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Mere Sai 19th October 2021 Sai comes to Sakku’s house again but her stepmother does not let her give anything to Sai. Sai tells Sakku He will come again tomorrow and leaves.

Prasad distributes things to poor. Bheeva and few other villagers look on.

Sai comes to Sakku’s house next day as well. Sakku thinks that she can give grains to Sai today as her mother is not at home. She opens a container and there is a big scorpion inside. She runs outside and hides behind a cupboard. Sai smiles. I will come again. I will keep coming till the time I don’t get anything.

Sakku’s stepmother is watching Sai from a distance. You may or may not come but I will make sure Sakku is not able to give you anything! Sai walks away. Sakku’s stepmother opens the container and smiles. She throws the scorpion away. She drops rice on the floor next. She enters from the main door again and asks Sakku what she is doing here. Sakku tells her that scorpion is inside.

Her stepmother taunts her. there cannot be a bigger scorpion than you! She takes Sakku inside but they only see rice on the floor. Sakku insists she isn’t lying but her stepmother does not believe her. why did you come here when I had told you against it? You came to give alms to Fakir, right? How dare you try and give Him alms when I had told you against it? Sakku says Sai is God.

Baba says that He is our Aaradhya. Is it right to send Him back empty hand? Her stepmother pins her to the wall angrily and pulls her cheeks. You have lost your mental balance. Sakku says Sai has told me that I will be fine. Her stepmother disagrees. You are in this condition because of your mother. Her blood is in you.

She should have died before giving birth to you or I wouldn’t have gotten a brainless child like you! Sakku tells her that neither of that is true. She is running out of the kitchen when they notice Hari Bhau at the door.

Hari Bhau comforts Sakku. He tells his wife that he knew that she doesn’t like Sakku and taunt her but I dint know that you trouble her like this. She tries to say something but he doesn’t let her. Sai told me today that I kept quiet even after witnessing what’s wrong but that has been my mistake. Now I understand what He was trying to say. Truth does not need validation. My daughter is my everything. If you try to harm her again or say anything mean to her then you will see the worst of me. If it happens then I will forget the fact that you are my wife! He takes Sakku outside.

Sakku’s stepmother blames Sakku for her problems. She never let my husband forget that his first wife is dead. He does not care about anything that I have done so far as he keeps thinking of his first wife while looking at Sakku. That’s why I failed to separate Sakku from him in the past. I got her married to a far off place but she came back from there too. I will come after Sakku and his first wife till the time Sakku is around. There is only one way now!

Sarkar and Prasad notice 2 kids fighting in mud. Prasad separates them and holds one of them. Good boys don’t fight. Wash your hands. He feeds them toffees. Sarkar, villagers and Sai look on. Prasad tells the kids not to fight ever again and tells them to play. They run off. Mhalsapati ji compliments him on what he did. Your clothes got spoiled though. Prasad says it does not matter when it comes to kids.

A villager asks Prasad if he is new here. Your thoughts are great. Prasad says I have been raised in Shirdi only. Mhalsapati ji is confused. I don’t recognize you. Prasad shares that he is the son of a postman in Shirdi. Mhalsapati ji recognizes him as Bhalchandra. Prasad nods. That’s what my parents used to call me. I have heard this name after years today. Mhalsapati ji rpaises his parents. Prasad says I left Shirdi years ago to look for work. Now I have come back to do something for Shirdi.

I want to uplift the future of kids. It will happen very soon. Mhalsapati ji and Udhav look at Sarkar and then at Prasad. Prasad asks them if they dotn trust him. Udhav says we have lost a lot in the past after trusting people. We only trust Sai now. Everyone’s future will be bright when He is on our side. Prasad understands their hesitation after seeing him with Sarkar. I am aware of how he has tortured and abused all of you.

He has given me shelter. No one else knows me apart from him so I am compelled to stay with him. I am still the same Balchandra who believes on Sai. How can you forget His teachings though? You shouldn’t be judgemental about anyone. You shouldn’t stop trusting the world because of one bad experience. Mhalsapati ji asks him if he knows Sai.

Prasad walks up to Sai with folded hands. One does not have to come to Shirdi to know how great Sai is. Everyone in Bombay, Pune, Nashik knows Him well. Sai blesses Prasad. May Ram ji help you overcome any ill thought that might try to come in your mind. Prasad takes his leave.

Mhalsapati ji is curious to know what Prasad is going to do for the kids. Sai says their future will become better when they will get the freedom to study and play. Allah Maalik!

Sarkar asks Prasad why he had to touch the kids. Your clothes are spoiled. Prasad points out that he could gain the trust of villagers by doing that. They look down at me as I stay with you. This incident helped me gain their confidence. The credit goes to you though as you had told me everything about villagers beforehand. Sarkar and Prasad laugh. Flashback shows Sarkar telling Prasad about Sai.

Villagers only listen to Him so you must get everyone on your side first. They wont believe you unless you pretend to respect that Fakir. I will tell you a few sentences. Fake praise that Fakir and you will win everyone! Flashback ends. Prasad says no one will doubt me now. I will send out invitation for inauguration of the factory tomorrow and we will inaugurate it day after tomorrow. They laugh. Sarkar is happy to think that Fakir has no idea about any of this. He has no idea what’s going to happen.

Ashok tells his sister he is happy to see her happy. Sakku says Baba supported me today. I am feeling very secure as he took my side today. I will feel more confident if he will continue to do so. He asks her why she gets so afraid. She decides not to tell him anything about his mother. He asks her what she is afraid of.

She shares that she gets afraid of dark. Unfortunately, loneliness and darkness are what I have experienced till date. Her stepmother fumes after hearing it. She pretends to apologize to Sakku for her past misdeeds. Let’s start afresh with sweets. Ashok nods at his sister. Sakku’s stepmother requests her to eat halwa. I will feel that you have forgiven me if you eat it. Sakku feeds halwa to Ashok.


Mere Sai 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Parents agree to send their kids to factory from tomorrow. Kids tell Sai excitedly that they will be paid to work in the factory. Sai replies that money never comes alone. It brings along problems.

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