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Mere Sai 20th October 2020 Keshav’s eyes widen in shock as he reads it. Tatya asks him what’s written in it. Santa and Banta are watching them anxiously. Keshav is about to say something when Banta makes a noise. They both hide. Keshav shares that Sai has been pronounced guilty in a court case. Sai has been summoned for the hearing only. Tatya and Keshav decide to inform Sai. They come to Dwarkamai. Sai asks them if they read the letter. Keshav apologizes to Sai. It was important to read it. Sai says it is important to untangle this yarn. Everything depends on it!

Kurkarni Sarkar is thrilled to hear about the court case. He (Sai) is bound to be exposed now! I will expose him in front of the people of Shirdi. I feel like giving you both a prize now. Santa and Banta jump in excitement. Kulkarni Sarkar asks for the reason. Why was that Fakir summoned in the first place? They tell him that they couldn’t hear the reason. Kulkarni Sarkar says you two never have complete information. Banta blames Santa. Santa admits his mistake. I can rectify this mistake. Sai told Tatya to bury the letter under the Neem tree near Dwarkamai. Kulkarni Sarkar tells them to do it right away. They leave.

Keshav says I know you don’t care but it is a legal matter. Things can aggravate if you wont show up after receiving 3 summons. Sai says my Kashi, court, heaven and jail are Dwarkamai only. Where will I go from here? Go and bury the letter as instructed. They nod and leave. Om Sai plays.

Santa and Banta look on as Tatya digs a hole in the ground. Keshav says I find something fishy here. It might be someone’s plan against us as the summon is from Dhule. English Army wont care whether Sai is a Bairagi (recluse) or not. Tatya says I worry about it too but Sai cares for everyone. Who are we to worry about him? we have been following all his orders till date. We should do that now as well. Keshav nods as he hands over the summon to Tatya. Tatya buries it. They head back.

Santa starts digging the land but they get scared as they see a snake approaching them. Santa and Banta panic and flee from the spot.

Tatya and Keshav hear Sai thanking Ram ji. They look at each other in confusion. What happened, Sai? Sai says a very big problem has been sorted now. Everything will be fine once all the knots are untangled. He asks Keshav why he is still worried. Trust me. Keshav says I trust you but not the English army. Tatya asks Sai why he is being summoned to Dhule. You have never been there. Tatya ask Sai what the matter really is. Sai says truth takes time to unveil. Maybe the roads from Shirdi to Dhule will open soon.

A lady (Vasundhara) comes to police station. Her husband is sitting in a corner and his hands are handcuffed. Vasundhara asks her husband if Sai dint come to court today too. He shakes his head. She wonders what’s lacking in her prayers that her husband is going through so much pain. You can hear anyone’s plea from far. Why aren’t you coming to help us now? Her husband tells her that everything is over now. She tells him not to think like that. I am sure that Sai is with us. No one can harm us till the time Sai is with us. He asks her if their son found out about this. She denies. He keeps asking about you though. It is important for you to be present with him so he can recover. He mentally requests Sai to come for his son, if not for him. Constable puts him back in his cell.

Captain asks Vasundhara why Sai hasn’t come till date. You were so confident that Sai can prove your husband’s innocence. She insists that her husband isn’t lying. He says I think your husband isn’t lying too. His mistake is not stealing but of trusting people. I think Sai is the real thief. He gave the jewels to your husband to save himself. Vasundhara says Sai never thinks nor harms anyone. He calls it superstition whereas calls it faith. he points out that 3 summons have been sent to Sai already. She is positive that Sai will come and prove her husband’s innocence soon.

The thread between faith and disbelief is very thin. Faith helps people whereas disbelief ruins people. He asks for a peacock’s feather from a lady. Abdul comes there and tells Sai that Sakharam’s son is ill. He is writhing in pain. She gives the feather to Sai. Sai thanks her and then goes with Abdul.

Police Inspector says I did whatever I could. The rest is on you and Sai now. He tells Ganpat Rao (constable) that they have an arrest warrant for Sai as he has ignored all 3 summons. Go to Shirdi and bring him here. We will take him to court then. Constable leaves. Vasundhara’s daughter comes there just then. She shares that her brother is unwell.

Sai reaches that Sakharam’s house with Abdul. Sakharam and his wife request Sai to save their son. Everyone is saying that you are our last hope. We don’t have money to take him to a Vaid. Sakharam’s wife says I cannot see his pain. Sai says a mother’s pain reaches Ram ji always.

Some kids are teasing Vasundhara’s son by calling his father a thief. Neighbours enjoy the drama. He keeps hurting while chasing other kids. Vasundhara and her daughter reach there just then. Vasundhara questions the kids. Why do you bother him so much? What has he done to you? They reply that he stole fruits from their garden and even broke their pots. Vasundhara reasons that he is not well. You know he has no control over it. She also questions the neighbours. You all enjoy the drama! They nod. We have told you to admit him to a mental asylum many times. Your husband stole so that he can pay for his treatment. He is not even good to do anything. It would be better if he dies! Vasundhara warns them to be quiet. He is my son and I love him more than myself. He will shoulder all his responsibilities on his own. My Sai will treat him. She hugs her son.

The kid asks his Aayi to do something. Sai takes out the feather from his bag.

Vasundhara prays to Sai’s photo for his son’s well being. Her daughter shares that Baba used to calm Dada earlier. Wish we had money. Vasundhara says I would have brought medicine already if I had money. Her daughter asks her what she should do then. How will Dada be fine?

Sai rubs the feather over Sakharam’s kid’s body. Vasundhara’s son’s wounds heal up at the same time. His sister looks at her brother in confusion. He and Sakharam’s son are healed at the same second. Sakharam’s parents fold their hands in gratitude and smile. Everyone else follow suit.

Vasundhara’s son falls asleep. His sister tells her Aayi to look. Vasundhara is surprised to see him fine. She chants Om Sai Ram gratefully.

Sakharam and his family thank Sai.

Vasundhara checks her son’s arms and face and smiles in relief. She thanks Sai once again. My faith on you is my biggest strength. It helps me face any situation. I would have broken long ago otherwise. I don’t know the story behind that jewellery but I know that my husband will never lie by using your name. Please help him get out of this situation. My son’s condition is worsening because he is away. It is said that you start blessing when all the doors close. You are my last hope.

Sai steps out of Sakharam’s house but then stops. Ram ji helps everyone. One must wait for the right time. Your right time is about to begin.


Mere Sai 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni Sarkar says we will welcome Ganpat Ram ji before everyone else. We will instigate him so much that he can destroy Sai. Someone overhears it. Sai chants a shloka about how things work as per Ram ji’s wish.

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