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Mere Sai 1st November 2021 Sai is pained to see the kids enter factory.Kids are very happy as they wrap the toffees.

Shyama happens to pass from there and notices Sai. What are you doing here? Sai shares that kids are in the factory. They are working so hard at such a young age. I am standing here as I want to be there on time for them if they need me. Sai watches the kids as they head for their home in the evening.

Kids come to a shop to buy snacks. Prahalad and Baji notice them buying snacks. Baji says they can buy so much from their own money. I love the snacks that are made here but Nani always tells me not to buy it. I would not have to ask anyone if I had my own money. Prahalad nods. I will go to factory too if my parents wont agree. Baji decides to ask at his home too. Prahalad asks him what if they wont agree. Baji says I will still come with you and I wont tell anyone.

At night. Baji asks his father to allow him to go to factory but Baizama tells them against it. Sai has mentioned it many times that it isn’t right for kids to work in the factory. I cannot ignore His words at any cost. Baji tries to reason but Tatya firmly tells him he wont go there. This is our final decision.

Tejasvini asks Prahalad from where he got these toffees. I told you not to meet those kids. Sarkar asks her why she is scolding Prahalad. Tejasvini says he was praising the toffees and how other kids can work at the factory. He is praising it today.

What if he wants to go there tomorrow too? Sarkar tells Prahalad he has been allowed to play but it does not mean that he will misuse this chance. It is good for you to stay away from these toffees or that factory. I will send you to hostel like your father otherwise! You can ask Keshav hot determined I am if you don’t believe me. Sarkar and Tejasvini leave. Prahalad thinks that they say no for everything. I wont stop this time.

Next morning, Sai meets the kids outside factory. Did you drink kadha before coming here? Everyone gets tensed. Chetan lies to Sai. Everyone else says yes as well and head to factory. Sai leaves. A kid says Sai caught us today. Did anyone drink it? Bela shakes her head. I tried but it is very bitter. Don’t know why Sai is insisting upon it. They start working. Sai notices Prahalad and Baji approaching the factory stealthily. They go inside after making sure no one else is around. Sai looks on sadly.

Prahalad tells Prasad they want to work here too. Prasad wonders why Sarkar sent his grandson here. Does he know about it? Prahalad shares that no one at his home knows that he is here. just give me work. I want to be like my friends too. Prasad thinks and then nods. This will stay between us. Go and work with your friends. Prahalad and Baji smile.

Workers points out that Prahalad is Sarkar’s grandson. Why did you hire him? Sarkar is your friend. Prasad says we focus only on profit in deal. These kids are from rich families. They will work quickly in comparison to others. Neither they nor I will tell Kulkarni anything. Why will he mind when he wont know anything in the first place? He laughs.

Prasad is going somewhere when Sai calls out to him. Prasad greets Sai. I am glad to see you here. Sai says I came here to tell you that what you are doing isn’t right. Ram ji will be pained if you will play with kids’ future. How will it help you then? Some parents are headed towards the factory. Prasad notices them and decides to teach a lesson to Sai. Prasad tells Sai he only wants to give a chance to kids to gain experience. You can come with me and see how much they are enjoy that work.

If they criticize my work or me then I will shut down this factory today itself. Shashikant, Ragini’s father and Bela’s father are taken aback. Prasad tells Sai it is wrong to make an opinion about him without really knowing him. All 3 fathers request Sai to agree. We support Prasad ji. Sai says who am I to stop someone. It was my duty to warn everyone. Baaki Allah Maalik! Sai leaves. All 3 men and Prasad greet each other with folded hands. The men walk away wondering why Sai isn’t happy. Prasad looks on. Fakir’s teachings have been put to a halt because of my money. No one will listen to you now!

Dinanath greets Sai. You dint come for alms today so I came here. Sai asks him if he is here to give Him money again. I had told you against it. Nawaz greets Sai just then. Sai welcomes him sweetly. They exchange pleasantries. Nawaz tells Sai he is left with 1 aana this month after everything. I came to give it to you. Sai asks him why he came to give it to him. Nawaz says you can add it for donation.

I have nothing more to give as I am just a daily wager. Dinanath tells him he is wasting his time. I am a rich person. Sai is not accepting any money from me. Why will Sai take 1 aana from you? Sai says I will accept it with respect and gratitude. This irks Dinanath. You don’t pick anything from the huge pile of money that I offer to you and you are still ready to take 1 aana from him. Why are you doing this?

Sai asks Nawaz to pick 2 pots of clay from nearby. Nawaz obliges. Sai asks both of them to sit down. Sai tells Dinanath to put his money in the pot. Dinanath smiles. Will you accept it? Sai nods. I will gladly accept whatever you will keep in it. Dinanath puts all the coins in that pot but they end up disappearing. Only one coin is left in the pot which shocks Dinanath. How did this happen? Sai says it is you who is putting the coins in it. How can I answer? Dinanath adds more coins but they disappear again.

Dinanath and Nawaz are shocked. Dinanath fills the pot with coins but ends up with 1 coin again. He removes his jewelry but they disappear too. What is happening? Sai asks Nawaz to keep his 1 aana in the other pot. Nawaz nods. His 1 aana turns into a silver coin. The bowl fills up to the brim with silver coins. Nawaz and Dinanath are shocked at the sight. Nawaz asks Sai how this was possible.

Sai tells Dinanath that Nawaz’s 1 aana became more than his money as he donated money with a will to help others. His wish was so great that it became his fate whereas your money ended up as 1 aana as you were egoistic while donating money. You wanted to show it that you have earned a lot of money. How can I accept such an emotion?


Mere Sai 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells kids to eat kadha. They give in. They enter factory and are shocked to see that all elders have left. Prasad tells them that they will make the toffees from today. Kids work hard to make toffees.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2021
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