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Mere Sai 21st July 2020 Episode Sai tells Baliram that change is life, traveling from darkness towards light is life. Tatya asks Sai if Raghav’s fate changed. Sai says Raghav continued to work hard for a long time, finally his hard work paid off and he gathered wealth with hard work; he had not forgotten his old days, he went near old water well, stood there for a few minutes and walked alway; his situation changed, but not his habit, he turned back again and stood shocked. Baliram asks what did he see that he stood shocked. Sai says he saw same sunset and footseps, but this time there was a difference; there were 4 footsteps instead of 2. He gets afraid and asks who is it. God/Ishwar appears. Raghav asks when he was in trouble, where was he; doesn’t god help his disciple. Baliram tells Sai that Raghav’s rose a valid question, where does god go when disciples are in trouble. God tells Raghav that he was lifting him when he was in trouble, so he saw only 2 footsteps.

Vaishnavi frightens Krishna and asks where had she been. Krishna says she had been to temple. Vaishnavi says she is lying as aarti finished long ago. Krishna says she had gone to buy vegetables, then helped an old woman by carrying her water pot till her house. Vaishnavi asks Jaya to bring stick. Krisna apologizes and says she will finish household chores first and then will go out. Vaishniv brutally trashes Krishna with stick while she pleads to spare her. Vidyadhar plays bell loudly outside home to stop neighbors from hearing Krishna’s cry. Vaishnavi continues trashing her while Jaya throws banana skin on her way and she slips. Her grandmother enters and holds her; she confronts Vaishnavi not to trouble Krishna so much and fear god. Vaishnavi walks away yelling that she will continue to punish Krishna and nobody can dare stop her. Aaji pampers Krishna.

Out of story, Sai tells Baliram that god is always with disciple and helps him. He asks Baliram to start his journey now. Baliram leaves. Sai then asks Tatya to bring one ripe mango and one raw one. On the other side, Krishna’s grandmother/aaji searches her and finds her sitting under a tree singing her mother’s lullaby. She walks to her and applying medicine on her wounds asks if she is fine. Krishna says she feels peace when she sings her mother’s lullaby. Sai walks to her and says she has to continue bearing it for sometime, soon she will see good days. Aaji says she is worried for Jaya. Sai shows raw and ripe mangoes and gives moral gyaan that when raw mango went tolerated climatic changes and a lot other challenges, it ripened and became sweet; similarly she has to bear all the problems temporarily to enjoy good life. Vaishnavi fumes hearing that and yells at Sai behind.

Vaishnavi orders Krishna to go and prepare something for her. Krishna says she will prepare Jaya’s favorite Kheer. Vaishnavi says whatever. Vidyadhar returns from work and informs Vashnavi that he has invited a young rich senior govt official for lunch tomorrow. She yells who will prepare food. He says Krisna will and convinces Krishna. He then tells Vaishnavi that if the officer sees Jaya and selects her for marriage, Jaya will lead a lavish life. Vaishnavi gets happy and says she will get sari and jewelry for Jaya. Vidyadhar gets concerned that the officer may like Jaya. Vaishnavi yells that Jaya is very beautiful and Krishna ugly, so he will select only Jaya. Sai noticing it via telepathy sitting in Dwarka mayi tells Tatya’s wife that an ant sitting on chakki thinks it is rotating chakki, but truth is someone else is rotating it.

Baliram’s bullock cart breaks down on the way and driver asks him to spend night in a guest house while he repairs it by morning. Baliram says if he reaches market late, other businessmen will buy good grains from farmers and he will be left with bad ones, so he will walk till market. Driver says there may be dacoits in jungle. Baliram says he took Sai’s blessings before coming and nothing will happen to him.

Krishna serves food to family, Aaji praises her culinary skills. She then serves bakhri roti to Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi angrily throws plate on her face, injuring her forehead.


Mere Sai 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vaishnavi orders Jaya to stay hungry whole day.Jaya doesn’t get sleep at night due to hunger. Aaj tries to feed her, but Jaya stops her. Sai notices it while meditating

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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