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Mere Sai 1st November 2022 Sai says to the dancing couple that I hope that the other couple also never face problems because they always have been fighting together.

Shiv tells his wife Bhumi he wants to give her a gift. She says I know and I know you don’t have money but no worries when you will get good job I will ask for lot of gifts, like gold bangles Kalavati got. Even she met Sai for her husband, Sai gave her Udhi but she had to give to a ill old woman and when she went home she learnt that her husband got a new job, so similarly we will go meet Sai and you will gey a good job.

Sasubai calls her Bhumi and says finish your work and meet Sai, also go give your father in law his medicine till then I will sew kurta for Shiv and I can’t see now properly I have asked Shiv to get me specs but he has no job. Bhumi says you don’t worry Shiv has saved money for your spectacles.

Father in law says to Bhumi today is your birthday I don’t want medicine today. Bhumi starts telling another story, father in law gulps medicine and says now let me sleep I will listen to your stories later. She finds a note and thread attached to it, which asks her to follow the thread and come out. She follows the thread and reaches a swing and reads a board that says Happy Birthday Bhumi.

Bhumi sees puppets and is very happy, Shiv walks to her from behind. Bhumi says to him, you are very clever you said there won’t be suprise and look you made me puppet again, and soon everyone is going to praise you and now its my chance to surprise you, here are specs for sasubai, I had saved it from house expenses, Shiv sees she doesn’t have her bangles. Bhumi sags bangles aren’t important but Sasubai’s eyes her and tell her you got these.

Shiv gets emotional, Bhumi asks him not to cry on her birthday. Shiv makes her sit on swing, Bhumi says no one ever arranged such beautiful birthday surprise. Sai showers flowers on them and blesses them.

Santa Banta trouble a fruit seller, they snatch fruits from him, he gives them all his fruits. Santa Banta as a gift give him a penny and ask him to leave. Ragini and kids see Santa Banta. Santa Banta find all fruits are rotten and vendor fooled them and they paid him too. Kids laugh at them.

Santa Banta see Shiv and Bhumi, they chase him and sees fruits in his hand and ask for them. Santa Banta make fun of Shiv for being dumb and deaf. Shiv takes Bhumi and leaves. Santa Banta get angry and threaten Shiv,

Shiv runs with fruit basket but Santa Banta catch him and attack him, snatch fruit basket and leave. Bhumi rushes to him and stops him from chasing Santa Banta and thinks I have to distract him and says forget them and makss up a story to distract Shiv. Shiv smiles listening to story.

Santa Banta about to have fruit, decide to check first, Banta says I will go get knife you don’t eat until then. Santa says okay.
Bhumi says to Shiv lets go meet Sai.

Shiv and Bhumi reach Dwarka Mai and meet Sai. Sai wishes Bhumi Happy Birthday. Bhumi says to Sai, I had decided to meet you today. Sai says you get me fruits on every birthday why not today. Bhumi gets sad. Shiv signs to Sai and tells what happened. Bhumi says Sai why are people so evil, they don’t help then why make fun of problems, people don’t know how to deal with Shiv, we face problems getting job too, I had saved for fruits but those evil men took it away.

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Mere Sai 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Bhumi he feels like have mangoes. Bhumi says who will give us mangoes in this season. Sai says if you try you can find God then Mango is such a small thing.Bhumi and Shiv meet Chattopadhyay for job. Chattopadhyay tells Shiv to leave the room when Kulkarni walks in or esle he will get angry.Shiv cleaning room, Kulkarni walks in, Shiv doesn’t turn around as he can’t listen.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
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