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Mere Sai 21st January 2022 Appa Patil tells his friend how the road was built with Sai’s help. His friend tells him to stop. We have been only talking about Sai since we have started. There is a life beyond Sai as well. Look beyond it and you will find that there is a world beyond Sai too. Appa Patil says He has saved us from every problem.

His friend asks him to prove it but Appa Patil is sure he doesn’t have to prove the merit of His God. Things will happen when and how they are supposed to happen. They are about to eat when there is an announcement that the car will come a little earlier than before. Appa Patil rues that they wont be able to eat in peace now. His friend says we can eat in the train as well. Why don’t you ask Sai to delay the car a little?

Girija’s toddler is crying. She notices Sumitra picking Gopal with shaky hands. Sumitra’s husband tells Girija to hold Gopal instead. Her hands are shaking. What if something goes wrong? Girija looks on sweetly. Sumitra’s husband gets up but Girija stops him. Nothing will happen to Gopal. He is safe in her hands.

They watch Sumitra comfort the baby. Girija tells her BIL to just watch. Gopal calms down. Girija tells her BIL that Sumitra is like a mother to Gopal. She cannot harm him knowingly or unknowingly. Shyam tells his mother that he is full. Girija keeps his plate aside. She gives food to Sumitra but Sumitra shakes her head.

Girija convinces her that it will make Shyam and Gopal happy. Shyam nods and feeds Sumitra. Everyone including Sumitra is touched. Girija tells Sumitra she handles both the kids very well. They eat and sleep with you. You know how to handle the kids. Sumitra disagrees. God does not think like this which is why I haven’t been blessed with a baby. Sumitra’s husband heads outside. His brother follows him.

Sumitra’s husband wipes his tears. When will this end? When will she agree that we are not destined to have a kid and that we should live by it? She has stopped living over what we don’t have. When will she start looking at what we have? He hugs his brother and cries.

Giriji is comforting Sumitra inside.

Next morning, Sai meets Tatya on His way. Send a letter to Nanasaheb asking him to come over. Tatya nods. Is there something special? Sai nods. It is Shree Ganesh ji’s birth anniversary next month. A lot is going to change that day. Tatya nods and excuses himself.

Sai feeds fodder to a cow as it moos. You must be facing difficulty in finding food here. There is a place where you wont come across this problem. That place belongs to a milkman (Gwala) after all. He takes out a bell from his bag and ties it around the cow’s neck. This will take you there. Do my work as well when you reach there.

Girija takes Sumitra outside. Sumitra is hesitant but Girija reasons that this will make her happy. Come out a little and soak some sun. it is our first day in new home. We must make rangoli outside. Sit with me so I don’t feel alone. Sumitra agrees to sit by the door. You can make it. Girija agrees. Sit here today. Come outside tomorrow.

Girija sits down to make rangoli. She smiles as she notices Sumitra looking at the birds chirping. Sumitra’s husband and brother are pleasantly surprised to see Sumitra outside. Sumitra’s husband tells her that he is glad to see her here. Keep trying like this. Sumitra replies that she cannot say no to Tai.

Her husband nods. We will be back in some time. His brother shares that they are going to meet Sarkar to buy some land. Girija tells her BIL that this seems to be the magic of Sai’s udi. She ate an entire roti and is not feeling so restless right now. He nods. Guess Baizama Mausi was right about Sai. Girija’s husband tells Girija to look after Sumitra.

Appa Patil and his friends have reached Mathura. Appa Patil suggests booking an accommodation first to clean up. His friend shares that he has booked a place already. We have to give advance though. Let’s take out money. Appa Patil is unable to find his bag and panics. His friends are sure it must be with him but Appa Patil realizes that he left it behind at the station by mistake. His friend offers to pay for him for now. You can return it to me once we reach home. Appa Patil nods silently.

2 ladies happen to pass by Girija and asks her if they are new in Shirdi. Are you new here? GIrija nods. She introduces Sumitra and tells about the family to the ladies. One of them ask if Sumitra does not have a kid. Sumitra panics. Girija tries to change the subject but the ladies continue asking the same question. Seems like your SIL has been married for some time. does she not have a kid? Shyam hugs Sumitra.

I am going out to play. Should I bring some ber for you? Girija tells him to go ahead. Don’t pluck anything from a new place. He leaves. The ladies ask Girija if she does not know how inauspicious it is for a woman like Sumitra to be around the kids. Sumitra starts feeling anxious. Girija reasons that she does not believe in it. My kids are as much hers as they are mine. The lady says it does not change the fact that Sumitra is childless. Sumitra breaks down and runs inside. Girija goes after her. Sai has seen everything.

Appa Patil and his friends stop to drink tea. One of the friends ask Appa Patil if he needs to borrow money from anyone. Your Sai can do miracles. His other friend seconds him. They both laugh and continue to mock Appa Patil. Sai might have left your side but we wont. Appa Patil prays to Sai for help. My devotion is being mocked upon here!

Sai asks for alms. The ladies tell Sai that they are off to market. We don’t have anything to give to you right now. Sai says I want something else from you. I have decided to go on a pilgrimage but I cannot go alone at this age. I want you to send your sons with me. We will be back in 2-3 years. The ladies are taken aback.

How can you ask us to send our sons with you? How can a mother stay away from her kids for 3 years? Sai says you panicked when I asked you to be away from your kids for 3 years. Why don’t you to try to understand how a woman who is deprived of the joy of motherhood would feel? Girija looks on.

Pundit ji is feeding the cows. The same cow (who Sai had fed in the morning) walks in just then. Pundit ji feeds the cow as well. You seem to be new here. A pouch falls from the cow’s neck. Pundit ji realizes that it is filled with money. Who do they belong to? How should I find the owner?

Appa Patil is walking sadly.

Pundit ji looks at the idol. I have never touched anything apart from what I have earned by worshipping you. This money belongs to someone else. I cannot keep it with me. You have put me in dilemma by giving them to me. What should I do with them now? Please guide me.

Appa Patil wonders what he should do in this situation.


Mere Sai 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Girija asks Sumitra to open the door. She asks Sai to come with her. Sumitra has locked herself in the room after hearing everything. Her husband and BIL return just then and break open the door. They look inside and appear shocked.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
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