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Mere Sai 20th January 2022 Tatya’s relative asks the cart driver why he wont take them. Tatya meets his relatives there and asks him what happened. He finds out what has happened. The cart driver explains his situation.

Tatya suggests walking. His cousin reasons that they are helpless. Try to understand. Tatya offers to call for help if the luggage is too much. His relative takes him aside to explain the situation.

Sai explains that the DIL is not wrong. A kid needs to be raised by everyone. A mother should get ample rest to raise her kid well. A tired mother wont be able to do it nicely. You and your entire family must help your DIL in the process. You too became a mother once. You too must have been worried because of your responsibilities.

You too much have hoped that others would help you a little and would look up to them. The DIL tells Sai He is the first person who has understood this. I haven’t sat peacefully since I have become a mother. I am reprimanded for any small mistake that I make. It would have been better if I hadn’t become a mother!

Sai tells her not to say it. It is the biggest blessing. You were a little wrong too. I know that you yearn for the moments that you enjoyed before becoming a mother. Kids are very sensitive. Anything can happen if you will continue to be carless. Motherhood is a blessing and responsibility. Live it well if you have been blessed with it. Many people yearn for it badly. They can go to any extent for it and can even sacrifice their life for it!

Tatya is shocked to look inside the carriage. He tells the cart driver that he understands his problem. I also know that you believe in Sai. Think of helping them as helping Sai. Let’s go.

Kids ae distributing something honestly amongst themselves. Chetan fools them and runs away with the extras. He cries as he falls while running. Sai helps him. Everyone got what they were destined to have. Why be greedy to get what does not belong to us? You saw what just happened. You wanted what dint belong to you.

You ran quickly as you took it but fell as you dint look down. Kids look on. Sai notices Tatya sitting in the carriage. He tells Chetan that a happy life gets disturbed when you yearn for something that isn’t yours. God has destined something for everyone. Anything more does not hold space there.

Baizama tells Rambha to make sure their relatives are well taken care of. I have called them here so we must do our best. Rambha assures her that she has taken care of everything. Baizama complements her for being a great DIL. Tatya tells his mother that she must go there herself to meet their relatives. They wont get here. Baizama says they will. I will bring them here forcibly. Tatya goes quiet.

Baizama asks him what has happened. He advises her to go there herself and finds out. Baizama finds it strange. They sent a letter on their own few days ago that they will stay here in Shirdi and work in the fields. They have ample land in their hometown. No reason was mentioned in the letter either. Tatya says there is a reason. You should go there yourself. You will find out soon.

Baizama meets Sai on her way to her relative’s place. He asks her if her relatives are here. She nods. I feel something is wrong though. Please come with me. I will feel better if you are with me when I visit them. Sai readily agrees.

Tatya’s relatives are setting the place. The men decide to meet Sarkar tomorrow. The elder brother had an exchange with Sarkar in letter. He has agreed to sell us a small piece of land even though the price is a little high. The younger brother says I wish this gets sorted soon. Elder DIL (Girija) comes out of a room.

Younger brother says we could have drunk tea together at least. She begins to reply when Baizama and Sai walk in. Baizama introduces Sai to them. Baizama asks Vishwanath what the matter is. Why cannot you come to my house even after coming to Shirdi? I don’t see anything wrong here. What’s the matter?

Girija replies that she is with us yet she isn’t ours. Baizama gets confused. Girija opens the room’s door and they see the younger DIL (Sumitra) sitting in a corner in fear. Baizama tries to comfort Sumitra but Sumitra refuses to speak to her. You will also ask what others ask. Go away. I have no answer to give to you! Please go. Baizama looks at Sai. Sai tells Girija to look after Sumitra. We will go outside. Girija comforts Sumitra as soon as Baizama and Sai leave the room.

Baizama asks her nephews what really happened to Sumitra. She was fine earlier. Which question was she referring to?

Sumitra says she would have asked me about my baby too. Everyone asks me the same question as to why I don’t have a kid.

Sumitra’s husband shares that they haven’t been blessed with a kid for 5 years. Everyone in the village used to taunt her. Elder brother says we never said a word to her but she is heartbroken now. Sumitra’s husband says it isn’t her fault. She is yearning to be a mother.

Sumitra cries. Why dint God bless me with a baby? Girija tells her not to think like that. SHyam and Gopal are your kids too. Sumitra nods. They are but they call you Aayi. There is no kid who calls me Aayi.

The brothers share that Sumitra has given up on everything as she blames herself for not being able to become a mother. She does not meet any outsider just to avoid these questions. She feels that people will mock her. Baizama becomes sad. She requests Sai to help Sumitra. She is a virtuous woman.

Sai assures her that Ram ji will help her. Sita Ma too had to bear obstacles while she was in Lanka. How can Sumitra escape her share of pain then? Baizama agrees. She requests Him to be the Hanuman and comfort Sumitra. Please meet her once. Sai replies that there is a right time for everything. It is important that the other person is ready to listen.

She isn’t ready and this isn’t the right time. she may not want to speak to new people as everything has changed for her right now. We can only wait for the right time. I have a small solution for her problem. He gives udi to Sumitra’s husband. Mix it in water and give to her twice a day. Ram ji Sab Bhala Karenge! He agrees.


Mere Sai 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells 2 ladies to send their sons with Him to visit every pilgrimage site for 2-3 years. The ladies are taken aback. What are you saying? Sai says you panicked when I said you might be away from your kids for few years. Why don’t you realize what a woman who hasn’t become a mother must be going through? Girija looks on.

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