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Mere Sai 20th July 2022 Vishwas tries to bribe his friends with toffees to make him captain. They all deny and says to Vishwas that Prahlad was our captain and always will be. Prahlad says Vishwas we have made our decision but we still have place for you to play. Vishwas says to him what do you think of yourself and pushes him. Sai saves Prahlad from hitting his head on stone.

At mill, Sharad guves order to everyone to work. His colleagues discuss how rude Sharad is behaving after becoming foreman. Supervisor likes Sharad’s hold. Sharad walks to Bhiva and says Bhiva don’t hurry in work do as I say. Bhiva says I know my work, I work here before you do so don’t teach me.

Sharad thinks if Bhiva doesn’t respect me all others won’t too. Sharad yells at Bhiva and says do as I say, Bhiva says you don’t tell me what to do. Sharad says you don’t have sense of talking to higher authority.

Sharad and Bhiva about to get on an argument. Supervisor walks in and says wow you two going to fight, cmon start let us all watch. Supervisor scolds Bhiva for misbehaving and says listen to what Sharad says he ia your senior and all here have to listen to what Sharad says. Sharad says no one stops working and do as I say and leaves.

Sai walks to Vishwas and says what kind of behaviour is this, Prahlad would be badly injured. Vishwas says no one is letting me be captain here and Prahlad is showing off and so I got angry. Sai asks but why do you want to be captain.

Vishwas says because my father is a head now and head of all their fathers, everyone listens to them and so even I should be the captain. Prahlad says why show attitude even my grand father is owner but I. not showing off and all these new things I am having them since long, others say our father don’t go to mill and Prahlad is captain because he plays well.

Sai says Vishwas your father is foreman because he worked for it. Vishwas says how did they decide I am not capable, even I can play and should be given a chance. Sai says correct, let us give you and Prahlad chance to prove your capability.
A boy keeping an eye on all of them.

Sai says to Prahlad and Vishwas, you two will start saying kabadi in one breath and whoever stops firsts looses. Competition begins.Sharad walks to Supervisor, Supervisor tells him work is very slow and all need to do overtime to fix this delay. Sharad says I will talk to them, Supervisor says talking won’t help trick them into working that is what foreman does. Sharad says I will manage and leaves.

Sharad says to workers, all compulsory have to do overtime to cope up with the work. Bhiva says there is no such compulsion. Sharad says I made this rule and all have to follow, because I make rules here and if you don’t you will loose your job. Keshav arrives.

Prahlad wins the competition, his friends very happy. Sai says to Vishwas, you have to accept Prahlad is better player than you and now forget whatever happened, practice your game and play with your friends and once you become good at it, you can be the captain till then learn.

Ragini says but Sai, he has to apologise to Prahlad. Vishwas says I don’t want to play with you all, I will find new friends and make a new team. Sai says Vishwas accepting your mistake is first step towards improvement. Vishwas says all this is of no use, these people don’t like me they always get upset, they did when I got them toffees too, what if I eat my toffee first it was mine and leaves.

The boy keeping an eye on everyone rushes to Vishwas and offers him mango. Vishwas asks who are you, He says I am Madan and I think you were right you should be the captain, be my friend and you can be captain kf our team I stay in near by village.

Vishwas very happy. Madan says you play with us and we will defeat them and you can teach them lesson. Vishwas says done what do you need. Madan says get some money and we will fix everything. Vishwas says done, my father has lot of money.

Kids asks Sai why is Vishwas behaving so weird. Sai says I hope Vishwas gets his parents guidance.
Keshav says to Sharad he can’t behave this way. Supervisor asks Keshav not to interfere in production process and if he has any problem he better speak to Balvant. Sharad says this is final all will be doing overtime and will be paid.

Bhiva says I won’t, we aren’t slaves here and don’t want to become like you, can’t you see Vishwas is spoiling, your father was unwell and I went to help him. Sharad shouts at Bhiva and says how dare you speak to me like this, leave the mill right now don’t dare you come back you are fired. Bhiva leaves.
Sharad says whoever wants to leave can go.
Supervisor praises Sharad for his work and says you will get 10₹ comission.

Bhiva tells Sai about Sharad’s behaviour. Sai sees ant and asks Bhiva so, Bhiva says how will I earn for my family now. Sai walks to the ant and creats a hurdle from hand but the ant crosses and goes to sweet. Sai says Bhiva did you see this small ant didn’t stop seeing hurdles she faced it and crossed it and do you think you did wrong, Bhiva says no. Sai says then don’t be scared you raised voice against injustice and God is with you.

Bhiva says Sai I will work hard but I am worried about my other colleagues how will they take care of their family. Sai says get those who are forced to work here before mill. Bhiva says sure I will but what have you thought. Sai says have patience and faith, you will understand everything tomorrow.

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Mere Sai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhiva tells Kulkarni that we all just want this injustice to stop. Sharad says I am telling you all last time, all have to compulsory do overtime and if you a don’t come you all are fired. Sai says no mills owner will take decision. Kulkarni says and the owner is. Balvant walks in and says me.

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