Baiza and my husband do so much for everyone. I have been thinking of having a Brahmin Bhoj for 100 Brahmins but I am not capable enough to cook for so many people. People my age go on pilgrimages but I am not fit to go anywhere. I cannot even keep a fast properly. Sai closes His eyes and nods. Everyone watches Him intently. Sai asks Tai Bai if she can make 12 Puranpoli’s. She agrees. He asks her to go home and make 12 Puranpoli’s. Open your door when the sun is right above your house. Give Puranpoli to whoever you see first. Tai Bai agrees. Who will it be? Will it be you? Baizama and Sai smile. Baizama tells Tai Bai to trust Sai. Just do as He says. You will understand the reason soon. Tai Bai says I am very excited and happy to be given this chance. Sai tells Baizama to go with Tai Bai. Remember that she has to do it herself. Baizama nods. Bapusaheb tries to leave as well but Sai requests him to stay back. Go in some time. Bapusaheb agrees. Baizama goes with Tai Bai. Bapusaheb wonders why Sai stopped him.

Sugandha’s mother greets Sai just then. Sugandha’s family is standing near the stairs. Sai and Bapusaheb look in their direction.

Sugandha requests her in-laws to let her come outside. I am not at fault. Please give me some water. Sugandha’s husband and in-laws are eating outside whereas Sugandha is in a really bad state inside.

Sugandha’s mother requests Sai to tell her that her dream dint mean anything. I shouldn’t worry, right? Sai asks her if something else is bothering her as well. Her son shares that Sugandha requested for money when she came home in the morning with her in-laws. It looked as if she wasn’t asking on her own. It felt as if she was under pressure. Sai asks him what they did next. Sugandha’s father says we said no this time. I remembered what you had told me last time. We weren’t capable of helping them this time anyways. Sugandha’s in-laws did not argue though. It did not look as if she will be in trouble because of it. Can it be a reason? Sai gets thinking.

Sugandha’s FIL asks his son what they should do about the house. We have punished her but we got nothing. Sugandha’s husband says he will give in sooner or later. This is the dharma of a bride’s parents to agree to all the demands. We have given her a roof after all. His mother seconds him. Let her stay there for 4-5 days. They will succumb to our demands. Sugandha hears them and cries. Sugandha’s MIL says they will give money after seeing Sugandha cry. It is better than letting their married daughter stay with them. Sugandha wonders if this is her life. Either ask for money from parents or be tortured here? I have done my duty as a DIL but no one values me here. No one needs me here! These people only need money. Will this ever end?


Mere Sai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bheema, Chandu, Keshav and Tatya bring some stuff at Dwarkamai. They ask Sai what it is for. Sai replies that we need to help someone gain freedom. Baizama and Tai Bai open the door at the said hour and notice a buffalo tied outside the house.

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