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Mere Sai 1st January 2021 Sai tells Gajanan ji to close his eyes and start walking ahead. Gajanan ji is worried he might fall. Sai assures him he wont let it happen. Gajanan ji asks him what he is making him do at this age but then gives in as Sai nods at him. Gajanan ji closes his eyes and starts walking. Kids watch are about to alert him about the stairs but Sai stops them. A man holds Gajanan ji just when he was about to slip. Gajanan ji opens his eyes and looks at him in shock. Gajanan ji looks around and finds his sons and DIL’s standing there. Gajanan ji backs off. His son apologizes for the way they have treated him. We will understand if you wont forgive us your entire life but please give us a chance if possible. Please forgive us and accept us as your family once again. We all want you to come with us to Bombay. His DIL apologizes as well. We may have gained something in life while we were away from you but it dint really give us any happiness. There was a strange misery. We couldn’t quite realise why it was happening. His other son adds that they saw a Fakir in their dreams one night. He told us that we will be able to find you here in Shirdi’s Dwarkamai. We reached here somehow. See, that Fakir Baba turned out to be right about it. The DIL’s apologize to him as well. Gajanan ji is moved by their tears and nods his head. They all smile. Gajanan ji hugs his sons. The kids are watching everything.

Gajanan ji holds his granddaughter in his arms. His sons ask him how he reached here. Gajanan ji says it is all Sai’s doing. Gajanan ji tells them everything (in mute). They request him to make them meet Sai. Gajanan ji turns around. Sai is sitting on his seat. Gajanan ji’s sons and DIL’s are surprised to see him. They look at each other in utter shock and confusion. He is the same Fakir Baba who came in our dreams! Gajanan ji smiles. He is Sai. Om Sai plays. Gajanan ji takes them inside to meet Sai. They greet Sai with folded hands. You have done a big favour on us by showing us what we did wrong. We could meet our Baba again because of you. Sai says a father spends his entire life in finding happiness for his kids. Your ill behaviour towards him is unpardonable but you have realised your mistake. It is time for penitence. The best way to do it will be to take care of your father every second of their life. You have to give him all the happiness that he deserves. They nod. We will surely do that. We promise you. Gajanan ji smiles. The DIL’s request Gajanan ji to come to Bombay with them. We will live under the same roof like before. Please don’t say no. Gajanan ji says I would have loved that but I cannot be unjust with my third son. I will stay in a small house in Shirdi only. I will keep visiting you. His son requests him to stay with them for few months atleast. Let us make up for what we did wrong. We will build a new house for you in Shirdi till then. You can keep visiting us and we will visit you here. Gajanan ji agrees. His other son says we will find a place to stay in Shirdi and then select a nice place for you in Shirdi to build your house. They touch his feet. They take leave from Sai as well.

Kids tell Gajanan ji they were scared that he might leave them. Gajanan ji says I know how much it pains when someone leaves. How could I give that pain to you? They smile. Sai tells Gajanan ji to stay with his family if he wants to. Gajanan ji says I wont be able to leave this big family. I will spend the rest of my life in Shirdi only. Kids hug Gajanan ji. Sai smiles. Ram ji Bhala Karein.

Sai has made food. Keshav and Champa serve it to the guests. Srikanth, Abdul and Das Ganu are also there. Salim greets Sai. Sai asks him to have food but Salim thanks him politely. I am off to meet my cousin brother who has come to a nearby village. Sai requests him to bring henna and another perfume for there. Salim nods. Sai wishes him happy journey.

The guests complement Sai on the khichdi. We haven’t eaten anything like this before. Sai says it is Ram ji’s blessing and Gomti Kaki’s guidance. Keshav smiles. Everyone else is confused. Srikanth asks him who he is referring to. Sai says she used to stay in Shirdi with her husband Ramdas ji. They are an emblem of kindness. Ramdas ji used to go to extra length to help everyone while Gomti Kaki. Flashback is shown where Gomti Kaki had made khichdi for Sai one day while he was collecting alms. Flashback ends. Sai says she is Ma Annapurna. All savouries were worthless in front of the food made by her. Keshav seconds him. Gomti Kaki used to cook amazing food. Do you also have to learn something from someone? Sai replies that even Guru’s need Gods. I am just an ordinary person. Srikanth asks about Ramdas ji and Gomti Kaki. Sai shares that he got transferred to Kalyan 15 years ago. I couldn’t meet him since then but I haven’t been able to forget him or the amazing taste of Gomti Kaki’s khichdi.

Gomti Kaki has prepared khichdi. She takes it to the temple. I made your favourite khichdi today, Sai. No one eats anything in this house without offering bhog to you first. Give me a chance so that I can serve it to you soon. She is keeping the plate down when she hears Sai’s voice. I am here to eat your khichdi today. She goes outside and is overjoyed to see Sai at her doorstep. Sai says your khichdi pulled me here. Please give it to me. She raises her hand but Sai moves farther. This keeps happening. She gets tensed. Why am I not able to give it to Sai even when I am so close to him? She takes his name worriedly. Gomti Kaki wakes up with a start. Mitali asks her if she is fine. Gomti Kaki takes the container off stove. She tells Gomti Kaki about her dream. He was asking for khichdi but he left without even eating it. Did I do something wrong? Is he upset with me? Mitali says I haven’t seen sai but I have heard many stories about him from you and Baba. I am sure he never gets upset with his devotees. Gomti Kaki is worried but Mitali says it might be his doing. Gomti Kaki nods. She folds her hands and chants Om Sai Ram.

Gomti ji and Mitali are waiting for Ramdas ji as it is very late. Ramdas ji enters just then. The mother-daughter duo looks on as he washes his hands and feet. He notices the looks on their faces and remark that he got a little late today. Mitali picks his bag with an unhappy face and storms inside followed by her mother. Ramdas ji realises that the situation looks serious. Mitali and her mother question him as to why he got late. He shares that he went to orphanage today. Mitali says I am sure you would have first collected the funds then went to give it to them. You would have later gone to distribute things in the slums. Ramdas ji says I do a little social service. She opens his lunch box. You forgot that as well? You must be bust with your social service during lunch as well. We have never told you not to do it but give some attention to yourself too. Why don’t you pay some attention to your health as well? He says I am fine. She says you remain so tired daily. You want to do so much at this stage that too without taking any rest. The parts of your body will stop working and it can be clearly seen. He jokes that she is with him so there is nothing to worry about. Mitali says I wont talk to you after today. She goes to her room. He looks at his wife but she supports Mitali as wel. I have told you I wont interfere in this matter as it is between you two. You know Mitali. She will calm down soon.

Sai is watching everything in Dwarkamai. Ganu is setting the bed. Sai asks him if there is milk in Dwarkamai. Ganu denies but Sai tells him he cannot wait. Bring it from somewhere right away. Ganu is hesitant but Sai tells him to do it. Ganu leaves.

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