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Mere Sai 19th October 2020 Sai is in Dwarkamai. He looks at the fire in the havan kund and then at the web nearby. Everyone stands as soon as he stands up. Tatya asks him why he is looking at the web. Sai says we must save it from breaking. Keshav says we always break a spider’s web. Why do you want it to be saved? Sai tells him to look closely. This isn’t only a web but it has a spider and some eggs too. Spider is trying to save her eggs / babies. When a parent tries to protect his or her kid, helping them is equivalent to helping God. He requests the wind to calm down. The weather changes for good. Sai tells the spider that the eggs are safe now. I pray that every parent gets the strength to protect their kids. Santoo greets Sai. Tatya asks him if everything is fine. Sai says I called him here. he is the only one who works with wool. Santoo shows him the wool that he had asked for. It’s messed up. One must untangle it before knitting anything. Let me do it. Sai denies. I will untangle it one by one to make a good cloth. Tatya says we can bring them for you. Why do you need to knit yourself? Sai says it is important. That’s why I asked Santoo to bring it.

Sai starts untangling the wool. Tatya offers to do it but Sai tells him he will do it himself. It is late. You must go home. Tatya says I am not in a rush. Sai advises him to be at home tonight. It is important. Tatya nods and leaves for home. Lightning starts. Tatya remarks that looks like lightning will fall somewhere for sure today. Sai looks up.

Srikanth is at Chandorkar ji’s house. Srikanth says no one can understand Sai’s doings. I know that there is some motive behind your meeting with Sai. You would understand it slowly. Sai says Guru decides how the relationship between a Guru and his disciples will be. Chandorkar ji says I pray that Sai lets me serve him as much as he can. Srikanth says Sai will decide how, when and where about that too. He takes out a notebook. I need your name, the day you arrived in Shridi and your signature on this book. Chandorkar ji asks him why. Srikanth says it is Dada Saheb’s suggestion. It will be good from security perspective and in case of an occasion, it will be easier to call everyone. Chandorkar ji likes the idea. Srikanth says I haven’t understood Sai completely yet but I know that Sai speaks from the minds of his devotees. It might be his hint towards something big. Chandorkar ji fills his details and gives the notebook to Srikanth. He thanks him and excuses himself.

Few men from British Army reach Dwarkamai. Sai is in meditation. Police captain calls out to Sai. Sai welcomes them. Captain says your crime has been proved right. We must arrest you now. He steps inside Dwarkamai and takes out a pair of handcuffs. Sai smiles at the captain. He happily lets the captain handcuff him and leaves with the police.

Baizamaa wakes up screaming Sai’s name. Appa Kote asks her if she is fine. Tatya comes in to check on his mother as well. Appa shares that Baiza is all shaken up. She isn’t saying anything either. Tatya’s wife uses her saree’s pallu to fan her MIL. Tatya asks his mother to say something. She thinks of the dream again. I must meet Sai right away. Please take me to Dwarkamai. Her husband suggests her to wait till morning. Try to stay calm till then. She is restless. Appa Kote reasons that Sai never does anything wrong. He is God himself. He frees people. Why would police handcuff him then? Calm down. Baizamaa says everything that I have felt about Sai till date has been right. I wont be calm till the time I meet him. Please take me to Dwarkamai. Tatya seconds her. It is almost morning now. Only Sai can relieve Aayi from her worry. Tatya thinks mine too. His father agrees.

Santa and Banta get tempted as they see jalebi. A postman asks a guy about Sai. He is new to Shirdi. The guy advises him to ask anyone about Dwarkamai in the other lane. Santa and Banta decide to find out who has sent a letter to Sai. They follow the postman.

Sai is offering water to Tulsi when Baizamaa reaches Dwarkamai with her husband and son. She asks Sai if he is fine. Promise me you wont hide anything from me. I saw a very bad dream in the morning. Sai says nothing can go wrong with someone who has a mother like you. She asks about her dream. He says every attack becomes unsuccessful when a mother’s love is enough. She speaks of her concern as a mother. He replies that she has also blessed him immensely with every bite of food she had fed him. That’s my shield. Nothing will happen to me till the time it is with me. Appa Kote says only you can make her understand things. She calmed down only when she heard it from you. Baizamaa is curious about her dream. What does it mean? Sai says reality and dreams are God’s gift. Why be afraid then? I wouldn’t have seen you in the morning if you hadn’t seen that dream. She moves her hands around his head to take the evil off him. Sai gets serious.

Santa and Banta tell the postman that Sai wont be at Dwarkamai at the moment. We are his disciples. Postman says they are official papers. I cannot give them to any random person. Santa and Banta become all the more curious now.

Sai asks everyone to go home. Eat something. He realises that the postman is nearby. Wind starts blowing out of the blue. The postman is puzzled at it. Baizamaa offers to cook something in Dwarkamai for everyone but Sai advises her to go home and rest. Tatya offers to stay back with Sai and Keshav. Sai nods.

Postman collects the papers.

Baizamaa tells Sai not to hide anything from her. He nods. A kid will call his mother when he will be in pain. Baizamaa heads home.

Postman reaches Dwarkamai and asks Tatya about Sai. Tatya points at Sai. He is here. Postman says I have a summon for you from the court. Santa and Banta are watching everything. Tatya and Keshav get tensed but Sai tells Keshav to accept it. Keshav obliges. Postman leaves.

Keshav asks Sai about the summon. Tatya shares that this is the third summon. Keshav is taken aback. What was written I the other summons? Sai smiles. I don’t know. Tatya says Sai dint let me read them. Now I am worried too. Three summons and Aayi’s dream! Keshav says we cannot ignore court summons like this. Sai says why follow the path where we don’t have to go. Keshav says we must know what it is about. There must be something important. We shouldn’t ignore them. Sai says I believe in God’s court only. My decision will happen in that court only. He asks Tatya to bury this summon under the same Neem tree like before. Tatya nods. He tells Keshav there is no point arguing with Sai. His decision wont change. Keshav hands over the summon to him reluctantly. He leaves immediately.

Sai says I know you wont be at peace till the time you find out what it is about.

Keshav stops Tatya. I know law. Ignoring summon is not good. Let’s read it once. Tatya says Sai wont like it. Keshav agrees to apologize to Sai. He does not think about himself but we must think about him. Tatya agrees. Santa and Banta are watching them anxiously. Keshav’s eyes widen in shock as he reads it.


Mere Sai 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :A lady asks her husband if Sai dint come to court today too. He shakes his head. She wonders what’s lacking in her prayers that Sai isn’t coming to meet them. Tatya ask Sai what the matter really is. Sai says truth takes time to unveil. Maybe the roads from Shirdi to Dhule will open soon.

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